Pre-Sim: Sickbay – Medical Evaluation

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Posted by Ensign Shon Baht (Medical Officer) in Pre-Sim: Sickbay – Medical Evaluation

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Shon narrowed his eyes at the PaDD on his lap and spoke what he typed. “Nor-mal wear- and- tear-, got it,” Shon sounded out before looking up with a smile. “Alright, a couple more standard questions for you, if you don’t mind! Do you currently take any prescription medications as directed by a medical professional?”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Shaking her head, Kiama replied, “Nothing on a daily or even regular basis. Just a low dose of painkillers if needed.” As she said that she moved her right hand subconsciously to her ribs and gently stroked her right side with her thumb.

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

Ensign Baht’s eyes flickered to Kiama’s right ribs, and she could probably sense his shift in attention and mental note to investigate it later. “And we all need that from time to time, that’s for sure. The lighting on this ship is reason enough for me to recommend that you continue that habit - if needed of course.”

It was only when Shon’s eyes flickered towards her rib cage, that Kiama realised that her hand was resting there. Dropping her hand into her lap, she replied, “It’s good to know that it won’t be seen as something negative, if ask you for some pain medication once in a while.” All the while hoping against hope that the doctor wouldn’t insist on having a close look at her rib cage later. Partly because she was embarrassed, and partly because she probably should have seen a doctor earlier, but had brushed it of as something minor.

Shon glanced down at the PaDD again more out of habit than necessity. “What about family history? Any genetic predispositions for concerning medical conditions?”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“Nothing life threatening that I would be aware of. I know that on my mother’s side the women in particular have a history of infertility issues. Which is sad, of course, and while it has always been seen as a problem in the family due to politics, it is something I’m personally concerned about. As of right now, I don’t even want to know, to be frank,” she replied with a shrug, while trying not to role her eyes. Politics and all that came with irritated her and were kind of a red flag. “And that’s really the only thing I can think of,” Kiama added after a brief pause.

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

There was hesitation in Shon’s mind as he made note of the history of fertility issues. “Well,” he said with a twinge of sympathy, “if it doesn’t concern you at the moment, we can certainly leave that to an appointment with a more specialized professional in the future.”

“I would very much appreciate that,” the Betazoid woman replied gratefully.

Shon paused to consider Kiama’s candidness before continuing. “The next couple of questions are a bit personal, so if you prefer not to answer of course that is your prerogative. But honesty will allow us to provide you with the best medical care you might require.” Shon seemed genuinely concerned about Kiama’s comfort and trust, although he had other more logistical reasons for wanting to ensure that she was forthcoming.

“Well, I’m Betazoid and minus the past four years I have always lived on Betazed. So honesty and candor are in my nature and my upbringing. And while I don’t see the need to share every personal detail with every person I meet, I do not lie and I don’t see the sense in withholding information you or any other member of the medical department consider important,” Kiama replied straightforward, her black eyes locked with Shon’s.

“How have you been sleeping, Ensign Naim? Have you noticed an increase or decrease in sleep quantity within the last six months? Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking from sleep?”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

A soft laugh escaped, Kiama’s lips before she replied. “Ever since my finals were done I’ve slept very well again. Especially the last several weeks leading to the exams, I didn’t get much sleep to begin with and what little I slept didn’t feel very restful. But I dare say, I’m not the only one who had that problem. So in short, my sleeping quality and quantity is back to normal and when I wake up in the mornings, I generally feel well rested.”

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

Shon offered a teasing smile. “You’re making my job very easy, Ensign Naim. Of course it’s normal to have disturbances in your sleep schedule during periods of heightened stress, and I assure you, there will be plenty of those while you are aboard the Manhattan. If you need consultation on correcting your sleep habits following a crisis, for example, please feel free to stop by.”

“Well, I guess I just got lucky,” Kiama replied with a slight shrug. “But I will definitely come here if I need anything.”

Ensign Baht tapped the PaDD against his knee. “Alright, last interrogation question and then we’ll get to those scans. Prior to your trip to the Manhattan, had you traveled outside of Federation space within the last year? And/or have you had intimate relations with a non-member of the Federation species during that same time?” Shon looked down at the PaDD as he asked the last question, his blue cheeks turning a bit more purple. He hadn’t become quite comfortable with questions of that nature yet.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Tilting her head to the left, Kiama thought about Shon’s last questions for several moments while trying not to let his unease affect her. “Please bear with me, while I’m trying to recap, where I’ve been. I went to Bajor for an excavation eight month ago and on our way back a friend of mine talked me into visiting Qo’noS. Between the end of our finals and when we got our assignments, I went to Risa with her,” she recounted, ticking each trip off on her fingers. “Oh and about twelve, maybe thirteen months ago I went to the Elaysian homeworld; again for a research project,” she added with a snap of her fingers.

Shon typed rapidly as Kiama listed off her travels, making note of each location she provided.

Even though the scientist was trying block the doctor’s uneasiness, she still felt some heat rise to her cheeks. Though due to her dark skin that wouldn’t be really noticeable. In order to make him more comfortable she opted for a very brief reply and said, “No, I haven’t been intimate with a non-Federation member.”

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

Given Ensign Naim’s nonchalant response, Shon was more embarrassed about his own bashfulness than anything, at this point. He looked up with another smile, with perhaps a hint of apology in his expression. “Alrighty then! I’ll also run some scans for pathogens common to those planets you mentioned, thank you for being so comprehensive.” Ensign Baht stood from the stool, running a hand along the portion of his bifurcating ridge on his neck. “If you’d please lay back and relax, we can let these bioscans do their thing.” The bolian moved to inspect the overhead monitor and also grabbed a tricorder from a nearby medical cart.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“You are welcome!” Kiama replied as she swung her legs onto the biobed and turned 90° before laying down. “And you don’t have to feel uncomfortable asking me that sort of questions. I know it’s part of your job and I appreciate it, that you are doing it thoroughly,” she added, hoping to put the doctor at ease.

Shon chuckled sheepishly. “You’re very gracious, Ensign, and thank you for your reassurances,” Shon said as he readied the scanning equipment. “Modesty is not exactly a priority in the medical profession, but I still find it hard to let go of my manners. It must be nice, in some way, to have those barriers be a bit more transparent as a betazoid.”

When Shon started to scan Kiama, he would notice a number of things. All along her the left side of her body and partly on the right side of her back were a number a smallish, mostly healed bruises that seemed to be a couple of weeks old. Though the majority of them seemed to be on her torso. The only exception was on the right side of her rib cage. There was not only a large bruise, but also a healing fracture in her 9th and 10th ribs and a healed hairline fracture in her 8th rib. Apart from that the scan would show that she was in good health and the readings were similar to previous ones listed in her file.

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

Ensign Baht attempted the best he could not to express surprise either externally or internally at the discovery of the rib fractures as he reviewed the scans. Shon moved to the edge of the biobed to wave the tricorder over Kiama’s body, hoping to give the impression that he was simply performing another ordinary scan. But as the tricorder passed over her rib cage, Shon’s hand paused slightly, and he inspected the tricorder readings intently to see if there were any hints as to what caused the fractures and the health of the healing bones.

As a distraction from his closer investigation, Shon said cheerily, “so, how was that trip to Risa?” It was only as Shon said it that it occurred to him that both the injuries and the trip had occurred in the recent past, and he wondered if the two were connected.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

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