CNS Office - Re-Evaluation

Posted Feb. 17, 2020, 9 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) (D Grisham)

Posted by Ensign Tyv Ch’qirross (Security Officer (eLOA)) in CNS Office - Re-Evaluation

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) in CNS Office - Re-Evaluation

Posted by Ensign Tyv Ch’qirross (Security Officer (eLOA)) in CNS Office - Re-Evaluation

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OOC: Firstly .. I know I keep saying how sorry I am about work getting most of my attention, but sales is a crazy, stupid, busy beast. Trying to grab what time I can here and there to post in! Thought a good warmup/reintroduction of Tyv might be in order for the most part!

IC: It had been a while since Tyv really interacted with anyone, he did prefer to keep to himself, but there was a small part of him that wanted to learn how to earn the respect of his fellow comrades here now in Starfleet. Things were normal for him if he were aboard an Andorian vessel, but he knew things Starfleet did things very differently. He depressed the chime leading to the Counselor’s Office as his expression could easily be identified as one sorting through or organizing ones complicated thoughts. He rested his hands impatiently on his waist, hoping to hear a voice from inside quickly.

Ensign Tyv (Security)

There was no voice. The outer door to the corridor was set to open automatically when it sensed a DNA signature on either side of it. Yeoman Brooks looked up at the Andorian in the doorway from his desk. “You must be Ensign Tyv? You’re right on time. Please come in and I’ll let Cmdr Rollo know you’re here.”

The Andorian just tilted his head to the side almost dismissively at the automated door almost wondering why he hit the chime in the first place. ‘Mmm.’ A small murmur of agreement was all he mentioned to the secretary as he walked in and began pacing with a furl upon his eyebrows, lost in his own thoughts as he waited, not even hearing the name of the Counselor.

He waited for the male to have a seat and then disappeared into the inner office. A moment later, Dave reappeared and motioned Tyv forward. “She’ll see you now.”

—Rollo, CNS

He walked in and murmured another small grunt as a thanks to the secretary before he walked through the threshold to the Counselors Office and just immediately began talking, “Sometimes I just really don’t quite understand you pi - .. humans. They’re always going on about one thing or another and can’t even make up their mind on some matters. “He turned and paced back towards the door and his hands exaggerated everything out of proportion.” Then there’s always the matter of them always liking this ridiculously hot temperature. Perhaps there a better way to understand, I could use your assis-” It was at this moment where he looked at the desk while turning again and recognized that this counselor wasn’t the same counselor he remembered. Had he really been so distracted and isolated lately that he didn’t even hear about the change? His antennae instinctively twirling this way and that, scanning the room for another individual that was no longer there. His head tilted back in, not an offended way, but more a skeptical one as he analyzed what was before him. “You’re not the counselor I remember…”

Ensign Tyv (Security)

Rollo smiled patiently. “No, I’m not. How do you do? I am Zef Rollo, new to the Manhattan.”

—Rollo, CNS

Tyv for only a second just stared at the Officer as if attempting to judge the depth of their character from only their brief interaction before giving due respect to their rank. He straightened himself and stood at attention. “My apologies Commander, I was unaware of such a change in command and do not have any excuse for not realizing such an important change.” He was already annoyed at himself for not following through on recent news. It just seemed to reinforce why he mustered the courage to come to the Counselor’s office in the first place. Most Andorians would just power through such things in their stubborn-ness, but when dealing with others that aren’t Andorian, he wasn’t objected into seeking advice.

Ensign Tyv (Security)

Zef chuckled. “No apology necessary, Ensign. Replacing the previous counselor happened quickly and quietly, I suspect.” She stood up from her chair and walked around the desk. Gesturing toward an intimate grouping of chairs, Zef offered him a seat.

—Rollow, CNS

“I’m usually much more attentive, I assure you. I should have known about this being in Security and it appears that I have failed in my duties.” His jaw clenched for a moment before he followed her over towards the other chairs. “I will have to be more vigilant in the future.” He looked at the chairs for a moment as she offered, antennae swiveling this way and that, collecting little bits of information on the environment just to be sure that nothing was out of place. He sat, though it was quite professional, rigid almost, clearly uncomfortable in being in such situations.

Ensign Tyv (Security)

Zef sat opposite the Ensign. “Like I said, not to worry. Besides, it sounds like you might have something on your mind that’s taking your focus somewhere else. Did you have a close relationship with the last counselor? I thought I might have heard some dismay when you realized she wasn’t here.”

—Rollo, CNS

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