Deck 5, Faye's Quarters- Pizza Night

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Jasmine let out a laugh and leaned back into Max’s body. She had had so many concerns about coming to the Manhattan. Now all those fears felt frivolous. Life had settled into something akin to the crew becoming family. Tilting her head back she looked up at Max. “Do you know how much I love you?” The question was rhetorical. The soft kiss she gave him was the only answer she needed when he returned it and looked at her the way he did making her melt inside. Hanging with friends and Max for the evening was the perfect night.

Lt.Jasmine Wynter CMO

She was having an out of body experience, right? Or they had been punted into a parallel universe, yes? There was no way this man was spouting the lyrics to a song that amused her like he had written the words himself. Mouth agape, Faye felt another ones of those flutters in her stomach when he did or said something that made her stop and look at him more deeply. I am in so much trouble. Faye Calloway did not fall head over heels for anyone. Having never had it happen before, she wasn’t entirely sure if that was happening here, but Faye did recognize that she was staring at him in slight awe.

Shaking her head, Faye moved off towards the pizza making station. “For that you deserve your pizza now, so I guess I better put it in,” she said. Nonchalant, she could do that, right?

Their pizzas were already to go, so she carefully slipped them into the pizza oven and mentally set a timer. Turning at the hips she looked over at Max and Jasmine. “How is it? I’ll have you know this little contraption is made from scrap parts. No useful parts were harmed in the making of it,” she said with a grin. “Explosion-free, too,” Calloway added, referring back to Max’s earlier joke about surprises that blew up.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

“Not yet,” Max quipped, raising his beer to Faye in a congratulatory toast, “You owe us more pizza if it does though.”

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

“I think I owe us a lot more than pizza if something else explodes,” Faye retorted with a snort. Lowering her head to peek inside, the smell was starting to match the timing and the darkening crust and bubbling cheese told her it was ready. Grabbing the peel, Faye pulled their pizzas out carefully and slipped them onto the cutting board. Using a large knife, she cut them up and slid the pieces onto a plate.

Faye carried the plates over to the table and slid one in front of Alex. “Three kinds of hot salami, hot peppers, sweet red peppers, onions and a very small sprinkling of oregano and parmesan.” Then she moved back over to the computer and pulled up her music list and put on something a little more appropriate for dinner. Maybe. he threw on a rotation of Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters and similar veined bands, though she turned the sound down a bit so they could actually converse.

“Sounds exquisite. Looking forward to sampling your skills, Faye.” Alex said with a slight grin.

She slipped back into the chair next to Alex she had occupied earlier and poured herself some more of the wine he had brought. Looking over her shoulder, Faye smirked at the couple. “Hey, have a seat, will ya?” she teased.

~Faye Calloway Data Specialist

“Let’s join the table baby,” Max whispered to Jasmine, giving her a peck on the cheek and picking up their own plate. Everything was heaped on one so the Wynters could help themselves, and Max took Jasmines other hand and led her to the table where he put down their dinner and pulled her chair out for her. “So if something else explodes, you think you can do Mac n Cheese?”

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

“If something else explodes, we are all going to the Mess.” Alex said with a laugh. He took a bite of the pizza and smiled at Faye. He winked and said “Perfect. Haven’t had better this side of Brooklyn.”

Cochrane, CO

Faye grinned. “Not sure what that means, but I figure most cultures have some version of a flatbread and many put toppings on it.” She chuckled slightly. “I might have also researched pizza dough,” she added before taking a bite of her own, revelling in the melted cheese, slaty spicy meats and bright hot peppers. Perfect! It wasn’t hasperat but it was a close second.

“Please tell me I’m not the only one who could feed people in a pinch around here if the replicators went down…” Faye said. Leaning back in her chair, she sipped from her wine glass. In the background Dark Necessities was playing, the lyrics rolling through her head without even having to really think of them.

