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The Visitor Center was a sprawling space. It consisted of a hotel like structure that doubled as a kind of ‘wall’ bordering it in a semi-circular shape that began and ended at the shoreline of the blue-purple lake. Ships were berthed at wharves there and two pipelines emerged from the lake where they ended at a field with large tanks. A wider field was set aside for vessels to land and take off from. A broad parkland with trees and trails and seats had been built close to the middle of the ‘wall’. There the hotel grew up to a dozen stories. Farther along on either side the ‘wall’ was consistently about half that in height and showed it to be of a multi-purpose facility - beyond the hotel it appeared to have garages for repairs, emergency services, warehouses, restaurants and shops. These were arranged in an orderly fashion based on need - with restaurants and shops closer to the hotel residences and the warehouses and others being closer to the landing sites and wharves. Workers dotted the region. The only ‘aliens’ that could be easily identified were a group of Kazon engineers swarming about the engine section of their freighter that was in a nearby landing berth.

A tall decorative arch plunged through the hotel portion of the ‘wall’ and looked to be the only direct way through the Visitor Center to the rest of Graven XII’s world. Constructed of a face that looked to be a white stone - marble like in appearances with blue tracery through it - it glistened in the light. Wide windows and small balconies showed it to be not unlike a hotel on any other number of worlds.

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The shuttle landed gracefully in the field, and Cochrane looked at Creed and Rollo. “Ok. Let’s make a solid first impression, shall we?” and he opened the hatch and stepped out onto the ground. Breathing in the first fresh air he had smelled in some time, Alex looked around and then stood up straight and tried to see who the welcoming party was.

Cochrane, CO

“Captain,” Max nodded at the arrivals of the other shuttle, the Security, Science and Engineering teams having arrived a few moments earlier. “They haven’t made an appearance yet, but we have a case of the Kazon.” He nodded towards the freighter in the distance.

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

Gathering her equipment and slinging a bag over her shoulder, Faye stepped out of a shuttle and actually smiled a real, genuine smile. It could have been pouring rain and she still would have been beyond happy. There was something about setting foot on solid ground that resonated in her. That and while she was always pulling double-duty task wise, she was here technically on the science side. She would be observant and cautious, but she was here to help with something specific she had knowledge of. Who knew a life on a fringe colony would ever actually be useful?

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist (and resident farming expert)

Rollo stood between the two men as they waited for their greeting party. As she looked around the area, she allowed herself to see any aural energy images that remained from the last few hours. She didn’t use the ability on the ship as it would just be distracting, but they were in a new situation now and any information could be useful. Tracery impressions of movement were all about the building. “This appears to be a fairly busy place, Captain.”

—Rollo, CNS

Carrying the rest of the equipment they had packed, Kiama followed Faye out of the shuttle. Stepping slightly to the side so that she wouldn’t be in anybody’s way, the dark-skinned Betazoid turned so that she was facing the sun. With her eyes closed, she just stood there for a few moments, breathing deeply while the smile on face became broader. How she had missed feeling the caress her skin! While she stood there, she also focused on what she was hearing and smelling, wanting to get a good impression from those senses first. She then - with her eyes still closed - focused on what she was sensing empathetically.

Once she opened her eyes again, Kiama started to look around. She tried to take in every detail, while also making connections to what she had noticed with her other senses. It certainly was a vibrant place and she was excited to see more of it; not to mention getting to know the people of this world.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

“How can one person need so much stuff when your trick of the trade is only a tricorder. We all have them yet it took you ten more crates than anyone to get down here,” Celina joked to her friend exiting the medical shuttle.

“Why do you have to make it sound sleazy. Trick of the trade. You make me sound like a hooker instead of a physician,” Jasmine wrinkled up her nose at her friend. “Didn’t that sound bad,” she fact checked out loud to no one in particular.

“No, I said trick of the trade which is specialized knowledge or techniques that no one knows outside of the profession. You were the one taking it to a whole other level,” Celina bantered back with a smug grin. She loved poking fun at her friend. Jasmine was great but she was much more proper than Celina.

“Just be on your best manners,” Jasmine rolled her eyes as they moved closer to the group of officers already there meeting with the official from Graven XII.

