Side Sim: Honor Before Defeat (Holodeck)

Posted Sept. 6, 2020, 11:30 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Che'lak (Medical Officer / Non-Native Physiology Specialist) (Jamie Moore)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade K’sang Duras (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim: Honor Before Defeat (Holodeck)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade K’sang Duras (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim: Honor Before Defeat (Holodeck)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Che’lak (Medical Officer / Non-Native Physiology Specialist) in Side Sim: Honor Before Defeat (Holodeck)
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Running fingertips over his side the dull ache reminded him of the past, You pathetic mak’dar! a voice echoed in the recesses of his mind. * You are not worthy to call yourself a warrior…* ghosts of the past back to renew unfinished work. K’sang hung his head low with a sigh, why would things be any different here? Change the ship, change the uniform, it didn’t matter. Everywhere he looked he was met with contempt, among his own people most of all.
Long had the days of glory and valor slipped through his fingertips, leaving nothing more than a hollow shell to serve. “Another..”
Day turned to night, night turned to day, the world seemed to no longer matter as the Klingon cast aside pride. “Another…” Even the ships counciler met him with abstain. She didn’t show it outwardly but he could smell her discontent. Offering a moment of weakness he would be further insulted with blind hatred. To weep openly before a crewmate who offered only the smallest of courtesy…
To be openly scorned for relaying the only information he could be allowed without breaching security…
=/\= Combat difficulty exceeding level Ten is not authorized without clearance. =/\=

“You Artifical k’pekt” K’sang grabbed the nearest brazer and tipped it over. The swathing flame illuminating an armored Klingon warrior who lay on the floor, his eyes staring blankly at K’sang with his own D’k Tahg used to deal the final blow. “Even you can’t see me for who I am.”

-K’sang, CSO

In the midst of his rage, K’sang likely was unaware of the holodeck arch materialising behind him and of Doctor Che’lak stepping through the parted doors with long, crooked steps. Her eyes led the rest of her as she mentally circled the open space, taking in the fierceness of the atmosphere. Quickly she found herself atop a platform above and behind the Klingon, casually watching his energetic outburst. Her figure could scarcely have been more out of place, her skinny uniform demonstrating her light stature and her relaxed yet attentive posture contrasting with the holographic bystanders. Quietly, she observed.

Che’lak - Medical

Exhaling the Klingon turned to regard the Star Fleet officer. “I’m done if you’re looking for holodeck time.” He said, the image of the simulated dead still staring at him with an empty gaze.
K’sang, CSO


“Not at all Lieutenant.” The Vulcan inched towards the Klingon chin first. “I was on the deck for research purposes when I noticed the running programme. The structure of the Klingon body is most interesting. Us in the Federation tend to take it for granted but I have always found it rather remarkable.”

Che’lak paused, simply observing K’Sang’s existence. “If it wouldn’t offend, I would appreciate simply spectating your exertion.” She demonstrated no apologetics for the unusual nature of the request.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

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