CNS office, Kaia's Check-in

Posted Feb. 22, 2020, 7:20 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) (D Grisham)

Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineering Officer) in CNS office, Kaia’s Check-in

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) in CNS office, Kaia’s Check-in

Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineering Officer) in CNS office, Kaia’s Check-in
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A few minutes before her appointment time, Kaia arrived at the Counselor’s office, slinking in silently and with a slightly nervous expression on her face. The little alien found a chair and sat down, waiting. She glanced over at Dave and gave him a slight smile. The Yeoman smiled back. “I’ll let her know you’ve arrived,” he said softly.

She was here for two reasons. Firstly, she was part of the bridge crew. Secondly, she was somewhat of a regular around here, having visited the previous counselor regularly for help dealing with the various issues she found herself struggling with. Being the lone native of her planet in an entire quadrant was taking a toll on her, emotionally. Primarily, her file would note that she experienced her species’ equivalents of depression and ADD, and was on a twice-monthly program of meetings with a counselor to talk about how she was doing with her regimen of therapy.

Kaia, Engineer

The door to the Counselor’s inner office opened and a very pale humanoid appeared. She gave Dave an appreciative nod for alerting her that her appointment had arrived, then looked at the lone creature seated in one of the chairs.

“Ensign Kaia, I’m Cmdr Rollo. Please come in.” Zef had a well modulated voice—she’d worked on it for years until it became the natural way she spoke. Keeping her face schooled, not showing surprise at seeing a feline waiting, Rollo smiled and stepped to the side for Kaia to pass.

—Rollo, CNS

Kaia hopped off her chair and stepped into the office. “It is good to meet you, Commander. I hope you have had the time to read up on my file. If not, I can give you a summary,” she grinned slightly, glancing around and spotting the nearest seating surface and gravitating towards it without waiting for an invitation to sit. The tip of her tail flicked slightly, and she relaxed.

Ensign Kaia, Engineer

The office door closed automatically as soon as the Cmdr moved out of sensor range. She followed the Raka and took a seat too. “Actually, I have had time to read your file. Galdori sounds very interesting. I love meeting new species for the very first time.” Zef smiled. “I also saw that you kept regular appointments with previous counselors. How is that schedule working for you?”

—Rollo, CNS

Kaia nodded. “It’s working fairly well so far. I’m dealing with it fairly well, I think. The appointments are helping with my depression. It’s a constant battle though!” She chuckled softly. “As you probably read, my species has a strong empathic ability between ourselves. It’s like losing my sense of smell, being apart from everyone. Not having the joy and sadness of others around me is why I’ve been struggling with depression.”

Kaia, Engineer

Zef nodded. “I can understand that to a certain degree, as I have no one of my species around either. We don’t share an empathic ability, but we share an identity as a people. Tell me, are you taking or using anything to assist you in falling or staying asleep?”

—Rollo, CNS

“No, I am not on any medications or supplements,” Kaia replied, shaking her head. “I drink a mug of heated milk before I sleep and that generally does the trick. Fascinating, that Earth bovine milk is almost identical to the equivalent back home for me. Only a slight nutritional difference.”

Kaia, engineer

“I think its a lucky coincidence. I don’t drink it, myself, but I have had clients who swear by its sleep inducing qualities. How are things at work? Any problems or concerns that you’d like to discuss?”

—Rollo, CNS

“Umm… No. Not really. My DH is really good, and I enjoy working with the other engineers,” she said with a small smile, grabbing a tiny plastic sword from her pocket and sticking the pointy end in her mouth. The handle of the sword bobbed up and down as she chewed on the plastic.

Kaia, Engineer

The Counselor watched the activity with interest. “So things at work are fine, no problems with the job or the people, and you say you are dealing with your depression reasonably well too. All that is good to hear, Ensign. Have you made any friends that help keep the loneliness and feelings of isolation away?”

—Rollo, CNS

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