Celina Rodriguez CTO

As they waited they could see the small group of Kazon stopping what they were doing and pointing in their direction, watching. Like on virtually every other world there was a gentle sea breeze bringing in less than familiar odors - yet still in line with expectations. The ‘fish’ smell was more like a sweet turnip and the sea made it taste more salted and tangy. The sounds of banging and metal being sawed or ground coming from the more distant garages mixed with the breeze through the leaves. Not far away a bakery advertised with the scent of fresh baked goods.

Two vehicles - one that was akin to a navy blue stretch convertible limo pulled in. The wheels were nothing more than a thin material around spokes. There was no engine noise suggesting a power cell or battery. Behind it was a light colored van - tall with a top half that was curved and transparent. Pulling up nearby the doors to the limo opened and several Gravinians exited.

In the lead was a severe looking woman with hair pulled back and a trim fitted suit. Behind her was a woman in considerable contrast wearing a business casual like pant suit that flared at the bottom. Her long white hair was set in triple braids. She blinked at them through round glasses. A third exited, a man, young with his hair combed back and handsome features. He leaned against the the door and, not looking at the group per se, appeared more intrigued with the shuttle. Not waiting for the others to get out, the woman started to approach the group. The ‘hippie’ woman followed while the ‘wonder’ boy noted the abrupt departure from the area and jogged to catch up. The few others in the limo emerged and followed at their own pace.

“Second Minister Maree Klar,” she said by way of an introduction. Her tone sounded .. officious. Kiana as a Betazed would detect mistrust in her. Zef with her ability would sense, as she initially noted, a fairly active area, though there were traces of the passage of energy that were different. For the moment she couldn’t put her finger on it but while they weren’t out of place, they were different. Maree lifted her hands, palms out, then checked herself. “My pardon. You .. clasp hands in greeting. I was briefed on the way in some of your Federation habits.” Her hands changed from being up to reaching forward - both of them.
- Maree
- Wookiee

Cochrane stepped forward and, bowing slightly, said “Second Minister.” and he slowly reached forward and shook her right hand in a deliberate fashion, and then he released her hand gently. “I am Captain Alexander Cochrane of the USS Manhattan. On behalf of the United Federation of Planets, I thank you for the opportunity to meet you and your people. My crew and I look forward to building an enjoyable and mutually beneficial relationship with the people of Graven XII. If I may, …” and he turned slightly and introduced each member of the crew in turn, making sure to mention each person’s assignment on the planet.

Once he was finished, he turned back fully to the Second Minister and simply waited.

Cochrane, CO

Maree looked relieved at the captain being gracious in the greeting. “How do you remember the conventions of all the peoples you meet out there?” she asked after his welcome. A hint of a smile peeked out at that question. “Welcome to Graven. You certainly have us all in a flutter. Everyone else comes to trade. You come to help.” A hint of dubiousness came to her voice there.

Her eyes went from person to person as they were introduced. “Allow me to introduce some of our representatives.” To the hippie looking braided woman she said, “This is Agriculture sub-minister Byrne Knots.” She blinked behind her glasses and mimicked the Captains bow. “This is Aeric Tov,” she said, gesturing to the eager handsome man who still had more eyes for the shuttle. Maree snapped her finger to get his attention. “We’re here Aeric. Aeric is our principle engineer.” Aeric nodded his head and looked to be holding himself back from launching into some kind of activity or discussion.

Two others had approached in the meantime. To a small, portly bald man with dark eyes inset within fleshy eye sockets, who dabbed at his forehead with a dark handkerchief, she said, “Dr Deen Hone. His medical unit involves study in infectious diseases. And lastly, for now, we have Administrator Hayson Koryne who is regional commander of intelligence and law enforcement.” Hayson was a trim man of middle-ish years and sharp features and hawk nose. He was wearing a business suit that was stylish and loose. He was balding with his remaining hair trimmed quite close. Of all of them it did appear that he caught and remembered all the names introduced.

Maree continued. “We are pleased to brief you collectively, or in individual groups pertaining to our government’s asks. Personally I think meetings are a waste of time. If something needs done I say do it, not talk about it.” She let another smile escape. “Barring those diplomatic chats that is. You have impressed Minister Biehl.” She left that hanging, as if to say unspoken ‘but you have yet to impress me’.

