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Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Brig- Late Night

Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Brig- Late Night
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She wished she had known had exactly had gone down earlier but for the moment she could at least hear the remorse in his voice. He could be playing her, but Faye felt convinced he wasn’t. Eyes still fixed on the ceiling, the afterimages of her nightmare were slowly fading, she wished she had thought of asking for a blanket earlier. She didn’t need one- it was plenty comfortable temperature wise- but there was a part of her that wanted to be able to shrink away underneath it a bit. Instead, she just wrapped her arms protectively around herself.

Finally, Faye turned her head and looked at Wyatt. “This ship is my home. This crew… the closest thing I’ve had to family in a very long time. Believe whatever you want about me and my motivations, but know that that is the truth.”

She returned her gaze to the ceiling. “I like swimming too. Did almost a whole year of physical rehab before this assignment and I did a lot of swimming.”

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

Deciding that enough had been said about why she was in the brig her left that behind them for now, “Swimming can be both physically and emotionally beneficial. We probably underwent similar rehabilitation programs, though I’m sure there were some differences.” Luke remained silent for a few minutes thinking about everything. Not just the chase but everything, his situation his past, and future.

“Well,” He said finally breaking the silence. “Whatever your motives I hope to see you around here more, not the brig of course but the ship and the crew. It would be awfully boring if you weren’t.” He motioned for the forcefield to be brought down and he stepped out. As it went up her turned and smiled, “I haven’t been here long but this is my home now too.”

  • Lt. Luke Wyatt

The nightmare was all too fresh still and though she brought it up the whole talk of home brought on another wave of despair. Faye closed her eyes and tried to still the panic. “My last home was burned to the ground. Most people died. It’s hard to want a home because I don’t think I’d survive anything terrible happening to it again. Or rather, I don’t think I’d want to.” So little said, and yet so much… if you understood the context.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

Luke could understand the feeling, perhaps not queit as personally but he himse had suffered from survivors guilt as a result of thwle war. “You’re tough, I’m sure you could survive hell itself if you wanted to” He gave her a polite nod before then saying, “Don’t suffer in silence. If you need anything to make yourself feel comfortable the brig officer will see to it, within reason ofcourse. Good night Calloway.”

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

She wasn’t going to- it felt almost like admitting some weakness- but something about their whole exchange felt genuine. He was an odd one, that was for sure, but who was she to comment in the end? Faye had found some comfort and understanding in her neurotic brain so she couldn’t exactly begrudge others their eccentricities. “A blanket?” she asked, her voice hushed. “It’s not cold, but… a blanket would be nice.” Faye allowed herself to turn her head and gaze at him again.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

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He nodded, the brig officer was already seemingly moving to fulfill the request having clearly been listening to thier conversation, due to either curiosity or security reason either way he didn’t mind. “And a pillow” He added, he could never get a good sleep with a pillow and the gaze from Calloway certainly caught him at a moment of confussion and perhaps his wall was down. “Sweet dreams” He finally said smiling once more ad he held her in his own gaze before cutting the eye contact and heading for the door.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt

Yeah, there would be no dreams (thankfully), or sleeping for that matter. But the blanket was welcome, even if after a little while she tucked the pillow on the floor under the bench. Her brain was just too confused by it in this setting to calm down. In her non-sleeping state, she focused her overactive mind on several things that would keep it busy. Her garden project. The next set of simulations she wanted to toss at the computer. Anything to keep from feeling the intense dread that threatened to swallow her whole, or to avoid revisiting those terrible memories.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

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