Pre-Sim: Main Science Lab – Reporting for duty

Posted Oct. 12, 2019, 5:46 p.m. by Ensign Kiama Naim (Scientist) (Silke Fahl)

Posted by Ensign Kiama Naim (Scientist) in Pre-Sim: Main Science Lab – Reporting for duty
Once she had dropped of her belongings in her quarters and took a moment to put her mind into a more professional mind-set, Kiama Naim left her quarters and headed towards the main science lab for the very first time. She wasn’t sure if Lieutenant Riali Deandres would be there or in her office, but she was too curious to see her new workspace to care about that right now. If the Chief Science Officer wasn’t there, she’d just contact her via the intercom and would inquire if now was a good time to report for duty.

Several minutes later the mocha skinned, slender Betazoid step into the main science lab and stopped pretty much in the middle of the doorway. A dreamy smile lit up her face as she let her gaze wander around the room. And while there was attentiveness in her gaze, she seemed to be absentminded at the same time; just as if she only noticed the equipment and all, but not the people.

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

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