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Zef had been waiting a week to get time on the holodeck. She’d gotten a block of two hours to do anything she wanted and had been thinking about it for days leading up to the time slot. She hadn’t made a decision on the activity until her meeting with Lt Wyatt a few days before. When they’d met, she’d found him attractive and interesting, and while reading his records, found out that he was one of a very few who enjoyed a pastime she also spent time on. Scuba diving.

Entering the holodeck, the yellow and black grid greeted her. =/\=Computer, run Rollo 26A. The room changed immediately to a sunny day on a beach. The sand was white and the water a crystal blue. There were two sets of tanks, flippers and masks near the water line and she walked to them while taking off her robe. Stark white hair was pulled back in a french braid that hung down to her waist and a pastel aqua colored one piece bathing suit clung to the pale curves of her body.

Having received the invitation from the chief counselor Luke had been looking forward to getting in the water, it was probably the one time he felt most at peace and had often used it as a way to escape the realities of the world but he had never done it with a work colleague before, Abbey would sometimes join him whenever they had the opportunity but she preferred doing it for real which often left Luke alone.

As she dropped the robe in the sand, Zef looked back in the direction of where the entry doors were hidden by plant life, wondering if Wyatt would be joining her for a swim.


The door opened revealing the security officer, it wasn’t difficult to see Zef after he had moved through the plant life. Zef against the backdrop of the crystal blue sea stood out, but her feet seemed to melt away into the sand the two equally a brilliant white. He had decided that being in a holodeck environment and the fact they would be doing shore diving instead of deep-sea diving he had opted to wear some simple beach shorts which had patens of pink flamingo’s on them. He was carrying his towel, flip flops, and a water bottle with a pair of polarised sunglasses.

“Lieutenant,” He said with a smile greeting the woman and placing his things on the floor. “Thank you for inviting me to use your holodeck time, I appreciate it.” Genuinely meaning it he looked around. “So is this a custom location or somewhere I should definitely visit when I get the chance?” It was beautiful and after a minute of taking in the breathtaking view, he turned back to Zef her own usually light blue eyes seemingly radiating from the way the sun and sea reflected on them, or at least that’s how he perceived them, bright Azul diamonds.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

Light eyes turned to look at the sea. “It’s a place back home on Baj.” Her voice was wistful, but then she turned back to him with a smile. “Thank you for joining me. Scuba diving is a wonderful way to relax, but its always nice to share something you love with someone else who appreciates it as much as you do.” She looked down at the sand for a moment. It wasn’t a big reveal for her, but it still gave her a bit of anxiety admitting how important it was to her.

“I’d be lying if I even knew where Baj was, but I am guessing it’s your homeworld. It’s truly beautiful, Maybe ill go there one day.” He said taking another look around before back to Zef who was seemingly feeling nervous or embarrassed about the admission, or that he was there with her, He wondered what that meant but only for a moment. “Well shall we get wet?” He moved closer to examine the equipment she had assembled.

Zef stepped toward the gear. “Nice shorts, by the way.” The pink bird looked boldly out of place, but she liked the look of it anyway. “I have no idea what kind of gear you’re used to using, but since we’re just going to be around the shore line, I thought these smaller systems would be fine. A full face mask with a twelve inch re-breather (a chrome colored tube with a three inch diameter) attached. “I looked up your shoe size in order to get flippers that would fit. I hope you don’t mind.”


“Thanks, my daughter hates them” He laughed looking to his shorts, they were truly atrocious but that’s why he liked them. “Just the usual gear, depends on what we’re doing but none of this looked foreign to me. Most diving gear all come with the same functionality whether its Klingon, Vulcan, Human 21st century to now” He picked up the flippers “No I don’t mind at all, I appreciate the gesture.” He began to get dressed.

  • Luke

She geared up, a simple action until she tried walking in the flippers. Their length prohibited it unless you wanted to waddle down to the water. Laughing, Zef took them off and slipped the heel straps over one wrist to carry them into the sea. Once she was in deep enough water, she simply slipped them on was ready to dive. The full face masks would allow her and Luke to talk to each other but they would have to be close in order to hear what was said. There were no coms in the masks.

Restraining himself from laughing as he watched Zef attempt a waddle before deciding against her attire and opted to holding the flippers as she walked to the water, Luke followed suit by donning his equipment and carrying his flippers.

“There’s a wonderful set of caves not far from here. We can explore on the way if you’re game?”


“You’re the local expert, sounds great to me” He gave her the OK symbol, put on his flippers, face mask and waited for her to take lead, he dipped his head under several times to get a feel for the water which was surprisingly warm.

