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All three responded at once. Chisca Bay reported that the Captain and first officer were injured and receiving treatment. The chief operations officer, Lieutenant Whitney was in command at present. Life support was running at basic levels, the dilythium chamber had ruptured and would take at least a day to replace. They would be down for at least a week before being even vaguely functional in a fight. Vigilante had fared better, though her warp core was also down, a surge having blown the main EPS junction and overloaded the matter/antimatter reaction chamber. She had some minimal weapons and could manouver under impulse, but given that her phasers were run through the warp core for extra power, they were very weak in a fight. Captain Winchester reported that Event Horizon had fared relatively well. Some surface damage and a few blown relays. Shields were compromized, but under repair, and there were minimal injuries.


Logan gave out the damage reports from the other ships as they came through from what he could tell on his end.

“The enemy plasma torpedoes are surprisingly under powered, Captain,” he said. “Under normal circumstances, we should all be dead. And they don’t seem to have any counter measures to our weapons.”

“I’ve also not seen any ship that could fire more than two of those torpedoes at a time.”


“Well, at least no one is dead. Chalk one up for Engineering and the shield emitters.” Cochrane said wryly. Looking at Darach, he said “Chief, full status report in five. XO, get me numbers on casualties. Tactical and Science! Keep an eye out for more surprise guests. If you so much as think you see something, tag it and track it. Security, lock down all non-essential areas and let’s try and corral everyone. If we can get some sections empty, seal them off and turn off environmental controls and let’s try and get Mr. Wynter and Mr. Darach some extra power to work with. Whatever defense and offensive systems we have left, keep them charged and on stand by.” and then a thought occurred to him.

“Understood sir.” Jack said, already looking up the information. He was getting Medical teams alerted and moving on as the orders went to the locations he saw the highest level of casualties.

“Aye sir,” Riali gestured her index and pointer fingers to the ceiling in acknowledgement, then sent out another scan of their general vicinity to detect any oncoming vessels.

“Already on it,” Walker said as he turned back to his console. Though with the state they were in, he had no idea how he was going to find any extra power.

Phasers were functional, though only charged to 65% now. That was slowly rising. The warp core coolant leak had been sealed and his monitors reported that they were in the process of starting up now. Once that was online, they would have power back to their remaining torpedo launchers. Shields were operational at 85% now that all the auxilliary generators were back online.

“Lt. Rodriguez. Chart the paths of all those torpedoes back to when they were first detected. Let’s see if they came from the same spot. If they did Helm, take us there asap.”

Cochrane, CO

Because of the sheer number of torpedoes and their massive energy profile, sensor records were scattered, but half seemed to have originated at the original probes coordinates and the other half at its second appearance. Now that radiation in the area was starting to settle, the areas they’d received brief subspace readings from were now saturated with subspace energy. The extreme edge of short range sensors were able to detect a subspace tear around the area the torpedoes and probe seemed to have originated. They had already been on their way to the second insertion point as the torpedoes appeared. It was now less than 12 minutes away at warp 6… provided they could reestablish warp power.


Creed, XO

“I want to know how a couple of ships can fire off three hundred plasma torpedoes,” Logan said. “Even our most fortified space station can fire only a hundred photon torpedoes. And those are staggered in volleys.”


“It seems they compensated strength for quantity. When those torpedoes were fired, they didn’t damage any of the vessels nor the station as much as a normal torpedo would. Perhaps they prefer overwhelming their targets rather than inflicting utmost damage with slower firing rates.”

Deandres, CSO

“Or maybe they were testing us. Why show their entire hand or their strength. Maybe they were just testing us before they want to really try to do more than give us a black eye. This could be some weird form of playing opossum,” Celina said looking at her console. “Sir it seems that half of the torpedoes originated at the original probes coordinates and the other half at its second appearance. The area around that point are saturated with subspace energy. Short range sensors were able to detect a subspace tear around the area the torpedoes and probe seemed to have originated. If Wynter can get us power we are less than 12 minutes away at warp 6. Coordinates are plotted,” Celina reported.

It was then she thought up another idea. “Sir what if the probe was a homing beacon. You know like a way for them to paint a target…from the other side of the sub space tear? It would be a brilliant tactical maneuver. Like when they discovered radar. The Alloea knew where they needed to attack but the Germans were sitting ducks. What if they are doing that with us. They could see their targets but we couldn’t see what we are walking into.”

Lt Celina Rodriguez. CTO

Cochrane’s scowled deepened at the Tactical Officer’s words. Without taking his eyes off of the view screen displaying the various reports coming in , he said “I have no idea, Lieutenant. But I would very much like to go ask them. What’s the status on restoring warp power, Mr. Darach?”