Max waited for a more official reply to come from the Captain than the one in his mind, and he glanced sideways to Jasmine for a moment. His eyebrows narrowed just slightly, one ever so slightly raised, he knew that Jasmine would know what was on his mind. Max tended to have a low opinion of suits, and the Gravinian principle engineer looked young to hold the position. His first thought was the man was a paper engineer considering the problems they were facing, although he tried not to let first impressions take hold too much.

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

“Be nice like you are with my mother,” Jasmine said low and under her breath to her husband while wearing a happy smile.

“Remembering social conventions is a part of the job, Ma’am. And having a crew that crosses dozens of cultural and species boundaries helps a great deal.” Cochrane added with a slight smile. “It is a pleasure to meet you all. At your suggestion, Second Minister, we have no problem starting project-specific discussion immediately. We are, after all, simply here to help. So no time like the present, as they say in our section of the galaxy. Lead the way, Ma’am.” and he turned and looked at the Manhattan crew. “Project briefings, then report back to me on the specifics. Regular check in with the Manhattan at the top of the hour ship time. Make sure we keep them appraised of the logistical needs so we dont catch them off guard. Understood, all?”

Cochrane, CO

“Yes, Sir,”replied Naim almost immediately. She then headed towards Byrne Knots and greeted her with a warm smile. “Good day, Minister Knots. I’m Lieutenant Kiama Naim, the Manhattan’s Chief Science Officer and this is my colleague Lieutenant Faye Calloway. It’s a pleasure to meet you. How would you like to proceed from here on?” While she had a plan of her own in mind, she didn’t want to give the impression that they came here to take over or anything. This was their planet and the she and the rest of the crew were guests here. Thus it seemed only right to her, to led the sub-minister lead the way forward.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

Zef listened to the introductions and acknowledged the newcomers when the Captain called out her name to them, but her interest was taken up with the unusual energy aural signatures mixed in with the normal visual auras leftover from the movement of others in the area. Were they familiar at all? If they were, she couldn’t quite put her finger on where she’d seen them before. The counselor made a mental note to mention the oddity to the Captain the next time the Gravinians were out of earshot.

—Rollo, CNS

Jasmine motioned for her colleague to follow her. “Hello,” she extended her hand to Dr. Deen Hone wondering if he was sweating because he was naturally moist or if he had caught something from his lab. “I am Dr. Wynter and this is my colleague Dr. Baht.”

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Shon snapped himself out of his stupor, having been looking around at the new world in a bit of a awed daze. Shon started to raise his hand to give the well-recognized Vulcan greeting common in the Alpha Quadrant, then immediately dropped it to his side again as he remembered where he was. Instead, he just smiled bashfully and inclined his head in greeting to the other doctor. This was Ensign Baht’s first first-contact mission, and he was definitely feeling nervous about it.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“If you will follow me, then Captain Cochrane, I will take you and the delegate party to the Administration building to meet Minister Biehl, myself and another for first talks.” She glanced at the rest of her group, her expression suggesting that she didn’t choose them and would have chosen others, then back to the Fleet party. “Yours and our counterparts should meet and either see or discuss the issues. Transportation is available for this.”

She turned about and started to thread her way through the others back to the limo, apparently expecting the Captain and his group to follow. The other representatives were a mixed bunch - some eager to join in while the others held back.
- Maree

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“Very well.” Cochrane replied and began following her. He stopped just long enough to turn and say “I’m glad we can all be a part of this. I know you will represent the ship and the Federation well. Good luck, all. Contact me directly with any issues.” and he glanced at the XO and the Counselor and said “Here we go.” and motioned for them to follow.

Cochrane, CO

Rollo nodded and fell into step with the command officers. One of her favorite mission types was first contact and the Gravenians (?) should be interesting.

—Rollo, CNS

With the others not present the limo was rather .. spacious. Seats wide apart faced each other that were comfortable and of some form of memory foam under smooth fabric to the touch that still had a grip to it when they sat. Maree preceded them and waited for them to take a seat. When they were settled the driver closed up the door and went in. Once it was secure, Maree addressed them. “The trip to the Administration Offices is not far. I’ve read a brief however I want to hear from you what this Federation of Planets is. And, on a personal level, your opinion of it.”
- Maree

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