  • Luke

Once she’d donned the mask and dipped her head below the surface of the water, Zef took a moment to enjoy the feeling of quiet. Whenever she scuba dived, it was like experiencing another world—a quiet one. The pressure of everyday life disappeared and was replaced by the comforting pressure of the water surrounding her. The fish couldn’t speak so it was also a chance for her mind to rest. Yes, it was a holodeck program, but it was very realistic, beautiful and relaxing. The water was clear, the fish and plant life colorful, and today she had the company of a handsome man. Life was good.

Luke loved the feel the sea gave him, especially here where it was still warm even underwater. He wondered if it would be because of the holoprograming or if it was actually like this. Either way it was beautiful and Luke could feel himself feeling more at ease with himself and with his company.

With a hand signal, Zef bid Luke to follow her and they set off. She’d swam this program so many time that she knew where many of its secrets were. The first site she took him to was a sculpture that had fallen into the sea uncounted years ago. It was a ring of life sized men, carved with excruciating care out of a yellow stone with a diameter of 15 feet. The piece was only 150 yards off shore where the bottom of the ocean fell away drastically for about 30 yards.

Zef swam down into the middle of the ring so the statues surrounded her and then looked at Luke to see what he thought.


The Security chief watched her cheerfully, a few fish swam by in the distance u til Zef had positioned herself between the ring of men. He looked from above and the statue with Zef, looking almost like a statue herself looked beautiful. He gave her the OK sign, to signify his impressed opinion as he slowly made his way to her and into the ring, looking around at the statues from this inside.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt, CoS

She moved closer to him so he would be able to hear her. “This ring isn’t really in the Aga sea back home. I found it in a historical file and liked it so much I had it programmed into the program. Since I usually dive alone, they are a kind of company for me.” Her voice was muffled through both face masks and the water between them, but there would be no problem for Luke to understand them.

Despite the sea between them and their breathing apparatus Luke felt an odd excitement at her closeness. “Well, for whatever reason its amazing” He continued to watch them until Zef moved off again.

She pushed off the bottom then and motioned for him to follow her again. They swam about ten feet from the bottom, around large boulder like objects. There was nothing very interesting for the first quarter of a mile, but when they rounded a light colored one with a circumference of thirty feet, a riot of color greeted them on the other side. Something akin to a coral reef, stretching over a space of 150 yards came into view. There were fish of every color and shape, some large and some small, some familiar and some so alien Luke wouldn’t know quite how to classify them, but the entire colony was beautiful in its wonder and variety. Zef didn’t say anything. She wanted Luke to enjoy his first view of the reef on his own.


As they swam Luke continued to stare in amazement “Thankyou for showing me here” He said through muffled tone, the reef however was a whole new level. He was left speechless as his eyes drifted over the coral reef, “this is truly amazing Zef” He continued to tread water watching the fish swing between the coral.

  • Luke

She allowed him plenty of time to explore the reef, enjoying his amazement and excitement over every discovery there. It was a beautiful example of the sea life on her planet and she felt a great deal of satisfaction at Luke’s obvious approval of it.

When Zef suspected he was ready to move on again, she took the lead and they swam just over 300 yards to the next place she wanted him to see. It was a set of caves. The basic make up of the rock had a golden hue to it which made it gleam in the diluted sunlight that filtered down from the surface. Zef pointed to the opening while looking back at Luke. This was the spot she was most excited about. After traversing the entrance and swimming at a 30 degree downward angle for a short distance, there was a pool in an open cavern that had the most amazing formations in it. They would be able to sit on the rocks and unmask there.


As before Luke continued to look around in amazement. As they swam through the small downward underwater entrance Luke kept his eyes firmly on the back fo Zef not wanting to get lost in the waters they were traversing. Zef’s hair spilled out behind her as she swam giving her an angelic appearance that Luke appreciated.

She led the way to the surface of the pool and swam over to the private shoreline that surrounded the large pool. As soon as her hands got hold of the sandy/rock surface, she removed the mask and rebreather, setting it on solid ground, then pulled herself up out of the water. The edge the water lapped at was sandy enough to sit on without hurting your backside and she waited for Luke to join her.

“I love this spot,” Zef said as he scooted over near her. “It’s so peaceful and beautiful…I feel restful when I spend time here.”


Removing his own rebreather and placing it near hers he sat close enough o feel her presence but not to close he was completely invading her personal space, no matter how he may feel he wasn’t sure nor wanted to guess if they were remotely reciprocated. “I can see why, away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life and then its such a personal space, it’s beautiful and relaxing.”

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt


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