Officers Mess - Dinner with the Captain

Posted May 30, 2020, 1:18 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) (D Grisham)

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Officers Mess - Dinner with the Captain

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) in Officers Mess - Dinner with the Captain

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Officers Mess - Dinner with the Captain
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Zef entered the officers mess promptly at 1900 hours and looked around for the Captain. As her eyes surveyed the people there, she noted a mixture of uniforms and civilian clothing. The uniforms made her second guess her decision to wear a dress. It was very simple, long sleeved and maxi length in a rust color. Nothing about it said ‘come hither’, but still…

She’d taken time with her appearance knowing she would have Cochrane’s undivided attention, and truth be told, Zef wanted him to notice that she was a woman and not just the counselor—but in a very subtle way. The stark, white hair that she usually wore up, was now down and brushed into a soft, cloud that hung halfway down her back. She’d also applied a transparent blush and lipstick in an apricot shade that gave her a natural hint of color. She’d bypassed Bajeen traditional jewelry which consisted of thin, gold, winding ornamentation on wrists, ankles and throat, in order to keep it simple and not look like she was trying to impress him.

Zef pulled in a deep breath and focused once again on the patrons. Where was Alexander Cochrane?

—Rollo, CNS

A larger Bajoran man came out of the kitchen and approached. “Ms. Rollo? I’m Chef Harv. The Captain sends his apologies, but he’s running a few minutes behind, but he will be here shortly. Please, follow me. I have set a table aside at his request.” and he turned and led her through the main dining area and around a gentle bend in the interior bulkhead.

Surprised, she followed the man, not sure if she was glad she was the first one there or not.

A small table for two had been set up near a window. Harv walked behind one of the chairs and pulled it out for her. As she sat and he pushed it in slightly, he moved to the side and poured two glasses of water. “I have some ideas for your dinner, but if there is something you would particularly like, just let me know. And if you have any dietary restrictions, well… now’s the time.” and he smiled and chuckled softly.

Harv, Chef

Zef thanked Chef Harv as he seated her. The specially set table and the privacy it afforded were a bonus she hadn’t counted on. “I’m sure your selections will be delicious and I look forward to being pleasantly surprised. As far as dietary restrictions, I have none.” Which was an understatement.

—Rollo, CNS

Harv nodded and gave her a small incline of his head as he turned and left for the kitchen. As he did, Cochrane appeared from around the bend. He gave Harv a silent ‘Thank you’ and patted the man on the shoulder in a familiar and friendly way as they passed.

“I’m so sorry for being late. I had something to attend to and didn’t want to show up without freshening up a bit.”

He had changed from his uniform to khaki colored slacks, a pale blue shirt with a muted white check pattern, and a navy blazer. His hair was combed as normal, but his skin had the glow of freshly washed. As he leaned in to take his seat, the faint hints of the smell of leather and wood was barely noticable.

“Had you met Harv before? A most amazing chef, and a good man.”

Cochrane, CO

He looked great. Zef smiled with pleasure at the thought of spending the next hour or two with him. “Well, I’m glad you took the time because you look very handsome.” And he smelled wonderful. She caught a whiff of cologne or soap as he bent low over the table and sat. “I haven’t actually eaten in here before, so I hadn’t met Chef Harv until just a few minutes ago. He seems very personable though.”

“Well, thank you. I clean up okay from time to time, I guess. But I must say, you look amazing. I’d suggest modified uniform standards going forward, but I imagine you would distract more than a few of the crew.” and he smiled at her.

Her feelings of delight at hearing his compliment were stronger than she’d anticipated they might be, but she did a good job of hiding them. Her cheek did dimple with a smile though.

Zef reached for her water glass and took a sip. “I’m glad you agreed to dinner, Captain. I thought it would be good if we had an opportunity to address the awkwardness of our meeting in my office and to have a chance to get to know each other in a neutral setting.”


“Agreed. And, if I may, I want to apologize if anything I said sounded… dismissive. I do value your insight and opinion.”

Cochrane, CO

“Why don’t we get a drink before addressing the heavy stuff?” As if he’d heard her comment, Chef Harv approached with a bottle of pale, yellow liquid. “A little something to prepare your pallets?” He held the bottle in a way as to display the sticker.

“Pelpenian wine.” Zef read. “I’ve never heard of it. Is it fermented?” She looked from Harv to the Captain and back again. Chef Harv was smiling. “I’ll take it that’s a yes. I’d love some actually.”

The Bajoran filled two crystal flutes half way and made his exit. The counselor lifted hers and waited to clink with the Captain. “To no more misunderstandings…”

He clincked his glass against hers and smiled. “Indeed.” and took a sip.

It was splendid and had hints of lemon and mango except she knew the fruits were not those from Earth. “This is excellent!”


Cochrane paused a moment and said “I like it. I dont often go for ‘fruity’ in wine, but for this I will have to make an exception.” and he took another small sip and set the glass aside. “I asked Harv to make his specialty, Risian saute. I hope that wasn’t too presumptuous on my part, but I didnt want a menu to take time from our discussion.”

Cochrane, CO

“It isn’t a problem and I appreciate the consideration.” Zef set the flute down and took a deep breath. Although she’d been eager for this dinner, she hadn’t been looking forward to breaching the difficulty of their last meeting. “There is a chance this will sound unimportant to you, Sir, but its a concern for me. As the Captain, I need you to be clear in what you want from me, what you want from the Counselor on the Manhattan.”

