Pre-Sim: Arrival on board - Naim's quarters

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While Kaia crawled through the innards of the ship, Kiama had started to unpack her belongings. Though to be honest, she hadn’t made much headway yet as she kept getting lost in her own imagination. As a result she managed to drop something that looked like a large purple and navy blue marble she had meant to place on the shelf over her desk. And could it be any different, it rolled under the desk once it hit the floor. So it happened that her head was under the desk, when Kaia made her noise entrance.

Not surprisingly, Kiama managed to hit the back of head against her desk. Cursing under her breath and rubbing the back of her head, she got up from under the desk. Once she was standing upright again, it didn’t take her long to spot the source of crash. With her eyes slightly narrowed, the scientist walked towards the new opening in her wall and peered insight. “Hello?” she asked curiously, the throbbing of her skull almost forgotten as her curiosity took over.

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

A puff of dust came out of the wall opening, and a small face looked back out at Kiama. “Oh, hello,” the face said, approaching the wall and waiting till the scientist had backed off slightly before emerging fully from the hole and landing on the floor.

The ensign who emerged was clad in engineering yellows and had two arms and two legs, but that was about the only thing about her that was a normal Engineer. Just under three feet tall, the alien looked much like a little cat which had stood on its hind legs. She even had a tail. Her head (and every bit of her body) was covered in soft tan fur, with light grey markings in a pattern like that of a Siamese cat.

“I am Ensign Kaia of Galdor,” she spoke, a strange cadence to her voice making it sound like she was purring. “It is lovely to meet you. I apologize for intruding on your quarters.”

Kaia, ENG

“It’s good to meet you too. My name is Kiama Naim. And don’t worry about the intrusion. I honestly don’t mind,” Kiama replied sincerely. “I only just arrived on board. It’s so good to already meet people. And isn’t it exciting to be in the Delta Quadrant?” she continued, using too many italics in her excitement. “Are you busy right now? I suppose you are, but if not would like to stay a little?” While she babbled on, Kiama fought the urge to stroke Kaia’s fur. It looked so soft. And while she never understood other people’s fondness of pets, she did like to touch soft and fluffy things. Though her fellow officer was - of course - not a thing and she was well aware that it was inappropriate to just touch her as if she wasn’t a sentient being.

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

Kaia tilted her head slightly. “Well, I was on a mission to retrieve this,” she lifted up the drone. “So, I am technically on duty. But I have to clean up the mess I just made, so that will take a while at least,” she said with a small grin. “It is a little exciting to be in the Delta Quadrant, I agree with that.”

Kiama returned the smile and felt torn between offering her help and just talking with Kaia. Offering her help would not only be polite, but also something she had always felt naturally drawn to. But if she did, Kaia would be done more quickly which in turn meant less time for them to get to know each other. Though that was a short lived internal battle and one that her altruistic self one easily. “Can I give you a hand?” she asked. And while there was still a positive and energetic vibe about her, she seemed a lot quieter and pensive than she was a moment before.

She took the panel and began to reattach it in the wall, after making sure she’d gotten all her things out of the inside. “Although, I find myself more lonely than excited at this point. You have others like you around… I am the only one like me in the quadrant.”

Kaia, eng

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Kiama replied sincerely, her head tilted ever so slightly to the left as she watched Kaia closely. After a couple of moments of silence she continued, “You are Raka, aren’t you? I never met a member of your species before, nor any of the other sentient species form your home world. Then again I never really left Betazed till I started at Starfleet Academy four years ago.” The scientist felt a little embarrassed admitting how little she had actually seen even of the Alpha Quadrant. But Kaia had shown her vulnerability and in turn Kiama would not pretend like her life was all sunshine. So she continued, “I may not know what it’s like to be so far away from other members of your species, and yet I do know very well what it’s like to feel lonely while you’re surrounded by people. So just know my door is always open.”

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

OOC: OOH, I like you! Someone did a little research and read her character page!! I really appreciate that!

IC: Kaia nodded with a small smile. “There are few of us in Starfleet. Some ninety or a hundred, if I recall, and that is a sum of all four species, not just my own,” she commented, tilting her head slightly as she finished reattaching the connectors. “I appreciate the offer of help, but it was a fairly simple reattachment,” she said. The small alien glanced at the Betazoid, her head tilting the other way as she took in the officer. Betazoid were fascinating to her, not only for their telepathic abilities, but also for the more subtle empathic sense she knew they possessed. It wasn’t unlike her own empathy, although the capacity to extend that supernatural empathy towards members of other species was the most fascinating part of it.

“My pleasure,” grinned Kiama.

Even without the empathic ability to sense emotions, Kaia had been getting used to reading the emotions on humanoid faces, and it wasn’t hard to see that Naim was reticent to see her go. In pursuit of giving her the company without forcing her to ask Kaia to neglect her duties, the engineer turned to her quarry. “This drone may take some more time to fix, and I think I have the tools needed to fix it with me. Would you mind if I stayed while I worked on it? You could keep me company while I work.” She suggested, ears flicking slightly.

Kaia, Engineer

OOC: Thank you and you are welcome! I always do. Not only does it help me to interact with other characters, but people put effort into their character profiles and to me reading them and then referring to what I read (if it is public knowledge) is my way of saying thank you :)

“Not at all! I’d love to keep you company!” Kiama beamed. “Can I offer you something to drink while you work?” she asked and then admitted with a sheepish grin, “I would also offer to help with the drone, but believe me: you don’t want that. I mean, I’m perfectly capable of using scientific equipment and even do some adjustments, but the proper understanding of the finer workings of computers and the like always eluded me. Living organisms, preferably with a brain to analyse, are so much more down my ally.” She chuckled and then added hastily, “Not that I’m going to run around and examine the brain of everybody on this ship.” After all, she had found out the hard way that not everyone thought positively of neuroscientists or Betazoids. Not that she suspected Kaia to fall into that category, but it had made her a little wary at times. And she certainly didn’t want to freak Kaia out.

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

Kaia turned to Naim, looking up from her maintenance. “Some water would be appreciated, most definitely. I find myself to be the opposite, in that regard. Mechanisms, and understanding them, are somewhat instinctive to the Raka, and I am no exception. We have a mind for the way machines work.”

“Honestly, I welcome the idea of having someone around who can understand my emotions implicitly as I have heard those of your race are able to do,” Kaia reflected, taking off a panel on the drone and getting to work. After a moment of thought, she pressed her commbadge. =^=Kaia to Wynter. I found the drone and am going to repair it here, then return it to the access corridor. I will update you when the repairs are complete.=^=

Kaia, Engineer

The comm chirped back, the voice familiar to both of the Officers.

=/\= Good work Kaia, let me know how you go. By the way, have you seen my favourite micro-calibrator? I can’t seem to find it. =/\=

Lt Cmdr Max Wynter, CE

While Kaia talked to the Chief Engineer, Kiama walked over to her replicator and ordered to glasses of water. With the drinks in hand, she returned to Kaia and placed the glass close to her, but not right next to the drone. She then settled down close by as well, but remained silent as she didn’t want to interrupt the conversation.

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

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