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Leema looked at the others in her group. Biehl nodded and she spoke up. In this case she spoke confidently; the legal arena was where she walked. “Nobody has pressed a claim, Captain. This world is inside our system and is recognized as our own. This claim goes back almost 11,000 cycles when we explored and mapped our system. At that time we had had no contact with any alien nations and there were no other ‘flags’ on the worlds. It was almost 2,100 cycles later when we encountered our first contact with intelligent life. Since our return to our home world and system there have been twenty two impromptu claims to this or that world in our system. All of these have been resolved and the Kazon are well aware of our territorial claims. In a galactic sense they are modest, only a billion or so of your kilometers out from the farthest world in our system. While we do not have far ranging travel at this time we do watch.”
Leema, legal beagle

Cochrane nodded in understanding. “Well… *if * that is that case, I would be happy to have our Ms. Anders contact the Federation Ambassador at Event Horizon and see if we could assist you in asserting your legitimate and established claim. In my experience, sometimes civilizations that do not have space faring ships of their own can have issues enforcing their interplanetary boundaries. The Manhattan could at least go and take a look at the mining operations on your behalf. And, if there is a need for negotiations between your people and the Kazon, we could offer a neutral setting for those discussions to take place. Again, these are simply offers of assistance. There are no conditions attached.”

Cochrane, CO

Raye smiled and nodded at the Captain’s suggestion, but remained silent. It was not her place to talk them into it. The Captain had to negotiate this deal. She was already tapping in notes into the padd for inquiries she would need to make once she could transmit from the ship.


Biehl inserted himself into this. “Out of all the races we have met the Kazon have pushed the boundaries the most, and our patience. However, they are good traders and span over a large volume of space and thus bring to bear things that are quite varied. It is not that we see them as a necessary evil; we want to be on good terms with the people around us - just to not be taken advantage of.” He looked at the others. “Having your presence here would add greater legitimacy to territorial enforcement.”

Maree’s brow rose. “We may be getting ahead of ourselves here, First Minister.”

Biehl replied, “Quite right, of course. If you do conduct a survey would one of us be able to come along? We don’t get off world and rely on drones and satellites for our information.”
- Wookiee

Cochrane nodded. “As Commanding Officer of the Manhattan, I would be happy to have delegation accompany us. That being said, I will tell you in advance that Star Fleet vessels adhere to strict security protocols. This is for the protection of ourselves as well as the visitors we bring on board. As long as you understand that there will be some areas of the Manhattan off limits to you, I see no reason why a small contingent from your people could not accompany us.”

Cochrane, CO

First Minister Biehl replied, “Of course. The delegation I was thinking of would only be Second Minster and Leema Dane. I don’t expect that the tour would last that long. We are only talking this system and not a visit to any surrounding space.” He shuddered as though that thought personally creeped him out. Maree jerked her head around to look at Beihl as though this was entirely unexpected, though she said nothing.

At this moment a young man came in. He was dressed in such a way as to mark himself as a member of the building security group. “My pardon Ministers. I’ve just received word from the PCC. The,” he began and looked at the away team, “Your ship contacted us for permission to transport casualties. There seems to have been an accident.”

Everyone started and there was a number of quick whispers that was in the line of ‘how could this be?’ and ‘who?’ and ‘what happened?’ … faces focused on Biehl who held up his hand. “Thank you Herrik. What do we know?”

“We are looking for more detail, First Minister,” Herrik said. “We have confirmation of all teams but for that with Scientist Tov.”

Maree let out a small cry and put her hand to her mouth. “Not Tov!” she cried.

Herrik continued. “Your ship has transported them by now,” he said to the away team in general.
- Wookiee for many ..

Zef looked at Cochrane. “I’ll contact the Manhatten now, Sir.” With that, she stepped away from the gathered group, out of earshot, and tapped her combadge. =/\=This is Cmdr Rollo. We have just been informed there was an accident with one of the away teams. Please report.=/\= Ever aware of body language, she kept her posture relaxed to encourage all eyes on her to believe everything was fine. Depending on the news, there would be plenty of time for for intense emotions.