She moved a hand from her lap to brush at the delicate skin on the side of her neck, shifting a small tendril of hair that was tickling her. “When we were discussing my presence on the bridge, I got mixed information from you. First, let me say that every ship I’ve served on as counselor, welcomed me on the bridge. I’ve never had to support my presence there with a need of some kind.”

Closing her eyes, she pulled the memory of their meeting up in her mind and tried to quote his words as closely as possible. “‘I have no issue with you being on the bridge, provided there is a need. But your priority should be the crew.’” Lids lined with long, white lashes, lifted and her gaze found him across the table. “Those were your words, Sir. I understand my job and know the crew is my first priority, but in only a few conversations you have reminded me of it more than once.” She took the time to have another sip of wine.

“I may have misunderstood, Captain, but the result of some of the things you said was that I felt chastised in some small way for no reason—and I didn’t like it. That’s why I pulled back and ended our meeting.” Time for a deep breath and a larger drink of wine.

Zef was clueless as to what Cochrane’s reaction might be. It really seemed such a little thing now, but it was important to get it out in the open so it didn’t fester and become more than what it was. People expected a counselor to be above any kind of miscommunication or resentment, etc.—emotions in general, in some cases, but they weren’t. She had the same problems with hers as everyone else. Well, the possible damage was done now…even there was more explaining to do.


Cochrane watched as well as listened to her. His words rang true, and he nodded as she repeated them. When she was done, he took a drink and nodded. “That is what I said, yes. And for it coming across as a chastisement of any kind, I am sincerely sorry. It was not meant in that way at all. In fact, it was more an admonishment of the bridge than of you.” and he took another sip.

“Bridge duty is monotonous by nature. And any distraction is latched onto. So… I said what I said more thinking about the rest of the bridge than you… does that make sense at all?” and he chuckled a bit. “I feel like I’m floundering a bit here, if I am being honest.”

Cochrane, CO

“I’d like to think that makes more sense than admonishing me, but why would I be a distraction? I wouldn’t be singing and dancing or doing card tricks. I would simply be sitting there quietly observing things.”

Zef twirled her wine glass by the stem as it sat on the table. “So much of my work is trying to interpret what others are trying to tell me, even when they don’t use the right words or phrases to get the idea across. I have to try to glean the real meaning from body language, eye contact, breathing differences…etc.” She met his bright gaze with the blue-grey of her own. “I don’t want to do that with you.”


Alex looked at her and nodded in appreciation of her desire to not analyze him. “Well, don’t we all do that anyway to some degree?” he said with a grin. “And by that I mean, all sentient humanoid species communicate so much outside of verbiage, that it’s simply ingrained in us to do so.” and he chuckled and leaned forward slightly. “I know you wouldnt be doing card tricks on the bridge… although that would be absolutely hysterical during a briefing from Command.” and he laughed softly. “No, the reason I said what I did and asked what I did was to make sure you were aware of the responsibilities that come with being on the bridge in a situation, because many Counselors, frankly, are simply not.” and he leaned back. “And you were candid and honest and set my concerns to rest. And now I am quite certain that while many Counselors may not realize the impact they could have on the bridge…” and he raised his glass and said “… you, Miss Rollo, are most certainly not many Counselors.” and he smiled and took a drink.

Cochrane, CO

Zef felt heat moving up to her face. Was she blushing? Well, that was very unprofessional, wasn’t it? But then again, unprofessional were the thoughts she toyed with occasionally during lax times, and lately, the man across the table starred in them with her. “You were very open and honest with me during our first visit. I don’t have many conversations like that being the counselor because people think I’m always looking for a way to trip them up. I’m not, of course, but you can’t convince everyone of that.”

Tossing back the last of the wine, Zef then folded her hands on the table wondering when Chef Harv would be back with more. “I don’t want to have to edit myself with you and I’d like for you to feel relaxed enough to speak freely with me…all the time. I don’t want you to be the diplomat…we have someone else on board in that capacity.” Raye’s face surfaced in her mind for a split second and she brushed it away. “You and I both need someone to talk to ‘off the record’ and I thought we could be each other’s…easy conversation?”


Alex smiled at the suggestion. “You know, I dont think I have ever had such a thing on a star ship. Yes, absolutely. It would be my pleasure to be your ‘easy conversation’.”

At that moment, Harv came around the corner with fresh baked dark bread and a cold gazpacho. Setting them down on the table, he cast a critical eye at the wine bottle and walked away, taking the empty with him.

Cochrane, CO

Zef stayed quiet while Harv set the appetizer in front of them and hoped he would bring another bottle to replace the one he took away. “It wouldn’t be a one way agreement, Captain. If you’re going to allow me to speak freely with you about anything, I would expect the same from you. I think maintaining a strong, unperturbed facade has got to be one of the more difficult roles for command staff. So many of the crew look up to you and Cmdr Creed, that you feel responsible to not allow yourselves to be rattled by anything. That’s where an ‘easy conversation’ comes in. You can bring your worries and concerns to me and I won’t hold any of it against you or think you weak for having feelings. Its nearly impossible not to give in to ones emotions for an extended length of time. Everyone needs an someone to talk to.” Among other things she thought.

She finally tasted the gazpacho and was surprised to find it cold. Her experience had taught her that soup was a hot dish so the tomato dish was a pleasant surprise. “Mmmmm, this is different. Is it something you’re familiar with?”


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