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Her eyes slipped open and for a moment Faye just gazed at the wall in front of her. Then, with a small nod, she replied in a neutral tone, “Go for it.” What else was she supposed to say? Go away? It was an amusing thought but she was careful not to let that amusement show anywhere on her face.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

Cochrane looked at her and then read off a PaDD. “Lieutenant Faye Calloway, you are hereby charged with four courts of espionage, eight counts of dissemination of classified materials to unauthorized personnel, and failure to disclose contact with a non-Fedration government official. You will now be asked how you answer these charges. You will say either “Not Guilty or Guilty. Silence will be taken as a plea of No Contest. How do you plead, Lieutenant?” and he handed the PaDD to Wyatt.

Cochrane, CO

Luke continued to observe Faye as the Captain spoke before handing him the PaDD. At first, he thought it was a mistake when the screen was empty but it quickly became apparent in his mind that this was one of those things he was going to have to just go with. He heavily questioned if he’d ever understood what was going on now or in the past but just as quickly he was getting used to being kept in the dark especially when it came to Faye. He pretended to read the PaDD scrolling before placing it face down his hand’s atop it and waited for her response.

  • Lieutenant Wyatt

She was tempted to not even look at them, but that would be unnecessarily aggressive and at the moment Faye was simply too tired. turning her head, she gazed at the pair in turn, her eyes defiant. “Not guilty,” she said flatly before once again resuming her study of the brig wall.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

“Your plea of Not Guilty has been received and recorded. Now get yourself squared away, Lieutenant. Apparrently you are going to have a visitor in a an hour or so.” Cochrane turned and looked at Wyatt. “Lieutenant. My office in twenty minutes, if you please.” and he turned and walked out without a backwards glance.

Cochrane, CO

Squared away? In what way? Perhaps a shower. But she wasn’t even allowed her uniform, to the idea was bit laughable. Ahh well. She felt like a mess, might as well look like one too. The real Blue would understand.

Luke waited as the Captain left, he had twenty minutes and figured spending five with Faye wasn’t a terrible Ideam “How are you sleeping now?” He asked looking at her, he didn’t want to ask directly if she was still having nightmares or not

  • Lieutenant Wyatt

While Faye didn’t look at him, she did shift her attention to gaze more down at the bench near her socked feet. Her left index finger was picking at the cuticle on her thumb and she simply shook her head. “I am not. Rest might be the closest thing I can manage.” Even Faye understood that if this whole mess continued on too much longer she’d probably need to be sedated before she started going crazy, but then again this was all over in the next few hours anyway, so it was a moot point.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

From thier previous conversation about sleep, the lack off and the horrors that came with it Luke understood to some degree. “I could ask someone from medical to come look at you, maybe give you something to help?” His ‘Sudden’ mood change as he called it came as a shock to him as it did to anyone else looking from the outside in, but when he was trying to apprehend Faye it was because she was a threat to herself and to the crew but now she seemed vulnerable and under his care even if it is whilst in custody he had some degree of compassion and empathy. There was also the fact that he felt like he was in a game and not being given the bigger picture, this interview an indication of that.

  • Lieutenant Luke Wyatt, CoS

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