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=/\= On my way, Commander.=/\= came the faintly British-accented reply of the CO. A few minutes later, the door chimed sounded and the door itself slid open to reveal the Captain standing with his hands clasped behind his back. Looking first at Creed, then at Calloway, he looked a bit surprised and more than a bit concerned. He said to the room in general “Well… this should be fun.” and came in and took a seat without being asked.

Cochrane, CO

“Well I do try to entice you Captain, see if I can keep you on your toes… this sir is Shara… Calloway. Seems introductions needed to be in order first before we got much further.”

Creed, XO

Cochrane looked at Shara and said flatly “Any relation to our Faye Calloway? I am assuming yes, as fate recently seems to be a fan of such circumstances.” and without waiting for a reply continued “And what brings you to our fair ship? Sightseeing? Or have you heard that our chef makes the best Risian stew outside of Risa’s best resorts?”

Cochrane, CO

Shara smirked ever so slightly as she rose to her feet, making the corners of her eyes crease more deeply. “Captain Alexander Cochrane,” she greeted with a bow of her head. “I’m Commander Shara Calloway with Starfleet Intelligence. And yes, I am related to Faye. It’s a long and complicated story, but I am her mother and she doesn’t know currently that I am here. That will change fairly quickly I imagine, but not until we’ve had a chance to chat.”

She shifted her gaze very briefly to Creed before returning her attention to the CO. “As I am sure you are aware, parts of Faye’s assignment to the Manhattan are a bit… unorthodox. Not that that in of itself is unusual with Intelligence officers or their work. But my superior has had me tracking some unusual activity and it seems my daughter might have be caught up in it. Which puts her and your ship in danger while in a very sensitive and important area of space. And thus this very quiet meeting we’re having right now, and hopefully a subsequent conversation with my superior, because if the wrong people get wind of this, well…” She spread her hands to the side and gazed at him deeply. He had no reason to trust anything she said- she was a complete stranger. But her cared about his ship, and his crew, and if he trusted Faye at all, Shara was willing to bet he’d at least hear her out.

~Cmdr. Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

“What exactly is happening? Nothing has been adding up and right now your daughter… well she looks like suspect one in a chain of suspicious activity. No superiors sent her here it seems and everything I can tell is she isn’t supposed to even be here… yet she is here.”

Creed, XO

“Her assignment is legit, that much we do know. The issue is that there seems to be some parts of it that are not going through the usual channels.” Shara tapped her fingers on her thigh. “I’m taking a risk doing this, but the best thing we can do is call my superior and have her confirm what I’m telling you.” Shara exhaled. “What we do know is that someone is giving Intelligence officers secondary orders in addition to the ones that are a part of their mission. And these officers don’t know that they are being manipulated, that these orders aren’t coming from the people they think they are. I’ve been tracking down this mystery for two years now. My daughter is just one of the latest casualties. And this time it’s a big one, because Faye is the perfect scapegoat. Her past as a Maquis doesn’t make her suspect, but Faye has had a tumultuous time and it wouldn’t take much for people to lean towards being wary.”

~Faye Calloway, Data Scientist

“I don’t know or care if she has a tumultuous time, if she is being led astray then I want to settle the issue and see what we can do here.” Jack said as he glanced over at the Captain, he felt he would be in agreement too but wanted to be certain before moving forward.

Creed, XO

Cochrane glared at Shara and Creed. Well, not so much at them as at their general vicinity. Finally focusing on Creed he said “Faye is our crew. Why she is here or who sent her is really irrelevant at this point. We are far from home and you and both know that there is something fishy going on in Intel. And the stink has followed us here.” and he shifted his gaze to Calloway. “So… spill it. What the hell is going on? And why is the Manhattan now the focal point of these shenanigans? And last question… who do I and my number two here shoot to get the point across that we aren’t going to play any more?” he said flatly, but with a clenching of his jaw that was very evident.

Cochrane, CO

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