Botany Lab- Making Amends

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“Yes you can,” Jasmine said as excitedly as she dropped her pizza. “We can invite you over. Make it informal. Max loves having people over,” Jasmine said already began planning the event. “Relaxed social gatherings are the best for first dates. Takes the pressure off.” Absently she began to think about how people gave advice with no experience and this was no exception. She and Max never dated. They just got married. Jasmine had been on dates but they were all disasters. It was not until she was matched with Max did Jasmine understand why people liked them.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Faye stared at Jasmine like she had grown another head. But then her expression began to shift slightly and she chewed on the inside of her cheek. “Well, normally I’d tell you to get lost, but that’s crazy talk. I don’t really do the social situation, remember. But… I did have a bargain with Max about making pizza should anything go wrong with my project. I kind of lost that, even if it wasn’t my fault. So I still owe him pizza. Technically.” Faye shrugged. “I do know how to cook. Most people wouldn’t know that.” She had this strange moment in her head where she was kneading the dough and Alex offered to help and.. and back to reality. She quickly shoved that mental image way into the back of her head.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

“Perfect,” Jasmine clapped her hands together like it was the gavel of a judge announcing his sentence. “Dinner on Friday. That is five day away and no one should have an issues showing up. I mean I am the CMO and make the engineering chief so I can schedule it out. Jack owes me a favor for handling Lina’s brother last time he was in town and I will call it in for him to work Cochrane’s shift if the Cap is on duty. No one in science is going to tell you that you can’t have the shift off…if you are scheduled,” she paused only for effect. The details at this point didn’t matter. Jasmine could work through any of them. “If they do I have an army of six foot men with glistening collars that can claim you are needed for a work project. How does eight o’clock sound?” Jasmone looked like a kid at Christmas. It was easy to see she was excited about this event.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Faye just shook her head in slight amazement. “Let’s do seven. I try to eat not too late so it doesn’t mess up my meds and bedtime.” So it looked like they were going to do this after all. Se was actually kind of excited for it, though clearly not as excited as Jasmine was.

She held up a finger warningly and waggled it at the CMO. “But let’s keep this low-key. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, okay? I think the last thing you want is me freaking out and having a panic attack, right?” Going down this rather new road was terrifying but at least it seemed she’d have company along the way.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

“Girl you are going on a quasi-semi-we are not calling it a date but dinner even though is it a Of course, we are going to be nervous but we are in it together right? I mean what is the worst that can happen. We realize Cochrane has some weird habit like licking his fingers every time they get dirty or some weird guffawing laugh that sounds like a billy goat has taken up residence in your quarters. THAT is something to be nervous about but dinner…that is a piece of cake or pizza,” she gestures to the food between them. “This is going to be fun and at least you have one thing over anyone else dating on this boat. Who is Cochrane going to complain to if he doesn’t like it? Creed,” she let out a little snort. “Trust me men when they are alone talk about one of three topics without us women to guide them. Sports,” she held up a finger, “they swap dirty jokes,” she held up another one, “and three,” she held up her last finger, “asking someone to grab a drink. Men are only social when they are with us or their partners and even then after the courtin’ stage is over they revert to mmm hmm’s, sure, and huh as a reply to what we talk about. Cochrane is the one that will be nervous. I mean he has a beautiful, smart, and interesting women that wants to get to know him. We got this.”

Jasmine Wynter.

Faye half rolled her eyes. “But if we’re not calling it a date, and he doesn’t know it’s a date, then aren’t I just setting up myself for disappointment? I mean, I’m all for this social attempt, strangely. It’s a nice idea. It might even be fun, but…” Her objections just floated away and Faye sighed. Leaning forward she rested her forehead on the edge of the table. ‘I am a glutton for punishment, aren’t I?” At least Jasmine would be there if it all blew up in her face, but hopefully not literally this time.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

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