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Cochrane looked at Calloway and said “What tech and where was it found. Lieutenant? And does it have any bearing on the lifeforms currently running around this ship?”

Cochrane, CO

Kiama had just been about to answer Faye, when the Captain asked his questions. So instead she turned towards him and replied evenly, “While taking soil samples I found a twisted piece of metal about this size.” She moved her hands to show the dimensions while talking. “The initial scan I ran showed that while not the source of the radiation issues we saw with the crops, it was affected by radiation and that it’s nature is not unlike that released from a singularity. And what is more: the closest match - and we’re talking 81% - is that from the detonation of an early Romulan war bird.” She looked meaningfully at the Captain, her eyebrows slightly raised as she finished, “Which raises the questions: When were the Romulans here? What were they doing here? What caused the explosion of their warbird? And what happened to the crew?”

~Lt. j.g. Naim, Scientist

Romulan Warbird? No one had mentioned such a thing during her time with the natives. It was curious that they wouldn’t say something if it had been part of their troubles. Shaking her head slightly, she spoke up. “Captain, if there was a Romulan encounter here, it wasn’t brought up in the talks. Though they did mention being open to discussing an ambassador or even an embassy here. I was going to discuss it further tomorrow. I can bring up the Romulans in a round about way if you wish. Perhaps even find out what other species have been here they haven’t mentioned yet.” She wasn’t sure if the destruction of the Romulans was insignificant to those below to the point they didn’t bother to mention it, or perhaps something had happened in orbit they weren’t aware of and the debris was just that, debris from the fallout.


“We need to get back to the labs and run a whole whack of tests on the piece, but dating it could help narrow down how you bring it up,” Faye suggested to Raye. “And I was investigating the widespread failure of crops. I narrowed it down to a radiation cause that I suspect is altering the cellular structure of the plants, but… more tests. But these people could be facing food shortages with this one crop depending on how widespread the radiation is. But I on’t think I need to point out that even the waste of a Romulan warp core would be devastating to an ecosystem.”

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

K’sang gave the captain a nod before setting out, “In my experience, Romulans seldom let failures come to light willingly. It could be that they had a similar encounter to what we are having now, but failed to solve the event.” Focused on the task at hand, K’sang left the meeting.

K’sang, CSO

Cochrane listened and his brow furrowed. He was quiet a moment as he thought, and then said “Ok. Lieutenant Naim, Lieutenant Calloway. Get to the labs and run your tests asap. And load the composition matrix of the piece you found into the computer. Mr. K’sang. Once you get them lined out, come to the bridge and run a detailed scan of the area the piece was found, and then spiral the search pattern outwards. We are looking for more debris or radiation signals.” and he paused a moment and then added “And look for Romulan life and tech signs. Planet wide and the surrounding system. I know its a needle in a haystack, but we should be able to find something if it’s there. What’s the use of a cutting edge heavy science vessel if we can’t, after all. The rest of us will concentrate on trying to contain and communicate with our new ‘guests’. Now… anything else of note before we get on it?”

Cochrane, CO

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Faye shook her head, eager to delve into the new mystery. For a brief moment she was worried for Knots down on the surface but there was nothing she could do for her up here, never mind the fact that she didn’t even know where exactly the woman was at this point. Her mind was also calculating the odds of various outcomes and the age of the Romulan vessel would tell her a lot. Also… cloaking tech. Something was pricking on another thread of her mind that told her not to forget what exactly that tech could do to physical forms. Was it important? She had no idea.

Once they were dismissed, Calloway wasted no time zipping out Kiama to the labs.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Vorraye shook her head. There had been nothing of interest except the opening of possible representation on the planet that she was aware of. The XO had been with the group much longer but hadn’t brought anything up either. “No, sir. Nothing from here. They are open to us being here as a species with representation. But no one mentioned anything that would connect any of the anomalies.” She wasn’t sure how much help she would be to the others, so when dismissed, she was planning to write her reports. “And we can discuss them later if you wish, sir.”


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