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“It seldom really truly does…” Jack said with a deep breath as he nodded. “I will play along for now, a lead is a lead… and these Shadow Syndicate as we have called them has their fingerprints on everything lately… they haven’t like me poking around, I fear that is the whole reason you are even here.” Jack didn’t like the idea that his presence put Faye’s at risk, but he had little choice either than to keep doing his job which could sometimes cause collateral damage in it’s wake.

“Well, even my… Commander Calloway is convinced that my primary orders are real. But… there is clearly a possibility that the tech I’ve been modifying with R&D is tied to them. Awkward, that,” Faye said with a grimace.

“Whatever we can do to trace this back, I have an idea. I have been using my tools to create methods to find their signatures. The message you got out, once it comes back in… and I suspect something of it will, those markers should be enough to put doubt… and if we can cast doubts that should be enough to give us time to put all the pieces into place… that’s what you need… time.”

Creed, XO

Faye shook her head. “I don’t disagree, but we need more than doubt. This is my ass on the line, no one else’s. Doubt is not enough to prove my innocence. The fact that we’re on the defensive here and we’re not able to demand to anyone that they prove my guilt tell us everything we need to know about this situation.”

She got up and began to pace again. “Look, I get it. I’m an easy scapegoat. Because maybe the Romulans really did get to Faye Calloway, right?” She shook her head. “If I could get all the info they dumped in my head out without it being a horrific experience or leaving me brain dead I’d be all for it. But until there is a viable option, I’m stuck with an encyclopedic brain of information I can’t access.” She cast a slightly uncertain gaze his way. “Unless of course I could access some of it… right?”

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

“Well maybe I can help with that, there is a piece of tech that my parents made… I have their database of designs… we could perhaps fix that but before we even consider that, we need to fix the whole shadow of a doubt think. There is something I have kept out of files from anyone who doesn’t work directly with the syndicate. They… brand themselves. Nothing you would have noticed outright, it’s infrared tattoos often on their wrists… we could perhaps rig this room to have a burst of infrared light, our cameras could pick up on anything but we would need their wrist exposed… that is another issue all together, but we can get creative there.”

Creed, XO

She paused in her pacing and her eyes drifted to the side as her mind latched on to that possibility and Faye began working through the variables. “I already need to figure out if this is my Blue or not. I think I can trip him up if he’s truly an imposter but I don’t expect it to be easy. But scanning him to confirm things would definitely help, especially if you have proof of the use of these tattoos. Talk to Commander Calloway. She can rig my lab to do that sort of stuff, since I already know she was working in there.” The flashy light thing in the jefferies tubes told her much, even if she still knew little about what all went down.

Coming to stand in front of Creed, Calloway chewed on her lower lip, frowning slightly. “Let’s say this all goes my way somehow, miraculously. And I get to stay. That means I work for you. Which means we need to trust each other. I know you still don’t and this whole thing with Blue, and doubting him, make it even harder for me to trust. But I have to trust all of you. I have no other choice or else I’m dead. So I’m going to reciprocate the exchange of info people don’t know here, since you’ve made sure no one’s recording this.”

“It may come as a surprise, but I do understand that… very well. Trust isn’t something one gets to give freely, and we seldom are the masters of our own domain… but with that said, it’s best to take this one step at a time… I’d hate to get like you then have to shoot you out an airlock.” Jack said with a slight squint to his eyes as he belayed little emotion. He knew it was a possible outcome, and so did she. It wasn’t something to really mince words about, it was just how it was.

Faye inhaled slowly and exhaled abruptly. “When I was first rescued, and recovering on the Atlantis the memory dumps were all the time. And I relayed what I did remember to Intelligence. But the more control I got over my own mind through my recovery, the less I could remember when the memory dumps did happen. Now I just say that I can’t really remember things clearly. Which is mostly true. But… I do remember some things from the memory dumps. Most of the time it’s just textbook like nonsense no one cares about. Physiology texts, galactic formation and stuff. But, amongst that are… odd details. Things I’m pretty sure hold value to someone, either in Intelligence or the Romulans. Or both. But especially this syndicate we’re trying to bring down. Later, when I’m less concerned about living to see another day or week, I think we should go through it together. I could use help making sense of it, if that’s even possible.” Trust. He could throw her under the wolves with this, for not being 100% forthcoming to Intelligence, for clearly still being a threat by existing even if at the same time she was a great asset. He could ruin her with this knowledge. But she gave it to him knowing that someone in all this mess had to make a move towards trust. Or none of this would matter. She couldn’t have a future if she spent her life running from the things that might destroy her.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

“Memory transfer… my mother loved working on those. She always thought one could store more in a human brain than any of our computers, it was just a matter of accessing it… and others wanted this tech. Had potential of making sleeper agents… activate them and now they knew all they had to get a job done… could erase them after the fact. I do wonder if this was competitive Romulan tech, or stolen from them… it could be a fascinating … but you are right, now isn’t the time to worry on it. I will take what I need here, and we will see just how much this Blue knows.” Jack said as he turned from her as he walked back as he began to activate the console which began to turn on the sensors of the brig.

For better or worse Faye just laid down all her cards. She had nothing left to hide. Well, that wasn’t entirely true, but that was personal and had nothing to do with her current situation. She thought back momentarily to what Alex had said in the ready room when it had been just them about later trying to get the info out of her head. It did pose an interesting puzzle, but one where the extraction could be just as bad as the inputting and she wanted nothing to do with that.

“I’m done.” Jack announced at the door, as a swoosh came as the officers from before came back in behind him as he left.

Creed, XO

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Alone once again, Faye was calmer than before. Then again she hadn’t been woken from a nightmare this time, and for once she was left more thoughtful than anything. All they knew for sure now was that it was a waiting game.

~Faye Calloway

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