Girls day out (open to all)

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Allison sat beside Audrey petting her, and Audrey just nuzzled into her. It had been a few months since they had figured out that Audrey had been suffering from allergies this whole time. It had took a couple of weeks to figure out a proper spray that would remove the allergens from the air and allow the force field to be dropped. Once she had started getting better she had grown a 18 inches leaving her height slightly over 6 feet tall.

It still amazed the young scientist that sientent creature
Was her creation. When she first planted the seeds all she was expecting was a small plant to remember her last vacation before leaving the academy to join her first ship.

Memories of her last trip with a few friends from the academy began to emerge, and she wondered where her friends were now.

Kane, scientist

OOC: where is she located?

OOC: Considering Audrey’s there, probably the main science lab. :)

IC: “Someone’s looking pretty today,” Riali threw a wink at Audrey, “is it a new spray? A new food perhaps?” Facetiousness laced her voice like twine wrapped around a Mason jar. When she had first arrived, Audrey had been an anomaly to Deandres. She had never seen nor heard of a sentient plant, despite her extensive background in biology. She was something new and unexpected, and for a moment it had unsettled her but now she found herself equally amused and aweing at Kane and Audrey’s growing friendship.

“How are you holding up, Kane?” Riali’s voice did not lose its friendly twinge, but it had returned to its lower octave.

Deandres, CSO

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