~Faye Calloway Data Specialist

“Max can grill anything,” Jasmine laughed taking a sip of her beer. “See on Mintaka before you meet your wife…or husband, you have to spend a week with their family before the wedding. It is our way of making sure you picked the correct man. The Ministry of Harmony’s test is foolproof but the pre-nup week is way of understanding the one thing the test doesn’t cover. A spouses family.” Raising her hand she stopped Cochrane and Faye before they could make a comment. “Yes a pre-nuptial for the rest of the universe is used to make it easier to split up things when marriages end. The divorce rate is next to zero in our culture so we don’t actually have messy divorces. Breaking up is covered in parts five hundred and seventy six so Max and I already have the details worked out if we didn’t work out. For us the pre-nup is all about beginnings. You learn what your new family is like and they get to see the type of spouse that is your perfect match. Max was actually called away on a meeting half way through his pre-nup with my family so my mother is still convinced he lied about a few question on the test,” she reached over and covered her hand with his, “but Mintakan’s don’t get Starfleet,” she laughed and squeezed his hand.

“Anyway, Max made me dinner,” she laughed, “for my first night at his parent’s house. While it is not allowed, under the plate he had taped a note. Looking over at Max, she waited for him to continue the story.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

“See in Mintakan culture, we don’t actually meet until the wedding when the contract we signed at the preliminary legal meeting between our families, becomes a legally binding document. Some of us make a big deal out of it, like the wedding I arranged for Jaz in the Holodeck on the Manhattan here based on her answers in the test. Specifically sections 336 and 845 subsection 23.” Max explained to Cochrane and Faye as he looked at Jasmine and grinned, threading his fingers through hers as he talked.

“I don’t care what anyone thought,” she pressed her lips to his softly. “You planned the best wedding ever. You would never believe how in touch men can be with thier creative side,” she replied picking up her drink with her free hand. “Oh that’s another fun fact. Men plan the weddings on Mintaka. I don’t know if I have would have hand the stamina to plan a wedding like women on Earth do. I have read the wedding magazines and how is it supposed to be a fun and relaxing day if you spend six months debating between chicken or beef. Go on,” she signaled Max to continue. Now was not the time to get into the debate of weddings and how men made it a far easier process than women. They never sweated the flowers or the exact shade of blue the bridesmaids would wear. Men were far more practical about things and in the end was it really worth all the fuss debating if the dark blue was navy, galaxy or cadet blue.

“So anyway, I cooked her dinner but I was not allowed to actually meet her, that would have been all sorts of bad Juju with the Ministry of Harmony and my parents, they are pretty conservative in their views so even having me in the house while Jaz was there that first night took some fast talking. My parents were always busy working, my father more so and my mother, well she hates cooking. If we wanted anything edible we needed to fend for ourselves and my dad hated replicators, fake food he calls them. So, I learned to cook. Under Jasmines plate I taped this small note. See on her answers which we are allowed to see after the match is made, she had made a note of one very important detail that she was clearly mistaken on, I had to make sure that we got that point out in the open early. So my note simply read:

Question 717 Subsection 7, Clause 17 asks for examples of a Salad. You gave, among others, Ambrosia as an example of a fruit salad. Are you insane? Ambrosia is clearly a dessert with cream and berries, marshmallows and chocolate chips when done right. Fruit salad is a mixture of fruits, not marshmallows and chocolate chips. Ambrosia is a dessert, Fight Me.

Max laughed, leant over and kissed Jasmine on the neck mischievously. Then looked back at the two on the other side of the table. “Later that week when I returned home after she had left, I found a return note under the pillow in my room.”

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

“Yes you did,” she let out a deep laugh. Turning to face the Captain and Calloway she took a breath before replying. “So I pointed out in my note that Question 717 Subsection 7, Clause 17 also had a subclause which further broke down salads into six areas. Green salad,” she held up her first finger, “which we all know as the veggie ones. Fruit salads, Rice and pasta salads, bound salads, Dinner salads, and Dessert salads.” Jasmine held up her fingers until she counted off each one repeating her index finger since she ws holding Max’s hand.

“While Max hastily read the question and moved forward since his knowledge of salads is lacking, I however did not so my note pointed out further that while ambrosia does hold the one characteristic of whipped cream use the base of the salad was fruit squarely placing it in the fruit category since you could do with less whipped cream but you could never do with less fruit. I further stated that while he played with gel packs and circuits, I did spend an entire semester in nutritional awareness so leave the labeling of food groups where it belonged. I also pointed out that this was a prime yes dear moment and he was an over achiever since most yes dear moments came after one met the bride and not before.” Laying her head on Max’s arm she could not help but smile. No one would ever understand how ticking off boxes could make a match in heaven just as she and Max marveled how anyone ever got together in the Federation just winging it.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

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