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All hands,

Now that we have new options for our posts, I was considering a few ideas from a post coding stand point. I want to foster a discussion on what this can mean to a post. We have the option of posting as always where

‘whew what a day’ is a thought

“Whew wat a day” is speech

or we have options now like

whew what a daywhew what a day

whew what a daywhew what a day

Or even colors in posting. What I would like to do is discuss and create a standard way we want to do this on the Manny, to make it easier for everyone to understand a post in which ever format we settle on.


Hmmm, using this for a ‘thought’, is awfully close to “speech” ones and tends to get confused. I usually just find doing it in this format helps.
eg. Hmm, this is a puzzle, Sheriye thought silently to herself. Hence, I tend to not use anything other then regular grammar for thoughts.
Now, if I am telepathic I usually use for those. Like this, eg. Stovik sent out his message on the mental plain, I am here.** Most people don’t seem to get this way confused:) Just my thoughts.
I like the idea of being able to use italics though. So to use those tags in posts what do we do? I know the usual tags in HTML. Do we just use those?


I have tend to use ~ for thoughts.


I’ve always gone with
‘I hope that I don’t get hurt again on this away team,’ he thought
He said, “Let’s go drop in on the party.”


I have always used single asterisks, and I have brought this issue up with Joe, who suggested it may be possible to shift the bolding function that the single asterisks do now, to double asterisks, in the future.

Honestly, I would prefer to continue using single asterisks for thought, especially if it gets fixed as such.


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