—Rollo, CNS

Cochrane stood and said “Ministers and honored guests. I’m sure you will excuse us. We will see to the matter immediately. I will extend an offer to any of you who wish to come aboard immediately to transport up with us at this time.” He looked at Rollo and said “Counselor, we’ll get the report on board the ship.” He then tapped his comm badge =/\= Cochrane to Mr. Darach. Prepare for beam up. Myself, Ms. Anders, and the Counselor. Stand by for further instructions, possible members of Graven delegation. =/\= and he looked at the assembled individuals. “Who will accompany us?”

Cochrane, CO

Rollo cancelled her com to the Manhattan. It was the Captain’s call, but she felt it would have been more considerate to give the Gravenians some immediate news about the situation rather than wait any longer than was necessary. It might not even be a good idea to return to the ship just yet, since they had only been there for a very short time, but she wasn’t in charge. Her outward appearance was serene as she gave Cochrane an affirmative nod and once again took up a place near him and the others.

—Rollo, CNS

Raye lightly touched the Captain’s arm to get his attention from slightly behind him. “Sir… do you need me on the ship? I thought if I stayed here, I could learn more of what they need to settle with the Kazon and their desired outcome.” If he looked back to her, there was a bit of concern… or perhaps fear… in her eyes. “And I could easily relay to them as the rescue progresses as well.”

In her own mind, she wasn’t happy. This ‘accident’ while the Manhattan was present… it didn’t sit well with her. And the surprise on everyone’s face made her realize this wasn’t a common occurrence. In her profession, there weren’t any true ‘accidents’… only calculated missteps guided by outsiders.


“Excellent idea, Ms. Anders. I’ll have Commander Creed stay with you to assist with any… specific needs you or the Graven people may have while we attend to the injured and look into the Kazon issue.” and he looked to the Graven delegation. “Who will be accompanying us to the Manhattan?”

Cochrane, CO

=^= Standby Captain. We are in the middle of an emergency situation here. We will arrange transport as soon as we get our team back. And I’ll brief you when you return to the ship. =^=

WO Darach - COO (crosspost)

Unthinking, Raye’s hand reached to rest on the back of the Captain near his right shoulder. It was a comfort and a query. It was instinct and she hadn’t even realized how many might see it. She knew what the ship and crew meant to him.


Cochrane turned and said quietly “Yes, Ms. Anders?”, thinking she was trying to get his attention subtly.

Cochrane, CO

Raye just gave him a gentle smile. “Nothing…” she said softly for him alone, and nodded in reassurance. At least, she hoped it came out that way. She would have been more overt. But that wasn’t his style. She just wanted him to remember, in times like this, that he wasn’t alone.

Maree stood quickly. “I need to,” she said, almost pleading to First Minister Biehl.
“Of course, Maree,” he said quietly. The First Minister had paled and was working to regain some composure from this sudden turn of events.
“With your permission,” Dane said. She stood with her stack of folders still on the table.
Biehl nodded. “I’m sorry Captain,” he began. “We’ll help however we can.”
Acosta gripped his cane and stared at the tabletop, concern evident on his features.
– Wookiee

Cochrane simply said “We will assess and plan after we have all the information, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s not borrow tragedy from the future. First Minister, I will contact you as soon as we know the circumstances. Minister Maree, stand here please.” and he indicated the spot to his right. “Transport can be a bit disorienting the first time. Just relax. You will see some swirling lights, a brief sense of vertigo, and then we will be on the ship.” he nodded at Rollo and then to Raye and tapped his comm badge. =/\= Cochrane to Manhattan. One life sign to my right, myself, and Counselor Rollo to beam up. Emergency Transport to Sickbay. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

=^= Transporter room. Porter here. I have the lock. Hmmm. =^= Was all he said before the whine of the transporter claimed the three. In this instance there was only a momentary lag that those witnessing the transport and were familiar with would recognize. That lag was mainly in the initial lock though once that was performed the transport was complete. =^=

Biehl nervously wiped his cheek with his fingers. He appeared at a loss without Maree’s presence but at a subtle clearing of the throat from Acosta accompanied by a bushy eyebrow raised in his direction he steeled himself. “I .. I trust your doctors are well versed in working with us aliens,” he said both as a hope and to convince himself that all would be well. “You have many physicians on board? I mean .. your two senior doctors are here, unless you have recalled them?”
- Biehl

Raye spoke up, her smile genuine and trying to be comforting. “I give you my word our doctors will do their best. And I am sure they will contact you if there is a need for additional assistance. Perhaps a drink?” She rose and went towards the table laid out with food and drink. This had been meant to be joyous occasion. She couldn’t turn this into a soiree, but she could at least help make folks comfortable.

