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Max waited for a more official reply to come from the Captain than the one in his mind, and he glanced sideways to Jasmine for a moment. His eyebrows narrowed just slightly, one ever so slightly raised, he knew that Jasmine would know what was on his mind. Max tended to have a low opinion of suits, and the Gravinian principle engineer looked young to hold the position. His first thought was the man was a paper engineer considering the problems they were facing, although he tried not to let first impressions take hold too much.

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

It didn’t take long for Aeric Tov to push forward as well toward Wynter. “Tov,” he said, thrusting his hand out. “Beautiful shuttle you have. Sleek. Trim. Love the nacelle design. She’s an economy of engineering.” He glanced toward the Kazon ship and sighed. While it appeared ‘dramatic’ it was evident that Tov was expressive and wasn’t trying to be a drama queen. “Would that more put beauty into their designs.”
- Aeric

Kaia stood beside her DH, looking around in wonder. She caught the eyes of a few natives and other visitors on her, likely wondering what she was, and why a being as small as a child was hanging around in Engineering Yellows. She let them wonder, focusing on this Tov fellow.

Kaia, Engineer

Tov looked at Kaia as though noticing for the first time. “Forgive me. I am rude. I am Tov.” He knelt and extended his hand. “I know some beings can be small. You’re my first. What is your specialty?” He then caught himself. “Here, there are a great deal of specialties. Do you do that? Or are you broadly schooled?” Tov glanced from Kaia to Wynter, then to the shuttle.
- Tov

Kaia placed her hand to her chest and bowed her head slightly, the typical greeting among her species. With her hands being such a different shape and size from the normal humanoid hands, it was also a more practical greeting. Handshakes were uncomfortable. “I am Kaia of Galdor. Pleased to meet you. I have no particular specialty, although I am more interested in practical application than anything theoretical. I do enjoy studying robotics and artificial intelligence though,” she said in a cheerful, friendly voice. “And engines. I really like engines.”

Kaia, Engineer


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