Cochrane, CO

“Still waiting for an updated from engineering Captain. Though we did rupture one of the main coolant lines. With environmental systems still not fully back up, they could be still trying to vent the coolant before starting repairs.” As he was talking Walker sent another message to engineering asking for a status update on warp power and the impulse reactors.

“So you know Captain. Event Horizon took a pounding, but they took minimal damage. They are already repairing their shields. Vigilante has some weapons, but she is not going anywhere fast. Her warp drive is out, but she does have impulse. Chisca Bay is probably going to have to be towed back to the Starbase and dry docked. Her reactor chamber ruptured and is a complete loss.”

WO Darach - COO

“Understood, Chief. Priority right now is finding out where that volley came from and making sure it doesn’t happen again.” and he tapped the comms. =/\= Bridge to Engineering. Status, Mr. Wynter. Specifically how soon we can warp. =/\= and then Cochrane looked at the comms officer. “Hail Event Horizon, Chisca Bay, and the Vigilante. Get them all on the line together. We need to coordinate defenses, and I don’t hear anyone in their area taking that on at the moment.”

Cochrane, CO

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The screen split into a threeway window as the officers responded. The unruffled face of Captain Winchester appeared standing in front of his operations station. There was some charring on the station behind him, but the operations center seemed to be in relatively stable shape. Chisca Bay was another story, with a very ruffled looking Lieutenant Whitney, blood caking her face, brushing the hair out of her eyes as shapes moved listlessly in the dim gloom of a clearly wrecked bridge behind her. Avenger appeared to be in better shape on the bridge. There was a shocking smear of dried blood running down the front of the helm station, a section clearly smashed. Captain Morris looked disheveled and tired, but determined as he stepped up to the Captains chair and gratefully sank into it


As the other ships appeared on the screen, Walker walked up next to Cochrane. He dropped his voice.

“Captain, we’ve got phasers online. They are in the process of restarting the warp core, and we will have torpedoes once it is back online. Shields are at 85%.”

WO Darach - COO

“We’re going to need all power to weapons and shields, Captain,” Logan announced. His anger at the situation was increasing. “Alert all other available defenders to do the same. One weapon lock and fire for each single incoming plasma torpedo for their next volley.”


Cochrane looked back at Logan and shook his head. “Negative, Mr. Logan. We need to be able to move first. All the power in the ship on the shields won’t help us if they just keep throwing hundreds of torpedoes at us. And I have a plan… of sorts, anyway. Just keep an eye out for any sign of the opening of that subspace network they use. If you see it, target it but don’t fire until you see actual torpedoes. We are out gunned here, and I’d rather try to talk our way out of this than fight.” and he turned his attention to the three individuals on the screen.Wiping away some of the blood on his face, he said “Captains.” and he eyed the Lieutenant on the Chisca Bay. “Acting Captain, I take it Lieutenant? Is Captain Morrow all right?” he asked, a note of concern present in his voice.

Cochrane, CO

“Right, Sir,” Logan replied. “I’ll look for however they ger those torpedoes target. And may be we.should watch our for other weapons, like beams.”


Plan…” that sounded nice to Ardashir cause right now he wasn’t certain there was much of any plans as they barelled through this part of space. Has to be better than waiting to get shot at again* he thought to himself looking over at Celina he breathed in deeply, sometimes he wondered if having your fiance’ on the ship was such a good idea. He was gun ho to get her back in his life, moved heaving and Earth to make sure he had her, now that she was here he was mostly worried of loosing her again.

The harried looking Lieutenant grimaced nervously, clearly uncomfortable in her current role =^= He’s in surgery, Captain. When the main support strut to the bridge came down, he shoved Commander Manning out of the way and they both got pummeled with debris. Doctor Madison is working hard. If anyone can pull them through, she can. In the meantime, we have some navigation, and limited weapons power, but our environmental controls are operating on auxillary power. We can stay out here for another couple days, and we should be able to replace the secondary control core by then. We aren’t going anywhere fast though. No warp drive for the forseeable future. The dilythium chamber blew out in a plasma surge. Event Horizon is coordinating a replacement, but it’ll take at least 12 hours to install, even with their additional engineering teams… =^= She trailed off, apparently having exhausted everything she had to say. Morris jumped into the silence =^= We aren’t in too much better a shape. We should have warp drive back as soon as they can release the magnetic constrictors and replace the warp field coils that burned up when our starboard shields overloaded. Probably four hours. Once we get warp drive back, we’ll have full power to our weapons. We can still manouver at speed, but we aren’t packing too much of a punch right now. I’ve lost four crew and i’ve got a dozen injured, but Event Horizon is shuttling some temporary replacements over. Of the three of us, you’re definitely in the best condition, Alex. Any idea who’s behind it? =^=


Creed, XO

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