Shuttle on route to Deltana V

Posted Oct. 11, 2019, 8:27 p.m. by Commander Ardashir "Jack" Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Commander Ardashir “Jack” Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) in Shuttle on route to Deltana V

Posted by Commander Ardashir “Jack” Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) in Shuttle on route to Deltana V

Posted by Commander Ardashir “Jack” Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) in Shuttle on route to Deltana V
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SNIP Shuttle on route to Deltana V

Celina walked into the cockpit of the almost derelict shuttle Jack was piloting to their destination. One look at the craft and she had no desire to race Jack to the cockpit. It had nothing to do with pride or competitiveness. It was pure survival. The engine made, what could only be described as a backfire, which was impossible because it was not a combustion engine. Half the seals seemed to be held together with duct tape and the others looked ready to blow any second. A variety of passengers filled the back along with cargo such as chickens and other small livestock. It felt more like they were fleeing an oppressor than going on vacation. Gripping the co-pilot seat, Celina sat down next to Jack. “Is this thing supposed to vibrate like this? Do you have the inertia dampeners off for fun,” she asked activating the safety restraint for good measure.

Lt. Celina Rodriguez CTO

“I am experimenting with an idea, if I make it vibrate just right for you it’ll get you in such a good mood you will be more submissive and do what I say for once.” he said looking over at her with a small wink as he reached over taking her hand as he kissed the back of it.

“Eyyyyyeee know mah knee is tight buuuuh can we nah skip on duh dis count mah sauge,” Celina pressed back hard into the seat so that the vibrations amplified even more obviously in her speech. “I prah mus to lis in iffa you get me uh per son to do dis,” she added breaking out in a fit of laughter. Strapped to the chair, Celina decided to get silly. “I am your fah ther Luke,” she said letting the vibrations create a deeper tone to her voice.

Unbuckling the strap, Celina sat up so that the chair no longer affected her voice. Getting a sly smile, she looked over her shoulder to make sure everyone was out of earshot. “Reminds me of the night at the Golden Flamingo where we were on that stakeout,” she broke into a bout of laughter. No one had to watch their mark that night. paper-thin walls and crazy bed with red sheets were the only warning system she and Jack needed to know when Ivan the Enforcer was ready to go out on another mission. “How many movies did we watch waiting for him to come out of that room and make the weapons deal. Maybe I am a little dog because this chair,” she hooked a thumb back, “has me wanting to go sit in the back with the free, love hippy dippys in cargo after one minute.” Moving to the edge of the seat, Celina reviewed the course set on the console.

“I seem to recall we also lost the perp cause you… can be very distracting my love.”

“Do you think there is really anything to this? I mean… this is Cesar we are talking about. Are we just going to show up at a planet and sip fruity drinks by a beach?” Jack asked, he was doing this purely cause of family, but he couldn’t deny he didn’t feel there was going to be much to this.

“Well based on probability we have a fifty percent chance of having this blow up horribly in our face and need to call for a marine extraction before facing a court marshall for something we never saw coming. You do still have those contacts in spy contacts?” Celina wore a smile. The times of spies and lies were over for them. Jack swore he was out after the job nearly killed him. So her comment was purely meant for humor. “The other fifty percent is that we will be on a beach sipping Mai Tai’s and watching a sunset as Cesar runs around doing whatever he is going to do. What I do know,” she stopped looking at the screen as she spoke, “is that we have a 100% chance of being together and that is all I ever want and the only thing that makes me happy.”

“Well aren’t you a cute little puppy, optimistic too. Somehow I feel like this is going to end far badly… I got a bad feeling about all this.” Jack said, the last line somewhat a throw back to their favorite movie, but he truly was worried to an extent. Cesar was a good guy but he made a lot of really dumb choices.

His sister always encouraged him to be more open, her influence helped him after their parents death but Orion had been a time he learned to open and trust more than anytime. Whatever his sister began, Celina finished for Jack. Her love and companionship helped him in a time that could have been much darker for him. He owed her everything in many ways, and would spend two lifetimes repaying her.

Creed, XO

“So put on your big boy panties and make sure we are in the 100% probability where we are sipping Mai Tai’s. I don’t care if you need to stun or deck or tie someone to a tree,” she wore a serious expression but her mouth was fighting a smile. “I want my sunset, Jack. You will give me my sunset.” Celina winked at him.

“You are assuming this place has sunsets, for all we know it could be some world with only like 2 hours of sun and we are in dark the rest of the time.”

A series of beeps on the console indicated the ship was approaching Deltana V. “You need help landing this or should I make sure the free lovers back there have their goats secured in cargo,” she asked him.

Lt. Celina Rodrguez CTO

“I got this, just be careful… I love you moosh.” he said as he pulled her close and gave her a kiss before letting her go in the back to check on everything as he began to make the decent.

Creed, XO






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