Captain's Ready Room - Dinner is served

Posted May 28, 2020, 1:02 p.m. by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Civilian Vorraye Anders (Diplomatic Attache) in Captain’s Ready Room - Dinner is served

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Captain’s Ready Room - Dinner is served

Posted by Civilian Vorraye Anders (Diplomatic Attache) in Captain’s Ready Room - Dinner is served
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The computer told Raye that once more the Captain was still in his ready room at nearly nineteen hundred hours. She sighed and glanced at herself once more in the mirror. She had actually taken time to look good, and not just casual, this evening. She ‘hadn’t’ planned on crossing the Bridge on her way, though. “Good thing they are used to seeing you nearly every night, Raye… or this would be ten times more awkward than it’s gonna be.”

She shook her head at her reflection then turned and headed for the corridor. At the table in her quarters she picked up the pair of dinner trays she had gotten for them. And in her other hand was a bottle of Scotch. The scotch was from a special collection she kept. She called it her ‘bribe box’. It was a private crate in the hold that contained various and assorted liquors, some jewelry from various races and tokens and vouchers in several different forms of currency. Sometimes she had to gift, or grease, to get things done… or thank those who helped her out.

Tonight, she had something different in mind. “Well, not ‘very’ different,” she laughed at herself stepping into the lift.

Coming out on the Bridge, she watched a few folks turn and one or two smiled in admiration. The Watch Commander smiled and nodded towards the room. “He’s in there, Raye. But my suggestion would be, with an outfit like that, you coax him to his quarters, first.” He laughed and waved a hand at her.

“Thanks, Braoadling. I’ll bear that in mind.” She blushed, despite her express desire being not to.

As she palmed the chime with her bottle laden hand, she smiled. She had her hair down, edges pulled back in two small clips. Her shirt top was well made, fit her just right and was sleeveless and a soft summer green. The leggings were a matching green with a deep emerald skirt that was cut higher in front and lower in back. A coil of gold wrapped around her neck and another matching one, wrapped around her wrist. Short ankle boots in the deep sapphire green completed the outfit.

Vorraye Anders
Diplomatic Attache

Cochrane’s said flatly “Come.” and the door slid open. As usual, he was seated behind his desk and waist deep in reports. His expression was one of slight annoyance and perturbed. He didn’t look up, he just “Yes? What is it?” His tone wasn’t short or curt, just… preoccupied.

Cochrane, CO

She stood there a moment and watched him with a soft smile on his face. He certainly needed a break.

Taking a breath and forcing her face to look neutral, she moved to the other side of the desk where there was some space and set the trays down. Her voice, low and even as if nothing were happening out of the ordinary. “So was breakfast or lunch your last meal, Cochrane?”

Vorraye Anders
Diplomatic Attache

Without looking up, he smiled and said “Ms. Anders. Now when did it become the purview of Federation Diplomats to make sure a ship captain was eating? Or am I just that problematic that you feel the need?” and he, finally, finished the report he was reading and looked up. A slight widening of his eyes indicated he did, indeed, see her out of the norm attire, but his face remained the same. “And to what do I owe the pleasure this evening?” and he smiled fully.

Cochrane, CO

She had seen the eyes and glanced back down swiftly, pretending she hadn’t. “Well, when I returned and we spoke, I told you I was going to make sure you ate.” She opened the trays and set one before him. Passing him a drink as well, she smiled and sat down in the seat across from him. “I was occupied last night. And something tells me if you ate, it was late, minimalistic and you probably don’t even recall.” She laughed. “Now what kind of person would I be if I failed to do what I promised? Can’t have the Captain passing out from malnutrition, now can we?”


He laughed and said “You did indeed make that promise, yes. And while I do appreciate the reminder, and no I didn’t eat dinner, I would never hold you to that promise. I know your schedule is almost as horrendous as mine is.” and he looked down to see what was on the tray.

Cochrane, CO

She smiled as she took a bite of her own meal. Lasagna with garlic bread, salad and a slice of chocolate cake were what he was looking at. The Scotch bottle, sitting on the end of the desk, was untouched… unmentioned.

She took a sip from her cup of tea and smiled. “I have to eat… and eating with you is an enjoyment I cherish.” She looked at him. She wasn’t overly flirtatious, but she wanted him to know it wasn’t a chore, it was a pleasure.


He grinned at her and said “Cherish is a strong word, especially for my company while neck deep in fitness reports and evals. Oh, by the way, that reminds me… do you want to see your evaluation before its submitted? I offer that chance to all Senior Staff.”

Cochrane, CO

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