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Faye had shifted to the floor, sitting cross legged, having gotten tired of pacing and of sitting on the bench. There were only so many things she could do within those twelve paces after all. Looking at Pretha, Calloway snorted. “Does she now,” she said bitterly. “Would have been nice to have known that at some point before now. What exactly did she say?” Sure, she was curious, but only because that woman was a complete unknown to her and she had tossed some cryptic things at Faye in the ready room she was still trying to sort out.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

Pretha shook her head. “It’s not so much what she said, as how she said it. She sounded,” she paused thinking of the word, “helpless. Or perhaps lost. She asked me to look out for you. Keep an eye on you were her exact words. But she said it as if pleading with me to watch over you. I can’t comment on the past. Some people aren’t cut out to be mothers. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Or at least care on some level.”

She wasn’t in a position to lecture Faye on parental feelings. But she hoped the woman would at least know that her mom, deep down at least, had feelings.


Pushing herself to her feet, Faye (perhaps oddly or unexpectedly), stepped her left foot back, turning it perpendicular to her right foot, which she set in front of her, shifting her weight back. “It’s not that… the not cut out to be a mother thing. She was a decent enough mother from what I remember. Aloof though. I never knew what she was thinking or feeling unless she outright told me and as I got older… well, that got complicated.”

Faye reached her right arm forward and her left back, palms facing the floor, all the while, forcing herself to breath deeply. If it hadn’t been apparent before, it might be more obvious now that she was doing yoga. “You’re new here. Too new probably to hear the gossip. Which means you don’t know yet that I was Maquis, because my parents were.” She looked ahead at the wall of her cell as she talked, lunging forward on a bent right knee. “My mom disappeared in 2371. We didn’t know it at the time, because we just assumed the ship was destroyed and everyone was dead, but she was a part of the Maquis crew that ended up on the USS Voyager. Two years after that, the Dominon razed my colony to the ground and my father sacrificed his life so I could get away. At fifteen I was on my own, running for my life and hoping no one ever figured out what I had been in case they dragged me to the Feds, who would then, as far as I knew, tossed me into prison along with the rest of the survivors.” Breath. Feel your belly expand fully, she reminded herself, the old holodeck program’s voice sounding in her head.

She unbent her right knee and stood tall in warrior pose, lifting both arms straight up, palms facing in, fingertips pointed at the ceiling. “So yeah, mommy dearest showing up twenty-five years later is a bit of a surprise. A mutual acquaintance of ours told me when she first appeared in the Alpha Quadrant after Voyager returned, but by the time I was able to go looking for her, she had vanished, like a ghost. Like she had never existed. The official record is that she didn’t take the Starfleet commission that was offered to the Maquis crew members.” She pulled her arms back slightly so she could turn her head and look at Oberon. “Funny that she shows up now in uniform outranking me....”

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

Pretha watched and listened. Two things went thru her mind about the new Commander. Black Ops, or liar.

Black Ops would explain the rank and being here suddenly when she hadn’t been anywhere for quite some time. Trouble was, so did liar. The difference was, she doubted the Captain would have blindly accepted who she was all this time if she’d been a liar.

“Do you think maybe she’s Black Ops or something similarly secretive? I mean, I’m sure she, like you I’m guessing, has skills the Federation would have found valuable and worth cultivating. Maybe that’s where she’s been that made her ghost before showing up with Commander in her title.”

It was stretching, and she’d do her own research later, including talking you the Captain. But for right now, it made for interesting conversation.


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