Holodeck Martial Arts Beating (Open)

Posted Nov. 11, 2019, 1:59 a.m. by Civilian Vorraye Anders (Diplomatic Attache) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Logan Drake (Chief of Security) in Holodeck Martial Arts Beating (Open)

Posted by Civilian Vorraye Anders (Diplomatic Attache) in Holodeck Martial Arts Beating (Open)

Posted by Lieutenant Logan Drake (Chief of Security) in Holodeck Martial Arts Beating (Open)
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Logan headed for the holodeck dressed in his judogi, the traditional uniform used for Judo practice. His was blue with a black belt. He tapped the access panel at doors, and was rewarded with a chirp.

“Computer,” he said, “Run training program Logan 4A.”

The Computer chirped in response and said, “You may enter when ready.”

He entered the holodeck and found himself in a martial arts dojo. “Now to wait and see who shows up,” he said to himself.


Raye had decided to head for the holo deck in hopes of a good jogging program. Seeing the deck occupied, she’d been about to turn around and leave when the open program light caught her eye.

Palming open the door, the Diplomat stepped in and glanced around. She had her long hair in a ponytail and was wearing tight fitting grey leggings with a lavender close fitted workout top. Her sneakers were a slightly darker shade of grey. Seeing the Security Chief, she smiled and nodded. “Lieutenant Drake, right? Vorraye Anders. I don’t think we’ve properly met. My check in with you was delayed with the crisis shortly after my arrival and I fear I’ve been remiss in rescheduling.” She suddenly wondered if this was such a good idea.

“If you’re waiting for someone in particular, i can go use the gymnasium.” She thumbed towards the door about to head out.

Vorraye “Raye” Anders
Diplomatic Attache

“No, that’s all right, Miss Anders,” Logan replied. “And I’ve noticed you on the ship. Once I received your transfer orders, I approved your security clearance.”

“I set this program for anyone to use. It’s available for all levels of skill.”


Raye smiled and nodded in respect. “I appreciate the quick clearance, as I’m sure the Captain did as well.”

When he mentioned it was open to all skill levels, she laughed and shook her head, jet hands rising as if to fend him off. “I’m no good at fighting, or sparring or whatever you call it. I know in the heat of the moment, my adrenalin will kick in enough for me to be ok till I can scream body murder.”

While her mouth and posture said she was just a step above defenseless, the notes in her crewmember brief said she had managed hold her own against a couple activists when she was cornered during an attack on a peace treaty talk. She had managed to knock one assailant out and kept the other at bay till security had reached her. She’d suffered a fractured arm in defense of herself as well as bruises and a black eye and busted lip. The fracture had healed fine but her psych follow up did she still hated being cornered, regardless of the reason , and would manage to talk her way out of most sticky situations to avoid it happening again. The eval also mentioned it didn’t affect her duties and she had been cleared. That was two years ago. No incidents since.

“Perhaps I should vacate and let someone better suited to partnering with you, have a chance.” Her hands were slowly lowering but they were poised to come up quickly if needed.


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