Counsellor's Office - Naim's psychological evaluation

Posted Feb. 22, 2020, 7:12 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) (D Grisham)

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After having made an appointment with the Yeoman, Kiama made her way towards the Counsellor’s office for the second time in the few weeks she’d been on aboard the Manhattan. But since her initial evaluation had been cut short - they barely got past the initial small talk - she didn’t mind it all. After all, technically she wasn’t fully cleared for duty yet. Something that made her feel rather uncomfortable. So as little as she liked psychological evaluations, she was glad that it would be in the back of her mind much longer.

Upon arrival in front of the office, the dark skinned Betazoid made sure that her black her was still tied back in it’s intricately braided bun and that her uniform was looking neat. Though of course she’d already checked that before she even started walking here. She then pressed the chime and waited to be called inside.

OOC: When should this take place? Before her promotion during the senior staff meeting or right after?

~Naim, Science

Kaia stepped out of the office, having just finished her own meeting with the counselor, and gave Kiama a charming smile. “Go on in, there’s a waiting room with some nice chairs,” she said, purring softly and patting Kiama’s hand before heading down the corridor.

Kaia, Engineer

OOC: Hmmm, you had her exit the office without seeing the counselor. It had only been three days since you posted before you ended the appointment. Did you want to continue or would you rather not?


OOC: Kaia and Kiama Naim are two different characters, although their names are similar. Miriam probably just chimed in on the thread because their characters are friends. Those two posts were made by different people with different characters. Kiama, the ACSO that is coming for her appointment, is still very much in the office.


OOC: I definitely want to continue this thread and as Ben pointed out, my character never left :)

Kiama smiled broadly at Kaia, “Thank you. That is good to know.” And as her friend headed down the corridor, Kiama walked through the door and into the waiting room behind.

~Lt. j.g. Naim, aCSO

Dave looked up from the desk, surprised at the new entry. He glanced at the female, then at the door to the corridor, then back at the female. “Good afternoon. I thought I just… Nevermind, you must be Kiama Naim?”

—Rollo, CNS and Dave

“Yes, I am,” the mocha-skinned Betazoid replied with a warm smile. “I’m here for my appointment.”

~Lt. j.g. Naim, aCSO

Dave smiled. “Excellent. I’ll let the Cmdr know you’re here.” As he rose from the desk, he gestured to the chairs around the office. “Please make yourself comfortable.” And then he was gone, sliding into the interior office.

Naim simply nodded and then sat down on one of the indicated chairs.

A moment later, the security officer returned, standing in the doorway to hold the automatic door from closing. “Cmdr Rollo will see you now.” A slight nod and a good natured wink, followed his words.

—Rollo, CNS

Raising gracefully to her feet again, Naim said, “Thank you,” and returned the smile. She then walked into the actual office. “Good day, Counsellor,” she greeted Rollo with a smile, while looking around the office a little.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

The office was appointed in dusty pink and rich burgundy. They were colors Zef had always been partial to. “Good day, Lt. Please make yourself comfortable.” As the woman crossed in front of her, the Cmdr was quite taken with how beautiful Naim’s rich, mocha skin was. Compared to Zef’s own complexion, the science officer seemed more present.

Naim gave a small nod in reply and then in a graceful, fluid motion settled down on one of the chairs. Her back was straight and her legs, crossed at the ankle, were tucked slightly to the side of the chair. Despite the stiffness of her posture, though, the officer didn’t seem overly tense.

“Thank you for coming. As a new officer on the ship, I wanted to make sure I had a face to face with the command staff and department heads to familiarize myself with the people who keep everything running smoothly.”

—Rollo, CNS

“My pleasure, Counsellor,” Naim replied. “I would have asked for an appointment anyway, as my boarding evaluation got interrupted and we then were never able to finish it before your predecessor had to leave. But apart from that, what would you like to know?” There was an air of genuine and almost naive curiosity about her. And while she carried herself with a certain amount of dignity and self-assurance, without coming across as arrogant, there was also something almost child-like about her and the way she seemed to carry her heart on her sleeve.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

Rollo came around from behind the desk and joined the young woman in the seating area. “Nothing specific, Lt., but I see by your records that you are new to ship life? You only recently graduated from the Academy, is that right?”

—Rollo, CNS

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