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=^= Sickbay .. prepare for emergency transport. Casualties incoming form the away team. =^= came a report from the transporter room.

The transporter signal whined and, to the onlooking medics, appeared to be in a struggle to reform the pattern. It winked in, began forming then disappeared only to return back in a couple of seconds. That was a wrestle but after a long transport the three figures formed.

Kaia looked like she was going to be sick even past her injuries. The Commander was in better shape that way, however it was clear he was injured. The third was a native from Graven. While not conscious he was thrashing and twitching.

=^= Transport complete .. I hope =^= came the voice of the operator


Kaia felt sick to her stomach. She gagged, her body instinctively trying to expel whatever it thought was making her feel so out of sorts. She looked up at the nurse on duty with a pained expression, then turned aside and emptied the contents of her stomach.

“That was horrible…” She muttered, wiping her mouth.

Kaia, Eng

Not many moments later the transporter whined again. A short ways away from where Kaia and the others were the Captain, Counselor and another Gravenian beamed in. That transport took moments longer to form but there was not the disorienting stomach churning effects that the other crew had had. As soon as Maree formed and saw Tov laying there she let out a completely unguarded shriek and rushed to him, not paying attention to Kaia’s .. spillage .. and knelt , cradling his head. “Tov, what have you done?” Kaia could see tears welling up in her eyes.
- Maree

Walker came jogging in to sickbay. “How is everyone?”

WO Darach - COO

As Maree moved toward her fellow Gravenian, Zef spoke quietly to the Captain. “Beaming up didn’t feel quite right to me. I don’t feel disoriented, but in the beginning, was there a glitch?” After years of having her atoms disassembled and then reoriented perfectly, every time, hitting a bump was a little unnerving.

—Rollo, CNS

Cochrane looked at her and put a finger to his lips and glanced at the Gravenites. He then looked at Darach. “Report, Chief. What the hell happened?”

Cochrane, CO

“Captain. We got a call from Ensign Kaia about the accident, 3 injured, Cmdr. Wynter, one local and the Ensign. I cleared with the local government before we transported them up here. That’s when we got your call for an emergency transport. We were working on extracting the Commander’s team before we transported your team back to the Manhattan.” Walker said matter of factly as he stepped closer to the Captain.

WO Darach - COO

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