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Kaia waited just outside the Holodeck, biting her tongue slightly and hoping that Naim had gotten her message. Of course she got it. But would she remember to come?

Kaia, eng

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Kaia didn’t have to wait long till she’d be able to see the dark skinned Betazoid walk down the corridor towards her. Kiama was dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans with a slight flare, black sneakers with magenta stripes and and a white tank top with rainbow coloured stripes ( ). And for once her black corkscrew curls weren’t tight back into a neat braid. She walked with a light skip in her steps and was clearly beaming. Once she was close enough that she didn’t have to yell, she said, “Hello Kaia! Thank you again for the invitation!”

~Ensign Naim, Science

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The little alien grinned up at her new friend. She wore loose trousers that flared slightly then came in at the ankles, and a shirt made of a similar material that flowed around her loosely.

“It’s good to see you. Come on in,” Kaia said, pressing the control panel to open up the Holosuite. She stepped into a deciduous forest in early fall, breathing in the cool air.

Kaia, Eng

“It’s good to see you, too!” replied Kiama with a broad smile as she followed Kaia onto the Holodeck. Once inside, she took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, her eyes closed for a few moments, as she wanted to focus on her sense of hearing and smelling first. But it wasn’t long till she opened her eyes again and looked around, trying to take everything in.

~Ensign Naim, Science

It looked like a normal forest. Normal sized trees and everything. Kaia grinned and gestured deeper into the woods. “I want to show you the whole experience,” she said, her tail flicking slightly as she headed in towards the slightly taller trees in one direction.

Kaia, Eng

“I’m looking forward to it,” Kiama replied and then fell into step next to Kaia. Her head moved from side to side as she tried to take everything in. She’d always loved forests. There was something calming and grounding about them. And even though she’d seen very little of Kaia’s home so far, she already loved it, and it probably showed clearly on her dark face.

~Ensign Naim, Science

Kaia chuffed lightly, then continued walking. After a few moments, they came upon a small dwelling among the trees. It was set up with four trees as the corner posts, and the branches and bodies of smaller trees had been used to make a thatching wall for the building. It was all quite tasteful. “This is a cabin for a young family during the summer. This would have been built by both of their extended families during their wedding party (weddings are always in the early summer in rural areas), and they will stay in here while they build a more permanent dwelling using larger logs, just a few trees over.”

She stepped over and gestured to a larger house built like a log cabin, but it still had trees at the corners. Living, thriving trees. The cabin itself was not insignificant in size, and there were even a few trees growing from within the building.

Kaia, Eng


Kiama felt her yaw drop in awe. It was an absolutely beautiful place and she understood why Kaia loved and missed her home. “What a lovely tradition,” she replied with a smile and then asked, “Can we have a look inside both of them?” She hoped she wasn’t too curious, but she wanted to learn more about Kaia and her people. And for her that included having a looking into house among other things.

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~Ensign Naim, Science

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IC: Kaia nodded. “Sure, I think I included the data on interior structures in this program…” she scratched her head, thinking. “Well, if it is not there, we will soon know.”

She stepped over to the smaller of the two structures and pushed aside the cloth covering the door. Inside was a very simple space, with a small bed in one corner and a clay fireplace built against the wall. There seemed to be room for some storage as well, but it was ultimately a very simple dwelling.

Kaia, engineer

Kiama followed Kaia into the smaller of the two houses, automatically bowing her head slightly as she walked over the threshold. While there was no doubt that it was a simple home, there still was a certain coziness about it. And quite frankly, she had already spend way too much time for her liking in large manor houses. She silently looked around the house and let her fingertips brush lightly over the cloth covering the door, the walls, the mantelpiece, … “I like this place,” she said very softly.

~Ensign Naim, Science

Kaia smiled quietly, looking around. “It’s a cozy little home. I’ve never lived in one. This isn’t something we do in the city.”

After a while, she stepped back out of the small home and waited for Kiama to join her.

Kaia, Engineer

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