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Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in XO’s Office
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Shara smirked. “Of course I do. I tend to prefer to be less… flashy,” she said, raising her eyebrows. “But it does the trick.”

She folded her arms across her chest. “You bringing Cochrane here, or would he appreciate the personal approach?”

~Cmdr. Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

“Soon, first I need to check on some of this information. I already have one rouge element here I don’t need another. Sit… make yourself at home if you wish.” Jack said as he sat at his desk, he hadn’t let his guard down yet but was a bit more relaxed as he began to pull up the information he began to read up on her.

Shara crossed over to the desk ad sat in one of the chairs, legs crossed at the knee and adopting a relaxed posture as she leaned against the back.

“Well… seems you are not lying.” he said as he glanced over at her.

Creed, XO

She snorted. “I wouldn’t be here if you thought I was,” she said knowingly. “But I get the confirmation is… nice.”

Dropping her leg, Calloway leaned forward and took a few moments to contemplate Creed. “I have more information to give you but I’m not authorized to. However, given the circumstances, if we cal my superior, she can help fill you and Captain Cochrane in. So we need him in on this. I’m only going to explain this once.” She didn’t qualify that with her idle thought that the exception was of course when she eventually had to explain it to her daughter, though she still wasn’t sure if it came to that.

~Cmdr. Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence


“Fine, let me get him… you stay put.” Jack said looking at her with a stern look. He still wasn’t certain what he thought of her or if he even trusted her yet but she wasn’t wrong.

=/\= Captain, you have a moment to meet me in my office?=/\= Ardashir said as he looked over at Shara as he waited for the response.

Creed, XO

=/\= On my way, Commander.=/\= came the faintly British-accented reply of the CO. A few minutes later, the door chimed sounded and the door itself slid open to reveal the Captain standing with his hands clasped behind his back. Looking first at Creed, then at Calloway, he looked a bit surprised and more than a bit concerned. He said to the room in general “Well… this should be fun.” and came in and took a seat without being asked.

Cochrane, CO

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