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A chirp drew Shara’s attention back to Creed’s screen and, nodding to herself, entered in her authorization code. The screen shifted and Calloway shifted it so the other two could clearly see an older Human woman in Starfleet brass uniform from the Intelligence division. The rear admiral narrowed her eyes slightly as she took in the other occupants of the room before she focused on Shara. =/\=Commander Calloway, I presume you have good reason to break a standing order?=/\=

“Yes, Ma’am. The situation required me to bring in others as we discussed might happen and we need to discuss the situation at hand.” She gestured between the screen and the two Manhattan officers. “Captain Cochrane, Commander Creed, this is Rear Admiral Marissa Greyson, my superior officer and who has been giving me my orders.”

=/\=Captain, Commander,=/\= Greyson said with a nod of her head.

“Admiral, they are understandably concerned with the possibility that there is an unsanctioned assignment on their ship. I did fill them in on a bit of what I knew so far, and given that the one we are concerned about was recently in a serious incident on the ship, I felt it necessary to investigate further to see if it was intentional or simply an accident,” Shara explained.

Greyson’s brows knit together. =/\= What sort of incident?=/\=

“Part of the system changes we were concerned about blew up, quite literally in her face.”

=/\=Her status? And what have you concluded so far?=/\=

“She’s physically fine and recovering, and I’m not convinced it was our mysterious party taking action. By all accounts it seems like a stupid accident on the part of a junior officer. But Lieutenant Calloway is is a precarious position, Ma’am. I wold like your permission to bring the Lieutenant in on our investigation.”

The admiral had a damned fine poker face and she simply shifted her attention to Cochrane and Creed. =/\=I can understand your being concerned with Calloway’s temporary undercover assignment. But, what are your thoughts on the possibility that someone else is messing with ships like that Manhattan? Have you seen any evidence so far that would support our hypothesis?=/\=

~Commander Calloway & Rear Admiral Greyson, Starfleet Intelligence

Cochrane spoke with sharp, clipped words and his eyes were laser-focused on the Admiral. =/\= Ma’am. As I am sure yo are aware my tenure here on the Manhattan is new. But I do trust Mr. Creed to have told me if there is something of that magnitude happening on my ship. I also trust the Commander to ensure that safety and well-being of this ship and it’s crew are first priority… as it should be, Admiral. What I do not trust is people with no regard for my crew outside of their own agents coming on board and turning the Manhattan into a target without first briefing me and Commander Creed. That is, as I am quite sure you can acknowledge Admiral, not only a breach of every single protocol and standard in the book… it’s also a slap in the face to both the Commander, who has a vested and running interest in this particular manner; but also myself, who has been tasked with making sure this crew does it job, making sure the Federation is both well-represented and the mission is completed successfully, and most importantly ensuring that this ship and crew are as safe as possible so far from home. This operation has jeopardized all of that. And the worst part, Admiral, is that it all could have been avoided if you had just bothered to let the two of us know. I also quite certain that the injuries sustained by Lieutenant Calloway could have been avoided as well . And to be direct, Ma’am, no. We have no evidence that the malfunction was anything other than that… a malfunction. But as we are so far from Federation space, I will order all malfunctions be investigated and cataloged by both Engineering and Security, and Mr. Creed and I will review weekly and see if we discern any patterns. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

Greyson waited till ti was clear that Cochrane had run out of steam. =/\=Lieutenant Calloway’s assignment is not my jurisdiction. As I understand it, there are additional… parameters to the assignment that we’re not at liberty to discuss right now. Her assignment has nothing to do with me. And we are, in fact, briefing you, Captain. That is what this is. Otherwise *Commander * Calloway would doing as she saw fit on our ship and I think we can both agree that that would be unwise under the circumstances.=/\=

Leaning back in her chair, the admiral seemed slightly disconcerted. =/\=None of this is ideal. Commander Calloway has been undercover for a long time. At the moment it’s not hurting her assignment to reveal herself, so I will leave that with the three of you.=/\= She focused her attention on Commander Creed. =/\=Commander, I’m going to give Shara permission to share her findings to date. Given the sensitive nature of the Manhattan’s location, it seems prudent to take all precautions and make sure that whomever is giving these bogus orders keeps their mess out of the ship’s assignments. How you handle that with Lieutenant Calloway involved, well, as was pointed out, you’re all very capable. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.=/\=

Shara stepped forward. “So… you want me to reveal myself?” she asked with confusion.

Greyson sighed. =/\=No=/\= she said flatly. =/\=But under the circumstances I don’t see any of you can get to the bottom of these false orders without involving Lieutenant Calloway. Personal business aside, we both know she’s not one to enjoy being out of the loop. I think it’s worth bringing her into it.=/\=

To that Shara had no response, her own feelings on the matter masked behind impassivity.

~Commander Calloway & Rear Admiral Greyson, Starfleet Intelligence

Creed had said nothing as they spoke, he was quiet on purpose. His orders had always been of a different nature in some ways. Admirals Monk and Commodore Jarall lead the team that have been trying to track down the missing tech from his father, and had a team set up all over the Alpha and Beta quadrants. When they placed Creed on the Manhattan his ultimate goal was to be XO first and CIO second. He was to keep track of strange, unusual, or compromising items he found on their journeys and report them. He also was always looking for any tech that might have popped up. This said he didn’t feel right with two parts of SI giving separate orders on the ship. He never wanted to be apart of Intelligence to begin with, but this didn’t help him like it anymore than he already did.

“If I might add, bringing her into the light might not be the best just this second. Now that I am aware the best prudent thing is to maybe wait for her to transmit information to whoever is pulling her strings, once the cat is out of the bag that we are onto them they may have others on board we may need to flush out. If there is someone else they could flag the transmissions before we ever have a chance to notice. Once we have a lock to try and track down the mysterious force, we can then come to her with all we have and put the cards down all at once.”

Creed, XO

“That presumes that she would immediately give herself away. She managed to keep her assignment quite quiet so far and kept to her original orders. I’m not sure you’re giving her enough credit there, Commander,” Shara said cautiously. There were too many variables at the moment to be entirely sure of what the best way forward was, but she felt strongly that assuming people would fall in line and act as they were expected to rarely panned out well for anyone.

=/\=Commander Calloway,=/\= Greyson chimed in. =/\=In your opinion, is the situation stable at the moment. On all sides?=/\=

Sahara considered this and nodded. “Yes. But I will remind you that others may question the ping on her record. I’m worried her safety is compromised already.=”

~Commander Calloway & Rear Admiral Greyson, Starfleet Intelligence

“You have your objectives and I have mine. I am to keep this ship and it’s crew protected from threats of foreign intelligence, if we want I can bring in my admirals and we can all play rock paper scissors on who has the most jurisdiction, or we work to get this together. I need this under control now, too many forces are already at play and I am not about to have this ship jeopardize as we wring our hands over this. If Faye is indeed still on our side, then we need to get her to see she is working on the wrong side faster rather than later.” Jack said, he didn’t want to come off callous in his tone but he didn’t want to let elements continue to go unchecked for much longer.

Creed, XO

“That’s what I’m saying,” Shara said adamantly, starting to feel frustrated. “The longer we leave her out there in the mire, the worse things are going to be.” She turned to Creed. “You have the ability to suss her out more easily than anyone else. Well, you and the captain. Why don’t you do so and then we can reconvene and go from there?”

=/\=Sounds reasonable to me,=/\= Greyson said.

~Commander Calloway & Rear Admiral Greyson, Starfleet Intelligence

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