Brig, Day 2- Disentanglement

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Sleep was a fickle friend and last night had been no different. After the wave of intermingled bad dreams that Wyatt woke her up from, Faye didn’t risk sleeping. Alex’s visit hadn’t helped. Still, she was exhausted. Her eyes would slip closed and she would drift, but she was always aware of her half-awake state. She could still hear the subtle hum of the forcefield and the guard shifting about in clear boredom. She couldn’t blame him. A part of her wondered who would be on alpha shift today. If she would see Oberon. At least she didn’t shoot her dirty looks when they thought she wasn’t looking. But Faye had perfected being able to detect and decipher the looks tossed at her back. She was no empath, but something about perpetually making people uneasy made it easy to detect it when it happened.

Everyone kept telling her to sleep and all she could do was laugh mirthlessly in her mind. Anyone who took a look at her would know there had been little of it. And certainly any sleep that had occurred had been of terrible quality. But there had been so many conversations and she was still parsing them and placing them in the context of current events. All the while, emotionally she felt wrung out and Faye felt convinced it was simply being in a space that even remotely resembled her former Tal Shiar cell. There were not many things that Faye Calloway knew for certain in her life, but she had figured out something very quickly after she had first set foot in the brig: she was a damn fool.

Soon, she knew she’d be offered food and soon Wyatt and Cochrane would be down to ‘interview’. Alex’s warning had been clear: keep quiet. Well, he needn’t worry, for once Faye was going to well and truly shut up. Just one more humiliation to endure until Blue was supposedly supposed to show up. Had Alex known that that tiny bit of information was a mercy? That giving her something concrete in the span of countless minutes passing was at least useful in calming her mind. Still, it was such a small thing amongst it all. One way or another, Blue’s arrival would shift the current status quo. Things would change.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

The shift began as it usually did. And since Pretha didn’t have CRIT interviews till later, she went down to relieve the third shift watch of his brig duties.

Stepping into the brig, the man rose and stifled a yawn as Pretha nodded to him. “Morning, Lieutenant. Hope you slept well. Pretty quiet down here. NE Briggets was down here for several hours after an altercation in engineering. He’s been released to his shift supervisor and will let Engineering Chief handle it later. Other than that, nothing to report. Lieutenant Calloway has drifted in and out of sleep but no other activity to report. I think she’s finally dozing so it’s a blessing I suppose. She hasn’t been up recently to offer her breakfast.”

Pretha nodded and they exchanged pleasantries a moment before the tired Ensign retired to his bed and Pretha took the stool, cooled now since his rising from it, and settled in to look at logs and make the morning report. Glancing at Faye and thinking her still sleeping, she looked back down at the console and absently started humming while she typed out her duties.

Lieutenant Pretha Oberon
Sec/CRIT Ldr

“You too, huh? The humming I mean,” Faye said, lying on the bench. She turned her head to look across the brig to Pretha, momentarily wondering if she looked as haggard as she felt.

“I wondered if you’d be back or not. But he had it wrong and clearly his skills of observation aren’t as good as he thinks. No dozing on my part. I gave up that idea hours ago.” Faye pushed the fatigue aside and sat up, sitting cross-legged.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

Pretha smiled. “He isn’t as trained as some. I doubt he thought to watch your breathing to see the difference. Given about ten more minutes, I would have checked that and probably would have guessed you being awake.” She laughed and nodded. “And yes, humming. Sadly, a weakness that drives some of the staff insane.” She settled more comfortably on the stool. “I noticed you haven’t eaten yet. What do you want? You need to have something. Even if it’s light.” She knew the woman was probably still too upset to eat, but if she feinted, Pretha would be held to count for it.

Sec/CRIT Ldr

Faye almost made a quip about her own humming being a life or death sort of thing (which was only a tiny exaggeration), but the question of food distracted her. Hmm, could she eat? It wasn’t a matter if she needed to. She did. But could she keep anything down right now, that was the question. “I could maybe do some buttered toast. Multigrain bread. And a coffee? Black.”

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

The door to the brig slipped open and a familiar figure walked in quietly. Once again Commander Calloway presented a neat and tidy figure with her brown hair swept up elegantly off her face. But contrary to how the intensity she had presented yesterday, Shara’s gaze was tired and concerned, almost cautious even.

Lifting a padd, she waved it slightly and looked at Pretha. “The Captain said I could be here. If you need confirmation I can give it,” she said softly. “But, uh, I’m here on personal business.”

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Presenting herself for the rank she saw, Pretha slid off the stool and stepped towards the woman. “Good morning, ma’am.” Her hand rose to merely hold the edge of the padd a moment to steady it.

Seeing the Captain’s response to the request, she let go of the device, allowing the Commander to retain it. Nodding her permission, Pretha held a hand out to direct the woman to Faye’s cell. “I was just offering her breakfast. She hasn’t eaten, so I ask you keep it short or please allow her to eat if she wishes while you’re here. I don’t want her falling out from hunger. As I’m sure you don’t.” The last statement added absently, but tactfully, to remind Shara that Faye’s welfare should come first, regardless. “I’ll remain at the desk, but I cannot leave the room.”

With that, Pretha moved aside to allow Shara to go see Faye. Then made sure her stool position allowed Faye to see her so she’d know she wasn’t alone.

Sec/ CRIT Ldr

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