OOC: Attention All Hands

Posted March 30, 2020, 1:55 a.m. by Ensign Tyv Ch'qirross (Security Officer) (Michael McDowell)

Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineering Officer) in OOC: Attention All Hands

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in OOC: Attention All Hands

With the world in the state it is in and the uncertainty surrounding us, I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that I will be suspending AWOL and Late status actions effective immediately and lasting until April 20th. I hope things have improved by then, but we will take it as it comes. You are free to post whenever you can or want, but there will be no repercussions for individuals due to late or AWOL status.

The Manhattan is here to help us distract ourselves as we need to from all of the happenings going on right now. We are a crew, and together we will help each other as we can. I want all of you to know that no matter what your Real Life has going on… you are never alone. I want you all to find your way through this and, together, we will get back to the joys of Star Trek and the continuing missions of the Manhattan.

Please be safe. Take care of your loved ones and communities. And know that we are here if you need us.

James Sinclair
a.k.a Captain Alexander Cochrane, CO, USS Manhattan

Good luck to all. Stay safe, and stay healthy my friends.
- Miriam

Sorry for all of my delays as well .. it’s taking a while to get situated to the whole .. work from home situation going on in VA.


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