Brig, Day 2- Disentanglement

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Faye hadn’t moved from her spot on the bench, and though only a few tears had fallen, she certainly felt numb. It all made sense. Finally. She had always been able to draw together the most likely pieces of the puzzle, but there had been certain elements missing over the years. Now she had them and had discovered they were all threaded through the same person. That part she hadn’t expected. outwardly, it might have seemed that she hadn’t heard Pretha, but the opposite was true. Small things showed that much: the regular blinks, the tiny circles the tip of her middle finger were tracing on her right thigh, the gritted jaw.

When she finally looked up, Faye felt calmer than she expected even though there were waves of emotion under the surface. “No, it’s okay,” she said softly. “The counsellor would be good.” She forced herself to take a breath. Under different circumstances I would have had to see her anyway.”

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Pretha mentally sighed. She was protective by nature and nothing about any of what this was about made sense to her. If she had wanted to kill, she could have. It also struck Pretha that if she had wanted to escape, she could have as well. So what was happening? She wasn’t sure, and sadly, wasn’t her job to know. “Well, then I’ll let her in. But when you want her to leave, you say so. All right? I can’t help you, but I can do my best to make sure no one makes it worse.” She smiled and nodded with a teasing wink, hoping to get at least an eye rolling smirk from the woman.


Zef entered the brig. A feeling of heaviness pervaded the room—emotional echoes of something big. She nodded to Pretha as the woman moved away from the cell she assumed Faye was in. “I’d like to see Lt Calloway, please. Since this is a professional visit, I want the cameras and recording devices turned off. I also want to be let inside. There won’t be any expectation of privacy if I have to stay out here and talk to her over several feet of distance.”

If she needed to, she would pull the ace card (much like the CMO’s) that trumped what orders Oberon had been given, if it was in the best interest of the patient.

—Rollo, CNS

Voices once again caught her attention and Faye looked up. She didn’t entirely see who was there- it was like viewing things though light fog, but she recognized the voice. What to say? Did she say anything at all?

Pretha frowned. “I can accommodate you partially, Ma’am. I will let you in the cell and turn off the camera and mic in there. But I will have to leave them on out here. Normal conversational tones should be fine inside. But I cannot completely darken the Brig without authorization from the Captain. And I will remain at the desk where, again, if merely conversational, I will not hear you.” She had been given no specific instructions regarding the brig being completely dark, no video or audio, at any time. So she was willing to give a bit based on the woman’s rank and job, but she would not jeopardize her own position or the safety of Faye with shutting everything off at once.

“Will that be sufficient, Ma’am?” Pretha asked as she was moving back around the console to begin typing in the commands.


“I suppose it will have to be, for now.” Zef’s only concern was for Faye. “I want my requests on file though. Depending on how this all goes, I want an established request for privacy on the record, so nothing she says to me can be used against her.”

This wasn’t the first time she’d had to deal with the legalities of doctor/patient privilege. Making sure it was part of the transcript (should it be asked for in a criminal trial) was extremely important.

“If you would just let me into the cell now, I’d be grateful.”

—Zef, CNS

Everything snapped into focus and Faye tracked Rollo with her eyes. Nothing had changed sine her mother had left. Her coffee had gone cool and the toast still rested on the floor where it had fallen. It was fine- she wasn’t hungry anyway. The bench felt cool, and instinctively Faye reached down underneath where the blanket and pillow were. She drew the blanket around her shoulders to fend off the impending shiver. Did she look as bad as she felt? She knew that her inability to sleep would show itself clearly on her face, but the rest? Did Rollo already know?

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

Pretha nodded. “Of course. I’ll make sure your request is noted. And I’ll be sure that nothing goes beyond these walls unless you or Ms Calloway take it there.” She smiled and released the shield to let Zef into the cell, closing it once more behind her as she settled back on her stool. She could see them on the monitor because of the video outside the room, but the sound had been cut. And the only reason the remaining cameras were on were for the recorded safety of Faye, and Rollo, if something occurred. But the camera was at an awkward angle and would only view the few feet across the front of the security field. Once beyond that, the occasional feet of someone pacing may be seen, but that was all.


OOC: I apologize. I’ve been dealing with my mom in the ICU this week, undergoing several procedures.

Zef stepped into the cell, not sure what she would see. Cmdr Calloway had made it sound like Faye was extremely fragile right now. The woman who sat on the cot looked a lot different than the one who’d sat across from her in her office not too long ago.

“Hi, Faye. Your mom asked me to see you, but honestly I’ve been wondering why you didn’t call for me, yourself, when all this started. I’ve had the Lt turn off all cameras and recording devices in the cell. If we keep our voices on the softer side…the other instruments out there…” She nodded a head to the rest of the security bay. “They won’t pick up anything.”

Coming closer, the counselor took stock of her patient. The woman needed sleep and some nourishment. (OOC: I am assuming one of us pulled the chair into the cell.) She pulled the chair over to within 18 inches of Faye’s knees and sat down. “I’m here to help in any way I can. I told you I would have your back if you gave me the opportunity, and everything is confidential between us. So, don’t worry about sharing because its covered under doctor/patient privilege.”

She wanted to ease into talking, so she started with physical needs. “You need to eat something and you need sleep. I can ask the doctor to administer something for both if you’d like. Also, what about a shower?”

—Rollo, CNS

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