Moving back to those who were left, she set down a tray with a pitcher of water, several glasses and a plate with small pieces of fruit and cheese. She poured a drink and handed it to Biehl. “Here… drink this. It will help.” She smiled and handed drinks to the rest, her hosts first, then herself and the XO and anyone else still around.


Biehl appeared to have a difficult time settling. He moved nervously, looked outside through the window then turned again to Raye and the others. Acosta tapped his cane on the leg of the table. “Sit, Biehl, or I’ll rap your knee.” Biehl stared at him and then let out a sudden laugh. It sounded more forced than free but it focused him and he sat and took a glass offered. “Thank you,” he said. “You,” he said to Raye, ” come from another part of the galaxy. What are the differences and similarities that you have noticed between there and here?”
- Biehl

Jack wasn’t one to talk right now, as he stared at the group. He didn’t need to be a part of negotiations like this, he much preferred being the quite observing type but he did know his diplomacy skills needed some work. Even when he was an engineer, he often went the route of banging on the console until it did as he said instead of trying to rewire it properly. Celina certainly didn’t help when she came into his life, her firecracker personality mixed with family, especially her Abuela who was the fiercest grandmother he had ever meet. He still wasn’t sure Alba was ever going to fully accept him but she had grown softer over the years. They were the big family he never really had.

Creed, XO

Raye smiled once everyone had a drink and the platter was within reach of those at the small cluster. “I think the biggest similarity is the desire to protect those who we call family. And that isn’t just those tied to us by blood. It’s the house, the village, the area, the continent, even the planet in most cases. Regardless what world we live on, it’s that innate need to remain close and hedge outsides with vetting and talks to be sure they will align with what we feel is best.” She looked around. “We know that every species and planet had that need on some level. And I know we will care for your people as we would hope you would care for ours if the tables were turned.”

“The differences are as plentiful as the people and planets themselves. From simple things like the way a blanket is created,” she nodded to one draped over a nearby seat, “to the way we set a table.” She nodded to the small banquet. “The motivations and drives are different with each place as well. From where they are in the desire to get to the stars,” her hand rested on her own chest, “to those who are happy to better themselves without exploring beyond the stars.” She dropped her hand and nodded to her hosts and hostesses. “There is nothing better or worse in each choice. And despite your desire to enter into space and travel so fast the stars blur into single long lines of light, it makes you no less or more than any other species or planet we have encountered.” She smiled and it was soft and understanding, not condescending or condemning. “The Kazon have an agreement with you. It’s hard to keep them in line without the ability to meet them on their term, out there.” She nodded upwards. “It’s why we’ve offered to help. You ask what the differences are between those of us out there and you here. And I will say this with utmost respect, and with no judgement. We have the ability to help you in ways you can’t help yourself. It’s one of the reasons we go out there, to the stars. To make friends, and help others and in return, make friends and allies. You have such a lovely place here. Perhaps when things are concluded and we can be called friends, we may be offered a chance to come here when time permits and seek solace and respite. A place our people can leave the recycled air of the ship and see a sunrise and breathe fresh air. The Captain has already offered to show off the ship, so perhaps, in time, we can also offer a view of your home from above to those who wish it.” She paused and looked to the XO. She hadn’t overstepped her bounds but she wanted to be sure he wasn’t wanting to add anything. She also hoped he wasn’t glaring at her. Sometimes folks didn’t like diplomats and she’d rather know now. She then gazed back at the others to see their reactions.


It was possible that Biehl had simply asked that question to break the silence, still in shock over the accident. He blinked at the long answer and it looked like he pushed himself to listen. His face might give away the unspoken ‘well you asked for it’ look before he settled back into his chair. “Beings are beings and there is that commonality that transcends space,” he said, trying to sum up what Ray had said. “I understand a sense of mutual communication - our .. space is very distant from yours in your quadrant and that you might like a kind of ‘port of call’ in your explorations. Given the .. distance we are talking, may I ask what you are thinking you may support us with?” The talk was helping him center himself better and that could be seen as the moments passed by.
- Biehl

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