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Posted by Civilian Vorraye Anders (Diplomatic Attache) in Shadow Dealings - XO Office

Posted by Civilian Vorraye Anders (Diplomatic Attache) in Shadow Dealings - XO Office
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“He does have a type now that I think about it, his Ms Adams and you have the same level of curves and red hair. No wonder he decided to marry the XO of that outpost get a change of scenery, if blonde can be seen as a change. Kind of basic to me but who am I to judge.” Jack said as the data finished.

She smiled as he finally made the connection. “He was right, though. Merely playing a doe eyed diplomat wouldn’t work. Unless I got you riled up, it wouldn’t occur to you to do more than toss the stick aside. We were having drinks at The Lux when he mentioned this is where I would be getting this job.”

The data wasn’t much, it gave him the details of the woman in front, Aedan worked quite a bit to sell and trade secrets but he seldom did any of the selling. “He found a Ferengi stealing from him did he? Had some of the items he mentioned.” He had giving Aedan direct orders to never mention the tech that he had been looking into when sending his go betweens. Aedan liked to play private spy at times but he knew the man wouldn’t risk his tech and media empire by pissing off S.I. They looked the other wife as long as he kept them appraised of all shadier dealings her heard of out in the fringe systems.

Creed, XO

Vorraye relaxed a bit. “I’m sorry for the theatrics. Though I didn’t lie. I’d rather have you at my back.” She smiled and nodded to the stick. I don’t know what’s on it, honestly. He said if I looked, I’d find a copy of my transfer orders and a picture of him.” She laughed, shaking her head. “I just decided not to look.”

“Well, I guess you are stuck here for awhile then. I am sure Aedan wants you to tell him something in return he always… likes quid pro quo… even if you save a mans life. I gotta ask why did you start working for a man like him? I mean money I am sure is good but… I don’t know. Life of wealth and opplulance was never really my cup of tea.” Jack asked the young woman as he eyed her more. He still didn’t fully trust her but she could at least be an asset.

Creed, XO

Raye smiled and leaned back relaxing a bit more. Now that cat and mouse was over, she felt better about the man who had sent her as well as the one before her.

“I travel too much for credits and opulence to be a factor. I deal in information. So does your friend. I’m a diplomat, first and foremost. So having a bit if information at my fingertips that no one else has is something I value highly. I’m sure you haven’t served on many ships that have an Attache aboard.” It was a wild guess, but noting how many people had been stunned or confused by her orders here, she was pretty sure it was a good bet.

“I’ve been given a couple tidbits about those we may run into it here. But i also have plenty of tidbits about races and species back in our neck of the woods to offer up if the case arises. By running the occasional errands for Aeden, and only accepting the usual fee, it allows me to call in favors now and then when the need arises.”

She went back to his original question then. “And her does want something from me.” She laughed lightly, “He wants me to remind you that he hasn’t heard from you in a while and let you know that I can reach him when you, perhaps, can’t.”


IC: “Well, that won’t be needed for now. I assume you really are diplomatically trained at least? I won’t tell the Captain of course but this ship comes first and you need to fulfill your role if you want to stay. If I think Aedan is wanting anything and is trying to get to things he shouldn’t through you… hon I won’t hesitate throwing you in the brig myself.” Jack said, there was no emotion in his tone as he said this. He just didn’t trust people that worked with Aedan. Aedan was not a man he liked having connections to, but he was a useful man.

Creed, XO

Raye laughed and it was warm and genuine. “I assure you, I am well trained as a Diplomat. I actually had this station order set before Aeden and I spoke. He was actually in the middle of trying to figure out how to get a young engineering JO on board to connect with you. As it turns out, he has something ‘I’ desire. So there is also no worries about him pulling my strings.” She glanced around and then looked back at him. “Between you and me, I’m not fond of the man. But he keeps me in credits when I need and has been more than useful in his information. So it’s not a bad quid pro quo.”


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