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A soft expletive erupted from Rollo as she turned towards the men on a dead run. “It’s headed for the morgue!!!” What would the alien think if it encountered the deceased forms of another species? Since she had no idea how intelligent the entities were, Zef couldn’t really hazard a guess. As she tore around the corner in the corridor, the aura of the alien’s passing was visible. It had indeed headed into the morgue. She zoomed up to the doors and then stopped short. “You two stay back a bit. This one has seen me several times following it, but you guys are new to it. I can still tell you where it is so you can put up a field around it, but I don’t want you to scare it.”

After that, she entered the room where the dead were kept.

—Rollo, CNS

“I’ll start making the necessary changes to the field, because of the inherent risk of too much UV exposure. I’ll start at Fifteen percent and increase percentage at one percent on a point zero-two interval. Would you handle erecting the field itself Warrant?”

K’sang, CSO

Walker nodded as they came to a stop just outside of the morgue, “Just tell me where it is.”

Flipping open his tricorder, he synced up with the ships systems, so he could activate the stasis field when they were ready.

WO Darach - COO

“Commander?” Walker asked as he looked around the door into the morgue. He looked over at Lt. K’sang. “Are you ready Lieutenant?”

WO Darach - COO

OOC: If this isn’t okay, Gene, then void it or change it.

Zef had moved to a place nearly in the middle of the room. “It’s five meters away from my two o’clock position. It seems to be interested in the body on the table. I’m not sure who it is, but the entity is on the far side of the table about midway.” It seemed very involved with the cadaver. Perhaps it could sense there was no life force in it? Without moving much, the counselor spoke to the men just outside. “If you’re going to trap it, you’d better do it now. It could move through another bulkhead at any moment.”

—Rollo, CNS

“I’m ready” K’sang said as he walked over to the nearest console to input the commands. “Make sure to tell me when to pause so we don’t cause harm.”
K’sang, CSo

I don’t know how to move this forward without the GM. That’s what I’m waiting on. Zef told you where the entity was, so I guess you can initialize the field and we’ll see if it works?


“Activating field…” Walker said as he tapped the commands into his tricorder to locate the field around where the entity was. “Now!”

WO Darach - COO

OOC: Someone there? Hmmmm …

The singular person present, Rollo knew to be one senior crewman Josh Widemann who had experienced an unexpected aneurysm and died before help was able to be applied.

The ‘being’ hung about, studying the body. There appeared to be a kind of .. perplexity .. to the posture, or just the sense that Rollo had.

The field came into being with a buzz/snap sound eliciting no reaction from the being. A tentative, even tender hand came out and touched the body.


“Beginning UV application” K’sang tapped on the console and began to run the algorithm as he watched for any indication to pause the program.
K’sang CSO

“Field is holding steady Commander, Lieutenant. But I’m not sure how long it will last.” Walker said as he moved into the morgue. Stepping to the side as he entered, he moved over to one of the consoles by K’sang and transferred his field controls over to it.

WO Darach - COO

Whether the UV field affected the entity was unknown. On one particular, and one very narrow frequency, the field brought about a change that Darach and K’sang noted, which was that there was a slight violet blur in the air where the entity was. For Rollo who was seeing it in another way that was too quick for her eyes to register the change. Additionally it was not that the entity changed coloration or became visible, but that it was seen through the field as though it were a kind of one way mirror for that moment.

Zef held her place and studied the spirit entity as it contemplated the body on the slab. The interaction between it and the deceased appeared tender but puzzled. When the field appeared around the aural image, it didn’t outwardly register a difference in its surroundings. Rollo spoke to the other two officers in the room. “It’s trying to figure out what’s wrong with Wideman’s body—I think because it has no life signs, but looks asleep—like the people on Graven.”

—Rollo, CNS

The entity appeared to look around as though searching for something. It noted, shown by a very quick glance at each of the three, the others but then its gaze moved on. It took a step from where it was, then stopped as though reconsidering, and then floated upward through the decking. The striking thing was that it did not even cause a ‘zap’ or response from the field surrounding it.
- Wookiee

Cursing, Walker quickly flipped out his tricorder and tried to keep track of the entity as it zoomed up.

“That is not the effect we wanted. Pretty light show, but it passed through the field like it wasn’t there at all. We are going to need to rethink the theory of how to trap the entity as we chase it down again.”

WO Darach - COO

OOC: I was thinking the field was topless and that was why it was able to float up out of it.

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