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After reporting to the Captain, Zef made her way to Sickbay. She was starving, but lunch would have to wait. No officer was granted complete access according to rank, until they’d cleared the proper channels. Until she’d been through the scans and intake in medical, she wouldn’t be able to look at any of the crews’ personnel files.

In the teal and black uniform of science, Zef entered sickbay and took a quick look around. She didn’t immediately see the CMO, but anyone could conduct the exam. “LtCmdr Rollo, ship’s counselor—reporting for a boarding physical.”

—Rollo, CNS

“And,” Lavonne Washington cocked an eye at her, “you have an appointment.” This woman had to be new to the crew. No one came in during Days of our Family
without a medical emergency.

“Oh no she did not,” Shavonne Washington belted out a bubble of laughter watching the elderly grandma rev up the chainsaw.

The ruh nah nah nah sound filled the small nurse’s check-in station as the archaic sound of the chainsaw filled the room as the show blared from the console. “You can get it one of two ways. You can get it from his checking account voluntarily, or his insurance policy. Involuntary manslaughter. Which one is it gon’ be?” the sassy grandma in the show stated to her granddaughter who shook her head. Only when the husband walked in to the room did the grandma turn her head from the granddaughter to him. “Half of everything in this house belongs to her, which half you want? You want this half or you want this half?” the dialogue in the show sent Shavonne and Lavonne into a fit of laughter. This was a remark of the ancient movie “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” but the new cast made it so much funnier.

“You remember when Day’Quon done tried to leave Yvonne and Meemaw came over and pulled that,” Shavonne laughed so hard she was shaking in her seat. Lucky for them there was video content for it due to their other cousin Tyvonne visiting at the time. When the Washington cousins wanted a good laugh they would meme parts and send it to each other in appropriate clips.

“I remember him standin’ there goin’ wah wah wah wah,” Lavonne grabbed her sister’s arm laughing just as hard until a tear started to form in her right eye.

“Who be cryin’ now Day’Quon,” they said in unison remembering the family event. It was slightly different than the soap opera comedy they were watching. In the Washington household their Meemaw wasn’t slicing up the community property with a chainsaw but packing up one dish and then flinging the other at Day’Quon like it was a frisbee saying, “one for her one for you,” as his half of the community property shattered around him.

“Dat boy cried like a baby once Meemaw got done with him,” Shavonne said leaning back in her seat. “You know he ain’t gonna be hoeing ‘round on the next girl he be hookin’ up with.”

“Mmmhmm dat’s right,” Lavonne nodded to her sister taking a long sip of her coffee.

“Hello,” Jasmine said coming around the corner tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. She heard the commotion from her office and knew nothing was going to get accomplished for the next thirty minutes unless she did it. The Washington sisters were the best nurses she had ever had and it that meant she ran the duty desk for an hour Monday through Friday then so be it. “You must be new. Days of our Family is on and they don’t do walk-ins,” she gestured to the nurses behind her. “So that leaves me. What can I do for you,” she picked up a PaDD.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Zef tilted her head to one side as she studied the Lt before her and the two women watching the holovid. What kind of department head allowed their underlings to engage in entertainment they could access at any time off duty, and ignore patients? She would need to find out who the CMO was and have a word with them.

“I need a boarding physical. Cmdr Rollo, ship’s counselor, new to the Mannhatan.”

—Rollo, CNS

“Dr. Wynter,” she smiled returning the introduction typing in the name the woman gave her. Instantly the file appeared with the counselor’s name splayed across the top. “Yes, you do. Come with me,” Jasmine gestured for the woman to follow her to the open biobed across the room. “I trust you had a pleasant journey here,” she asked Rollo pulling a tricorder out of a drawer.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Rollo followed and when they reached the bed, she slid smoothly onto it. “It started out a little rough—I had a very talkative pilot who was only about 21 years old. I didn’t have anything of note in common with him.” As Zef sat there, she shrugged. “When I wasn’t as responsive as he’d hoped, he quieted down and I was able to get some reading done. There’s never enough time for all the reading required to stay on top of things.”

—Rollo, CNS

“I know how that feels,” Jasmine let out a small laugh as she looked at the readings from the tricorder. “Max and I have a strict one PaDD each rule at night. You would think you could do everything you need with a single PaDD yet when you have to keep cross referencing things multiple PaDD’s make it much easier. That was until we were building a PaDD fort between us every night.”

Lt. Wynter

OCC: Anything out of the ordinary from the scan?
OOC: No, she’s in good health.

“Max? Is he your partner?” The presence in the grey-blue eyes faded for the briefest of seconds as Zef thought about her current situation and the lack of a meaningful relationship with anyone, before re-focusing on the doctor. Of course she’d read Wynter’s records and knew she was married to the CE. But it was natural for her to encourage people to talk about themselves.

—Rollo, CNS

“Yes. We were matched and married about two years ago,” Jasmine smiled happily. She also had a slight blush rise to her cheeks as she talked about Max. It was reminiscent of the look one has at sixteen talking about a guy they were crushing on. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, Jasmine looked at Zef. “On Mintara Prime you are matched based on about three thousand points of comparability. He and I scored a 98% and that is how they say is that. The two percent doesnt’ really matter because I was never going to eat humus regardless of how hot they were,” she let out a laugh.

It was logical to have an algorithm compare thousands of answers and match people to each other, but it certainly took the anticipation out of the equation. Zef pressed her lips together as she thought about that. Dr Wynter was certainly affable enough, that was obvious and she supposed it stood the woman in good stead in her chosen profession. “Hummus?”

Closing the scanner, Jasmine leaned back on the table behind her. “You counselor are fit as a fiddle. Unless you have any questions for me,” she signed off the chart, “you are cleared for service. “Welcome aboard,” she extended her hand before pulling it back to blow on it. “Cold hands. Hazard of the profession,” she extended her hand again.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

The Cmdr jumped down from the bed and clasped the cool hand of the Dr. “Thank you, Lt. That was as painless as it gets. I expect we’ll be spending some time together as we treat the crew, so I look forward to seeing you again.”

—Rollo, CNS

Ensign Baht poked his bald blue head out from behind the door of a medical cabinet as the new counselor made to leave, stealing a curious look at the bajeen. He didn’t say anything in the moment, but he made a mental note to find time in the coming weeks to converse with the Commander himself. She seemed like an interesting character, and Shon liked being the first to know about everything.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“Oh before you go,” Jasmine put a hand on Zef’s arm. “Lemme introduce you to the rest of the medical staff if you have a second.” Moving them over to medical cabinet she gestured to the doctor. “This is Ensign Baht. He just transferred on about what,” she looked at Baht, “six months…a year?” Jasmine let out a deep laugh. “Frankly I have no idea how long he has been here. Shon has been indispensable to the medical staff since his arrival.” Since Zef was on her way out, Jasmine didn’t think it would be a problem to introduce them. At some point during this cruise Zef would need a doc and Jasmine wasn’t on duty every hour of every day. Now was a far better time to meet him than if Zef came in sick or injured.

Jasmine CMO

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