Mundai Colony - A need to get away

Posted Nov. 10, 2019, 3:21 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Wynter (Chief Engineer / 2nd Officer) (David Shotton)

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Further down the street ahead of Jasmine, two small figures stopped their stroll and leaned casually against a wall under a makeshift sun shelter. Because of the drizzle the shelter wasn’t exactly doing it’s job, and drips of water sploshed down from torn corners where the fabric strained against the weight of too much water pooled on the surface. Cloaks up and around their heads, nothing was seen of their faces, their hands tucked under the cloaks for warmth. The didn’t seem to notice her disappear into the alley way, or if they did, they showed no sign of caring.

Behind her the figure of the second person stopped. It had grown closer to her but as she turned down the alley way the figure itself stopped for a moment. After a minute, it carried on following her to the entry to the alley, and glanced down. Seeing Jasmine approaching a door, the figure carried on past the alley and stopped at a rickety street vendor who appeared to be selling a variety of goods. Shoes, clothing and some food. None of it looking very new or edible.

Lt Cmdr Max Wynter, CE

Thirty minutes later Jasmine emerged from the building. Her expression was a cross between angry and worried. She no longer had the large case with her which allowed her to tighten the collar on her coat. The drizzle of the night was icy and felt like pin pricks where it hit her exposed flesh. This was the last place she wanted to be tonight. She could have been home in her quarters, under a blanket snuggling with Max but instead, she was on a corner lying to him about having an amazing night with an old friend. Activating her comm she sent out her first message. It was simple and to the point stating what she had dropped off, to whom, and when. Since no one was going to actually talk to her about the events it was easy enough to just leave a message and be done with it. The next call was going to be harder.

=/\=Hey sexy. I am having so much fun but I miss you. Can’t wait to be home with you. Love you,=/\= she left a message for Max on his personal communicator. He was still on shift and only left it at his desk so at least he would have a small smile tonight unlike her. At least the slightly sad tone to her voice was easily hidden by the fact she really did miss him. Walking towards the end of the alley, Jasmine only had to hail a vehicle, catch the next shuttle to the Starbase, and then put this night behind her. Her footsteps were hollow clicks against the pavement that seemed to echo all around her. The sound was unnerving and only noticeable now because she had completed her task. On the way to the warehouse, her mind was fixed on getting the night over. Now it only contained loose thoughts about how she was going to lie about what she ate and what her mystery friend talked about. As she neared the entrance to the street Jasmine suddenly had other things to worry about.

“Mrs. Maxwell Wynter. Chief medical officer Wynter,” a deep but slightly squeaky voice called out from about three yards ahead of her. Jasmine would have kept walking but the voice was in the only direction she could go. Behind her was a dead end and the people in the warehouse would be long gone. She needed to get to the street.

“I’m sorry but you have the wrong person,” she replied still moving forward but lowering her head some. The best-case scenario here was the voice belong to the local authorities and her meeting with Max would be at the local detention center. The worse case was Max would be picking her up in the hospital or morgue.

“I think not,” the voice said as strong arms clamped around her waist and pushed her towards the wall of the alley. “I think you are exactly who I think you are.” The man did not descend on her which was the most typical action for this section of town. Instead, he leveled a phaser at her.

“Oh okay,” Jasmine slowly raised her hands. “I am not sure you realize what you are doing here. Lauren sent me and that woman will rip you from tip to tail if you mess up her opera,” she stopped talking as the weapon discharged. The pain began to radiate from her mid-section and spread outward. Jasmine felt like the world stood still yet the entire process only took a few seconds. Barely enough time for her to reach her wound before she was gone.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

The figure that had been following Jasmine in the other car came running around the corner at that moment. Having seen the two small figures walk into the Alley, and the sound of Jasmines voice it had stopped it’s fake perusal of the stand and begun to run.

Sliding to a stop, the figure could only watch as Jasmine seemed to dissolve under the blast of the energy bolt. The two smaller figures turned around in alarm, their hoods opening to reveal Ferengi faces and the one with the weapon raised it as if to shoot again. He never got the chance as a beam of energy extended from the figures hand where a small Phaser was held, small enough to easily conceal in a pocket.

The Ferengi with the weapon fell back against the wall of the Alley where Jasmine had just been, his own wound mortal but not set to destroy the body at the molecular level. The second Ferengi watched the first slump to the ground, the weapon drop from his clearly lifeless hand and turned back around to look at the figure. Slowly, the second Ferengi raised his hands.

“Don’t shoot, friend!” Came the pleading and high pitched voice, “I didn’t shoot her, it was him, not me, I didn’t want to shoot her.” The figure paused a moment as if in thought, then his weapon fired again. This time with a scream of pain the second Ferengi fell against the same wall as Jasmine and the first Ferengi, but he was clutching his hand.

“Now you might be more in the mood to talk truthfully,” the figure said, it was a man’s voice and the hostility was very, very apparent and the breathing deep under his own hood which cast enough shadow to hide his face. The figure looked out into the street, faces at the windows pulled back and curtains closed. Nobody was coming to investigate the scream, nobody cared enough and knew the danger of these streets.

“You have another hand,” the figure told the Ferengi. “You have feet, and you have other things that I can shoot. If I think you are lying, you will lose them. So talk.”

Minutes later, another weapon blast broke the silence of the street followed by another scream.

------ An Unknown Amount of Time Later-----

The woman lay on the Bio-bed, she was unconscious, but her vitals were stable. Around the small room she was in was scattered medical equipment of various types, mostly Federation but a number of devices from other origins were noted. The lights were bright in the room, far brighter than the Ferengi in the room with her liked, yet they monitored her and waited for her to wake up, all the time watched over by an ugly looking Ferengi with a bent nose and scar running down his face from above his right eye to the bottom of his left chin, over the nose which was broken in a direction and point that indicated this scar was the cause.

“Wake her,” the scarred Ferengi demanded. In his hands he toyed with a small but deadly looking dagger. “It isn’t safe to wake her yet,” one of the other Ferengi said, considering he was looking at the medical readouts on the Bio-bed it appeared he had some knowledge. “She’s still too far into the coma, if we wake her now we risk damage to her brain. Hoomans are fragile, they might be tall but they break easily.”

“I know,” the scarred Ferengi said, the venom in his ratlike voice was palpable and he thrust the dagger into the table beside him in what seemed to be anger. “She’s costing me money by sleeping, if she dies I’ll take the cost of her disposal out of her husband. Wake her.”

Walking to the bed, the scarred Ferengi looked over the edge and into Jasmine’s face only inches away, so that when she opened her eyes he would be the first thing she saw. “Wake up, you Mintaran thief. You have work to do to pay off your debt to me.”

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