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“Now that the fun part is done, let’s get down to business.” and he pulled up the display of Graven from his PaDD. Listed were five projects: Repair and upgrade of a geothermal power plant, training of medical staff to deal with outside contagions brought to Graven by off-worlders, assistance in improving crop yields of some of their larger agri-farms, assessment and training of police and emergency response services, and lastly establishment of a Federation Embassy in their capital city’s diplomatic quarter.

Cochrane looked at the staff and said “Now. Doing all of this would normally take us a few days. But with the limitation of technology, I want an estimated time to completion from each department. The plans and logistical requirements for each project have been sent to each Department Head. Review now and let me know your thoughts. And no, I won’t hold you to those preliminary estimates. I know we won’t get an accurate timeline until we are on the ground.” As he finished speaking, each PaDD chirped in acknowledgement the files had been received.

Cochrane, CO

“From a medical standpoint, it depends on the tech they want to embrace. Tricorders tell you a lot of info fast when someone is sick. If they want to go the old routes the incubation period on some diseases radically changes the way you detect and contain an outbreak. Once I am up to specs on the lab and procedures they use, it will be a few days to develop a manual for the physical routine in screening off worlders. Then a week maybe putting the new procedure in place,” Jasmine suggested. “Rough estimate is seven to ten days,” she shrugged.

Wynter CMO

“Where would you like me to lend my expertise on this project Captain?” Walker had a few ideas, but he was curious to see what the Captain had in mind.

WO Darach - COO

“Mr. Darach, I’d like you act as liaison between departments. Logistics of material and personnel will be hard enough as it is, I’d like you to make sure everyone has what they need and are where they are supposed to be.”

“Understood Captain.”

While the others were talking about time estimates and the like, Naim pulled the PaDD closer to her and started to glance through the personell files of everyone in her department; hoping that there would be someone with more expertise in farming than herself. After all, while she was a biologist, her major was in neuroscience and from the Academy she had two minors: one in exobiology and socio-cultural anthropology. And neither of those felt like they would be very helpful for helping with farming. While scrolling through the files, a thought crossed her mind: after running into Lieutenant Calloway the other day, she’d had a look at her public Starfleet file. Without paying attention to whether or not the conversations around her had been finished, she asked, “I know Lieutenant Calloway isn’t actually a member of my department, but I have a feeling her experiences and skill sets will be helpful for my departments part of this mission. Can I ask her for her help or will she be needed elsewhere. Also, before I can give a time estimate that is based on facts and not mere guesswork, I’ll need more information.”

Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

“Fine by me, Lieutenant. Ask her if she is available and if she agrees, tap her for your project.” and he nodded once.

“Thank you, Sir,” Naim replied with a nod and smile and then turned her attention back to her PaDD.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

Logan said, “Maybe we can use local weapons? It’s just that I don’t want anyone to go down there without some basic form of protection. Of course, I’ve been trained to use any seemingly innocuous object as a lethal weapon.”

“It’s the Korean martial art, Moo Gi Gong,” he added.


Cochrane looked at the Chief of Security for a long moment before speaking. “Again. This is a diplomatic mission. And you, Mr. Logan, have a slightly more important task at hand. You will be responsible for formulating and implementing a training plan for their metropolitan police forces. So you need to familiarize yourself with their laws rules, and regulations. Less focus on fighting a people we are supposed to be befriending, more on making sure your portion of the mission goes well, shall we?” and he paused for a moment to make sure the point was recieved.

“Of course, Sir,” Logan agreed. “I always hope for the best possible outcome.”

“Our tech is not illegal on the planet. As long as it stays with us. You and your team will have standard issue sidearms. I expect, however, that you become familiar with their police issue, as that is what you will training them with. And Mr. Logan, I do not expect combat drills and martial arts demonstrations. You are to help them develop better ways of policing and responding to the needs of the community; not killing those they are supposed to be protecting. Community involvement programs, outreach, communications between law enforcement and local leadership… that sort of thing. Application of force should be a minuscule part of the training.”

Cochrane, CO

“I’ll have to study up on their current law enforcement capabilities,” Logan said.


“Oh don’t worry Lieutenant, I’m sure it can’t be that complicated, even for someone like you,” Walker said grinning. “Plus I’ll make sure you get where you need to go. That is after all what the Captain wants me to do.”

Zef had none of the skills mentioned in the brief, so she spoke out from her place by the door. “Excuse me, Sir. Where would you like me in this particular setting we’re discussing?” She supposed he might tell her to stay on the ship, but it was always more interesting to meet a new people. She hoped she was going to be allowed on the away team.

—Rollo, CNS

WO Darach - COO

Logan said, “I’ll need to evaluate their current capabilities, and see where they have any weaknesses. As well as their crime rates to note any trends.”


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