Botany Lab- Making Amends

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Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Botany Lab- Making Amends


Faye’s head turned sharply and her eyes went wide as her mouth dropped open. “How?” Shaking her head, she abruptly got off her stool, suddenly panicked. What it that obvious? Did he somehow know? Oh Gods, she was screwed! She knew she had a tendency towards getting involved with inappropriate people, which is why she had been purposefully ignoring her feelings. Or at least trying. It was hard to fully ignore the warmth she felt when she was around him. He made her feel less crazy, like she had something to offer that someone might actually want.

Her mind was whirling and suddenly it was hard to think. “No, no, no, no. I can’t… this can’t be happening!”

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

“Of course it is not happening today,” Jasmine waved off her friend with a passive gesture before she realized how on the head she hit the nail. “Wow okay calm down. Don’t deck me,” Jasmine said reaching out to touch Fayes’s elbow. The comment was meant to be both playful and defensive. As feminine as Faye looked the woman could throw one heck of a punch. She was also far stronger than most people would give credit for looking at the woman in uniform. Faye Calloway seemed to have the strength of a two hundred and fifty-pound marine packed inside her 5‘9” an 145-pound frame. Even a playful shoulder jab would hurt if she was the type to throw one. It was little things like this that Jasmine had no idea about with her new friend and would learn.

The moment Jasmine’s fingers touched her elbow, Faye suddenly felt like her vision became more focused. The CMO’s words actually registered in her mind and she took a deep breath, her shoulders relaxing.

“Wow you are kinda bad at this,” Jasmine said with a half-grin. “That’s okay I will show you how we work on getting a guy,” she pulled up the chair almost gleefully. “See you don’t just rush in. Then he will think you are crazy. You have to stalk him first and come up with a plan,” she said in a confident tone. “Then you sent the trap and snare him. So we don’t catch him today but only stalk. We should make some coffee,” Jasmine got up and walked to the replicator.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Faye shook her head vehemently. But coffee was most definitely welcome. “Coffee, yes. Relationships, no.”

She paced for a few moments and then rested her hands on the edge of the table, bowing her upper body in a sort of weariness. “You don’t understand. I don’t do relationships. And when I do, it’s always so messed up, Jas!” She shook her head again. “Did you know that the last person I was involved with turned out to be just playing me? Actually, that’s not entirely true. I think he really did have feelings for me and we genuinely connected over some of the similarities in our lives, but everything else was too messed up and he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.” Calloway looked over at Wynter. “I met him while undercover. Rule number one is not to get involved with the people you’re working with. But I’ve never been good at rules,” she said with a slight sigh. “Anyway, after I escaped the hell that was nine months of fun with the Tal Shair, he and some of the others had come after me because the Romulans were trying to get me back. You know, escaped prisoner you’ve falsely tried for treason against the state getting away is bad press.” She waved her hand dismissively. “Very long story short, it turns out he was being coerced by the Tal Shiar at the expense of his family, and he tried to abduct me off the ship and take me back. I will say that I was adamant I wasn’t going alive. He was stopped and held in the brig, but took his own life. And thus ends my storybook romance.,” she said wryly.

“And that is not even the craziest scenario I’ve been in relationship-wise! So when I think about someone like Alexander Cochrane, all I can imagine is that it’s a disaster waiting to happen. I’ve been through too much to believe in… whatever it is people think of when there are decent, healthy relationships. I couldn’t even tell you what one looks like, except that I think my parents had one. But I have no way to really know for sure. It’s not like I can talk to them about it.”

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist


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