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“In this region we rely on the seasonal rains to take care of that. There are some irrigation methods though that happens only at need. The Tivee does not need that much water.”
- Knots

Naim listened to the two women while looking out the window and pondering all they knew so far. Of course speculating would get them only so far. They needed more detailed scans, soil and water samples and all to even attempt to draw an informed conclusion. But that had to wait till they arrived. So for the time being she listened closely while also trying to take everything in she saw on the surface; every change in the landscape, the colour of the crops, buildings, etc.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

The flying machine quickly descended and came to a rest just about at the border of the principle discoloration of the crops. Evidently this was a pad that had been used before and had an area cordoned off. “Here we are,” Knots said as she worked the controls to shut it down. One hand pointed a the line of demarcation. “You see that? When this was first set up as a landing strip the line of good crop/bad crop was a hundred meters over still. It continues to grow.” The transparent door slid down and the stairway came out. “Now, how can I help you in your study of this?” she asked.
- Knots

Faye glanced at Kiama for a moment. She didn’t want to overstep here, even if her fellow scientist was letting her take more of a lead. Just because she had experience in this realm, didn’t mean she was the only one who had ideas. “Well, generally we start with gathering information. Getting some scans, with your permission of course, would be the best place to start. Then a deeper soil analysis would be next.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Kiama gave Faye a small nod to indicate that she should go ahead.

Knots gave a little jerk to her body that was a double shrug with her hands held out. “Lets do it. How can I help?”
- Knots

“We should start with unloading and setting up the equipment we brought with us. You can definitely give us a hand with that,” Kiama replied as she started gathering their things. “And yes,” she continued towards Faye, “taking some scans is a good starting place. My suggestion is that we split up for at that, what do you think?” Looking at Knots she added, “I don’t want to assume either way familiar you are with the type of equipment we use, despite the information we got about your planet beforehand. Do you think you could help with the scans?” Kiama was still feeling out of her depth and hoped it wouldn’t show to much. At the same time she tried to remind herself that - while this wasn’t her field of expertise - it wasn’t the first time she was leading a science team.

~Lt.j.g. Naim, aCSO

“I’ll help where I can,” Knots said, a smile spreading across her face. Opening the storage area at the back of the craft she helped pull things out. “I think we might try a couple of locations. One here at the edge of the ‘event’ and one in nearer the center, though that will be a small hike. I might be more helpful as a tour director.”
- Knots

Faye smiled lightly. “I don’t mind a hike at all,” she said as she grabbed some of the most essential things she would need and stuffed it into her shoulder satchel. A testing kit, tricorder, data padds and sample collection system all was tucked neatly were she could grab things quickly.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

They moved off and followed a thin trail that looked to follow a division in fields. Faye could visibly see the way the crop that would normally have a lush bell shaped leaf and grain that for all appearances looked like an ice cream cone with nuts on it were simply brittle looking. Brushing against one leaf Faye found that it simply frayed and fell apart. Even a drought would keep it together. The ground was dry and each step sent small eruptions of dust into the air discoloring their boots and trousers. “I love getting out into the field,” Knots said. “Be in the sun or the rain. Doesn’t matter. It totally beats being in an office or classroom. How do you manage on a ship like yours and being in there so long?”
- Knots

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