Pre-Sim: Arrival on board

Posted Oct. 12, 2019, 6:30 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Wynter (Chief Engineer / 2nd Officer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Ensign Kiama Naim (Scientist) in Pre-Sim: Arrival on board
Standing in the middle of her dorm room at the Academia, Kiama looked a little forlorn. While she was excited about her graduation and being assigned to “her” very first ship, it still felt weird to leave this place behind. After all, it had been her home for four years and the first place where she had lived alone. Well, she had a roommate, of course, like everybody else. But until she up and left Betazed she had always lived with her parents. Not that she wanted to, but that was a whole different story.

So now with her diploma in hand, all left to do was to pack up her belongings and in three hours catch the transport to the new Starbase Event Horizon. What would await her there? What would her fellow scientist and the rest of the crew be like? What she had read about the ship and her current mission sounded very exciting, but those reports didn’t really tell you anything about what the crew was like; especially during off duty hours.

“Well, you better finish packing, or you’ll never find out,” she said to herself and then got to work.

At the end of fascinating journey, Kiama found herself just outside the docking port on the Event Horizon. A couple more steps and I will finally be aboard the Manhattan, she thought with giddy smile on her face and a sparkle in her black eyes.

Taking another deep breath, the slender Betazoid started to move purposefully forward and once she set her fist step onto the Manhattan, she had a hard time not to clap her hands and hop excitedly on the spot like a little child. However, a soft laugh escaped her lips as she walked slowly down the corridors towards her quarters. On her way there she tried to take everything in, yet at the same time found herself get lost in her own thoughts and her own imagination.

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

Not much further along the corridors ahead of Kiama, as she would come around the gentle curve towards her quarters would be a large panel along the side of the wall removed, and sticking out of it a pair of legs attached to a waist, a tool kit lying beside them. Judging by the way the feet were oriented the owner was clearly on his or her back, one foot seeming to be rocking back and forth in a rhythmic manner, the low hum coming from the wall could have been somebody humming loudly or singing to themselves.

If Kiama was to get closer, words might be made out.... the voice wasn’t a great singer by any means, but he could at least hold a tune.

Shot like a rocket up into the sky,
Nothing could stop me tonight
You make me feel invincible,
Earthquake, powerful

But it was at that moment that the flashing light of a sparking conduit came from the same section of electronics the legs were sticking out of, and the singing abruptly stopped. What followed were a number of inventive curse words about why the Manhattan should behave itself and it wasn’t supposed to be doing that. The ‘discussion’ stopped the moment the sparks did, a hypo-spanner got thrown out of the work space to lie next to the tool kit and a human hand appeared next to the legs, appearing to be feeling around for a tricorder that was also lying next to the legs.

“Everybody’s a critic these days,” the voice said.

Lt Cmdr Wynter
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