Pre Sim - Shuttlebay - All Hands, Fall in! (For All Crew)

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The Captain’s voice cut through the comms in all spaces of the Manhattan. =/\= Attention, All Personnel. Fall in to formation in Shuttlebay One-A in thirty minutes. I repeat, all hands fall into formation in Shuttlebay One-A in thirty minutes. Department Heads, ensure all personnel are present from your sections. Only Operational Essential personnel are excused. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

One of the newest arrivals on the Manhattan, Ensign Kiama Naim, was in her quarters unpacking her belongings when the Captain’s voice came through the ship-wide intercom. After carefully putting down an ancient looking, leather-bound book, the young scientist headed towards the doors and then the Shuttle Bay She was, of course, aware that it shouldn’t take her half an hour to get there, but she could use the time to have another look around the ship while she made her way down there.

After getting lost in her own imagination more than once and thereby losing track of time, Kiama arrived at the Shuttle Bay with only five minutes to spare. Stepping through the huge doors, she looked around to see who else was already present.

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

Code scrolled up her screen and Faye watched it intently, as she had for the past four hours. She needed a break, desperately, but after the issues in the jefferies tube, she was trying to get everything back on track. Her voice processing the ship-wide comm and she glanced at her desk, then her screen, her desk, back at her screen. Good Timing, Cochrane, she mused to herself.

Pushing back her chair, Calloway stretched, pushed herself to her feet and checked that her uniform didn’t look terrible. It was more than passable. Tightening the elastic that held her dark brown hair in a ponytail, she left her little buble-world of code and data equipment.

A few minutes later, Faye stepped into the shuttlebay, curious what the Captain had called everyone for. It sounded like a big deal, but she loathed large group functions. She could only hope this one didn’t give her an anxiety attack, like so many others before.

~Faye Calloway, Data Scientist

Logan headed to the shuttlebay at a brisk walk. He didn’t know why the Skipper was calling all hands. Was there some new mission that they were assigned to?


Since she wasn’t essential personnel, currently, the Diplomatic Officer made her way to the bay shortly after the announcement. Arriving with several others, she hung back by the door. Vorraye was wearing her usual civilian attire today, not having been called into a formal meeting in quite some time. She crossed her arms and leaned nonchalantly against the wall looking bored.

But her eyes watched, and her ears listened. Anyone trained in security or Intel would see her shifting and know she was anything but absent bored.

Vorraye “Ray” Anders
Diplomatic Attache

Max’s head came up from the PaDD he had been scrutinizing as the voice faded from the inter-comm and he grunted. Shuttlebay One-A. He frowned for a moment and considered if that glitch in the grav plating in the shuttle bay had been fixed or if it was on the repair list for tomorrow.

If it hadn’t been repaired, he smirked, they might all be either floating at attention if it decided to glitch with most of the crew in the bay, or alternately they might all be stuck at attention and stuck to the floor. Sliding the PaDD across the desk to the Engineering JO that had brought the report he nodded then turned away, hanging his tool belt over the back of his chair and heading out the door. As he exited Main Engineering he tapped his badge.

=/\= Jaz, it’s Max. Hear that muster call? I’ll meet you in the shuttle bay. =/\=

Minutes later and he stepped into the shuttle bay as well, although he clearly paused a moment and looked through the doors to see if there were floating people or people flattened against the deck plates. Satisfied there weren’t, he stepped through.

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

Jasmine was having a good day. One of those days where you woke up with a spring in your step for no reason in particular. Sickbay had been quiet, the coffee tasted better for some reason, and the medical supplies had all been put away so Cochrane’s call was almost like a field trip. Leaving Yvonne in charge, Jasmine headed for the shuttle bay. As she hit the button on the turbo, Jasmine’s face spread into a lazy secretive smile. Maybe the reason today was so good was that Max had helped her arrange the supply 717 medical closet. Maybe that would be his new side job.

Entering the shuttle bay, she saw her target. A handsome, blonde-haired man that did not seem like he was as excited as her to drop everything and report to the shuttle bay. Deciding Max needed a more interesting way to say ‘hey baby I am here’, Jasmine forwent the normal greeting most officers shared with another opting for the sneak up route. Everyone might have seen her coming up behind the chief engineer who was leaning against a set of crates but only one person knew her plan of attack.

Coming up from behind Max, Jasmine reached around and tickled his sides as she whispered, “come here often handsome.”

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

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