CRIT Interviews - Attn Kaia

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Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineering Officer) in CRIT Interviews - Attn Kaia
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The corner of the lounge was proving to be an ideal place for Pretha to do the CRIT team interviews. The console was coming in handy with pulling up info and the replicators kept her, and the interviewees, well hydrated. Sipping on her next cup of juice, she awaited the next person. Ensign Kaia was new to her as well. She had seen the crewman around, but hadn’t actually met or spoken to them. Her record spoke volumes, though. She was an excellent engineer and her small size would be an asset as well. She just hoped Kaia wouldn’t feel targeted by her size and think Pretha was merely out to use her. Her skills were just as important as her unique physique. Similar to the Betazoid she hoped would work out, it wasn’t just skills in the ship that would make the team, it was the makeup of the team as well.

Kaia would have gotten a message on her personal console that morning to meet Pretha at 1800 in the Ship’s Lounge. As she waited the woman, she went over the other personnel she had chosen to interview.

Lt Pretha Oberon
CRIT Leader

At 1800, Kaia was distinctly not in the lounge. In fact it took until almost 10 minutes later for the diminutive officer to finally arrive. Running in, Kaia looked rather discheveled, her uniform shirt not quite fitting properly as she made her way over to Pretha. “So sorry I’m late,” she muttered, looking at the floor for a moment as she tugged her shirt down to proper fit.

One of the only things against the young Engineer was a note that she was regularly tardy, and often miscalculated the amount of time it would take to get from one place to another on the ship.

Kaia, Eng

Pretha was aware of the fact the woman was more often late than not, and had been curious how late she would be for this meeting. As the slight woman came in and apologized, Pretha shook her head and motioned to the other seat at the table. “No worries, things happen.” She gave her a moment to settle then got started. “I am sure you have heard rumors and talk of a special group being formed. It’s called CRIT and is a critical response team that will be made up of folks from every department that will learn cross skills so no matter what the ship faces in space or on an away mission, there is a core group capable of working together and solving whatever the main issue is that the Captain deems it worth going after. I chose you because you have a knack for your job, and, I won’t lie, your small size would make you an important part of the team if we need something done in a small space most of us can’t fit in.” She smiled and leaned back.

“My question is, do you feel up to the task of learning more and becoming part of the team? If you did, you would certainly have to work on your lateness. There will be times when that could hurt more than just your level of embarrassment. Now, there is no right or wrong answer to this. I have had people turn me down already for any various and assorted reasons. I’ve also had others tell me yes. So they choice is yours because we won’t make it an order. We need volunteers.” She watched to see the reaction as her words sunk in. Some wanted to be part of the new team, others were quite content in their positions already or just chose not to join.


Kaia listened with a curious interest to the pitch. “I have heard a little, but not much. A few mentions around the ship. It sounds… interesting.”

The complement to her talent make the young officer grin slightly, which then morphed into an expression of embarrassment in regards to the comment about her tardiness. “I’m not sure how much faster I can move, but I could probably try…” she said with a small, nervous chuckle. She didn’t like being late. She didn’t do it intentionally, it just always seemed to happen no matter how early she tried to leave. Today was one of the worse days at ten minutes late. She’d gotten a little lost. And a little distracted.

Kaia, Eng

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