Graven XII

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Posted by Lieutenant Logan Drake (Chief of Security) in Graven XII

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The Manhattan cut a fine line through space as she approached the Graven system. Scans showed a cluttered system of some 26 planets and two partial asteroid belts that surrounded a class G yellow star. A fine ‘cloud’ of particles diffused the sun’s light to create the life-giving world that was Graven XII. Many of the planets showed a mineral rich environment, though only three suggested possible life - Graven XII, a sister world in near similar, if almost opposite orbit to Graven XII, and a moon around a world numbered Graven XVI.

As the ship approached the system, a buoy was detected at the edge of the system. As soon as it’s sensors detected the Starfleet vessel it transmitted a message to them.

Alex sat in the Command chair and saw the incoming message notification. “Ok, all… here we go. Let’s make some new friends, shall we.?” and he looked at the comms officer. “On screen, if you would be so kind, Ensign.”

Cochrane, CO

Logan monitored for any other ship activity. He wondered if they were going to beam down in normal uniforms or not.


The screen magnified to focusing on the buoy. It was a small, cube shaped device about two meters to a side. Each corner showed lights flashing slowly. The translation of the transmission was as follows:

‘Welcome to Graven. We are pleased to receive visitors on our homeworld of Graven XII. Follow the navigational buoys to your destination. Please do not deviate. All visitors are welcome to land in the space port in the capital city of K’mar. A visitor center and hotel are provided for your assistance and comfort. The spaceport limit is ten thousand tonnes. Matter transport is acceptable and a platform is available for your use at the visitor center. Use frequency 195.87 to locate. All traffic is welcome between the local hours of 8am and 7pm. No travel or transport is permitted outside of those hours. Once you arrive people will be there to assist you in whatever you require. Local time is now 1:24pm. We hope your stay at Graven XII is a pleasurable one.’

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Kaia wiggled excitedly at the engineering station on the bridge, hoping she’d be chosen for the away team.


Naim was manning the science station on the bridge. And while she diligently kept a close eye on the readings in front of her, she also listened closely to what was happening around her. She was excited that they had arrived at Graven XII, so much so that she was having a hard time sitting still and keeping herself from clapping her hands and squealing in excitement. And sensing the emotions of everyone around her only heightened her own excitement.

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

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