Pre-Sim: Sickbay – Medical Evaluation

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Next on her to-do list, was her medical evaluation. Not that she particularly enjoyed any type of eval, but since it was standard requirement for all personnel upon boarding, she saw no reason to delay it. So with purposeful steps Kiama headed towards sickbay and then right through the doors as they swished open in front of her.

With her back straight, but also with a warm smile on her face, the scientist said, “I’m Ensign Kiama Naim and I’m here for my medical evaluation.”

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

Jasmine heard the pneumatic doors swish open and looked up. There was no mistaking the race of the woman walking into medical. She had the jet black eyes characteristic of a Betazoid. What was more striking however to Jasmine was the woman’s hair. It looked like she was ready to go out for a night on the town instead of checking into a ship. The intricate braids framing her face and pinned neatly at the nape of her neck were gorgeous. “Hello,” Jasmine said walking around the desk to greet the woman. “I am Dr. Wynter. Welcome to the Manhattan,” she extended her hand.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

“Thank you, Lieutenant,” Kiama replied as she took the other woman’s hand and gave it a firm, but not painful, squeez, while looking the CMO straight in the eyes. “It’s good to be here,” she said as she led her gaze move around sickbay for a moment before looking at the doctor in front of her again. There was an unmistakable sparkle of excitement in her eyes and she seemed to have some difficulties to maintain a fully professional demeanor right now. Some might even go so far as to say that there seemed to be an almost child-like aura about her at this moment.

From across the sickbay, hurried steps signaled the approach of Ensign Baht, a thin bolian man with a kind face that was currently scrunched in distress. “Excuse me,” he said while flashing an apologetic smile at Ensign Naim as his hand guided Dr. Wynter to turn away slightly.

Turning towards the other Ensign, Naim looked at him with her head slightly tilted. He seemed to be stressed about something and while she was curious to know what happened, she tried not to listen in as he addressed the CMO and took a step or two back.

In a lowered voice that could still probably be easily overheard by Ensign Naim, Shon said “Ensign Jenkins’ hypochondriasis is acting up again and this time he’s insisting that he speak with the head doctor,” while motioning at the biobed in the corner, where an older engineering officer sat looking around nervously.

Standing a little awkwardly next to the two medical officers, the Betazoid woman could still hear what they were saying. But it took only a short moment before she blocked out their voices and got lost in her own mind instead.

Turning to Ensign Naim, Ensign Baht resumed his friendly smile. He was obviously relieved to have passed off the responsibility of Ensign Jenkins onto Dr. Wynter. Naim could read that stress was high and Shon was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but he put on a good show of maintaining his outward composure. “I’m sorry about that, ensign. I’m Ensign Baht, or Nurse Shon if you like. We can definitely get you cleared for duty. What did you say your name was?”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

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It took her a couple of moments to return to the here and now and for her brain to register not only that Ensign Baht had talked to her, but also to register what he had said.
Looking a little sheepishly, she said, “No need to apologise. My name is Kiama Naim. I’m one of the new science officers aboard the Manhattan. It’s nice to meet you.” With a nod towards the biobeds, Kiama added, “Shall I have a seat?”

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

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