Brig, Day 2- Disentanglement

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Faye almost made a quip about her own humming being a life or death sort of thing (which was only a tiny exaggeration), but the question of food distracted her. Hmm, could she eat? It wasn’t a matter if she needed to. She did. But could she keep anything down right now, that was the question. “I could maybe do some buttered toast. Multigrain bread. And a coffee? Black.”

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

The door to the brig slipped open and a familiar figure walked in quietly. Once again Commander Calloway presented a neat and tidy figure with her brown hair swept up elegantly off her face. But contrary to how the intensity she had presented yesterday, Shara’s gaze was tired and concerned, almost cautious even.

Lifting a padd, she waved it slightly and looked at Pretha. “The Captain said I could be here. If you need confirmation I can give it,” she said softly. “But, uh, I’m here on personal business.”

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Of course she was. But Faye knew that this had been entirely inevitably since the moment her mother had stepped into the ready room. Still, the reality of it was an entirely different thing to deal with.

Presenting herself for the rank she saw, Pretha slid off the stool and stepped towards the woman. “Good morning, ma’am.” Her hand rose to merely hold the edge of the padd a moment to steady it.

Seeing the Captain’s response to the request, she let go of the device, allowing the Commander to retain it. Nodding her permission, Pretha held a hand out to direct the woman to Faye’s cell. “I was just offering her breakfast. She hasn’t eaten, so I ask you keep it short or please allow her to eat if she wishes while you’re here. I don’t want her falling out from hunger. As I’m sure you don’t.” The last statement added absently, but tactfully, to remind Shara that Faye’s welfare should come first, regardless. “I’ll remain at the desk, but I cannot leave the room.”

With that, Pretha moved aside to allow Shara to go see Faye. Then made sure her stool position allowed Faye to see her so she’d know she wasn’t alone.

Sec/ CRIT Ldr

It was strange to consider that she was glad Oberon was sticking around, even if whatever ended up being discussed here was deeply personal and overheard. At this point Faye had little illusions of privacy in her life. She was in a brig cell, after all.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

“Of course not,” Shara said with the tiniest of a smile. “And I am very mindful of her wellbeing, don’t you worry. I could do with a coffee myself, so if you like I can grab food for her. But…”Shara pondered over how best to ask this very basic thing. “I was hoping you’d let me inside the cell. You can put the forcefield up once I’m in, but it’s difficult to have a meaningful conversation with my daughter with a forcefield between us. I will understand if you say no, but I hope you’ll consider it.” She wasn’t here to push her rank and unusual position around. Hardly. And the fact of the matter was that Faye (if everything went in their favour) would have to continue working with these peopleafter this was all done, so it would do her no favours to create more tension around the situation.

~Commander Shara Calloway, Starfleet Intelligence

Pretha nodded. “I appreciate the asking. May I see the orders once more?” She reached out her hand for the PaDD. Looking over the orders, she could see the allowance to see Faye and talk to her, but nothing about being allowed contact. Handing the PaDD back, she shook her head. “I’m sorry. Without the Captain specifically allowing you inside the cell, I can’t allow it.” She moved to take the other stool from behind the counter and bring it for the Commander to sit on.

“Faye, did you want something to eat before I step back to let you two talk?” She looked at Faye and chose the word ‘back’ instead of ‘away’ to let the woman know that she wasn’t going anywhere.

Sec/CRIT Ldr

“Just the toast and coffee. I think it’s all I can handle right now,” she said, her gazing flicking between Pretha and her mother. Whereas Faye had been filled with tension and even momentary rage yesterday, a lot of that had been overwhelm from the onslaught of events and emotions she couldn’t seem to keep control of. Now she was just tired and today was going to prove to being either her saving grace or her downfall. In the quiet spaces of her mind she understood a few things about her mother since yesterday had dropped on her like a bomb. How this would all go, well, that remained to be seen.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

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