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Cochrane glared at Shara and Creed. Well, not so much at them as at their general vicinity. Finally focusing on Creed he said “Faye is our crew. Why she is here or who sent her is really irrelevant at this point. We are far from home and you and I both know that there is something fishy going on in Intel. And the stink has followed us here.” and he shifted his gaze to Calloway. “So… spill it. What the hell is going on? And why is the Manhattan now the focal point of these shenanigans? And last question… who do I and my number two here shoot to get the point across that we aren’t going to play any more?” he said flatly, but with a clenching of his jaw that was very evident.

Cochrane, CO

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Shara nodded and gestured to Creed’s computer. “May I? We’re going to call my superior, as I mentioned earlier.”

Accessing the communications, Shara sent a coded ping to someone who most definitely wasn’t expecting to hear from her so soon. Now she just had to wait. “The admiral will explain more, but Faye’s assignment to re-work the safety protocols of the ship is legit. The incident with the Odyssey did happen and the danger for the Manhattan is real. Faye is a senior field agent, but the work she’s doing doesn’t entirely match her instructions. It’s not even necessarily the Manhattan that is the target but rather that whomever is giving Faye additional orders has ulterior motives that isn’t clear to us. The Manhattan’s assignment in the Delta Quadrant, however, does provide perhaps some unique opportunities. And it’s not just Faye. She’s one of several agents who have suddenly found that their orders aren’t entirely what they thought they were.”

~Cmdr. Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Cochrane looked at Creed and said “I swear to all that is holy, Commander. If I find out I have one… just one… more covert operative aboard this vessel without my express permission, I’m firing every last individual off this ship and through the wormhole. Shuttle or no shuttle.” and he looked back at the blank screen, waiting.

Cochrane, CO


“Well I thought there was just one… me… and now we have three right now on the ship… to be fair this has gotten to far for even me.”

Creed, XO

A chirp drew Shara’s attention back to Creed’s screen and, nodding to herself, entered in her authorization code. The screen shifted and Calloway shifted it so the other two could clearly see an older Human woman in Starfleet brass uniform from the Intelligence division. The rear admiral narrowed her eyes slightly as she took in the other occupants of the room before she focused on Shara. =/\=Commander Calloway, I presume you have good reason to break a standing order?=/\=

“Yes, Ma’am. The situation required me to bring in others as we discussed might happen and we need to discuss the situation at hand.” She gestured between the screen and the two Manhattan officers. “Captain Cochrane, Commander Creed, this is Rear Admiral Marissa Greyson, my superior officer and who has been giving me my orders.”

=/\=Captain, Commander,=/\= Greyson said with a nod of her head.

“Admiral, they are understandable concerned with the possibility that there is an unsanctioned assignment on their ship. I did fill them in on a bit of what I knew so far, and given that the one we are concerned about was recently in a serious incident on the ship, I felt it necessary to investigate further to see if it was intentional or simply an accident,” Shara explained.

Greyson’s brows knit together. =/\= What sort of incident?=/\=

“Part of the system changes we were concerned about blew up, quite literally in her face.”

=/\=Her status? And what have you concluded so far?=/\=

“She’s physically fine and recovering, and I’m not convinced it was our mysterious party taking action. By all accounts it seems like a stupid accident on the part of a junior officer. But Lieutenant Calloway is is a precarious position, Ma’am. I wold like your permission to bring the Lieutenant in on our investigation.”

The admiral had a damned fine poker face and she simply shifted her attention to Cochrane and Creed. =/\=I can understand your being concerned with Calloway’s temporary undercover assignment. But, what are your thoughts on the possibility that someone else is messing with ships like that Manhattan? Have you seen any evidence so far that would support our hypothesis?=/\=

~Commander Calloway & Rear Admiral Greyson, Starfleet Intelligence

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