Brig, Day 2- Disentanglement

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Everything snapped into focus and Faye tracked Rollo with her eyes. Nothing had changed since her mother had left. Her coffee had gone cool and the toast still rested on the floor where it had fallen. It was fine- she wasn’t hungry anyway. The bench felt cool, and instinctively Faye reached down underneath where the blanket and pillow were. She drew the blanket around her shoulders to fend off the impending shiver. Did she look as bad as she felt? She knew that her inability to sleep would show itself clearly on her face, but the rest? Did Rollo already know?

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

Pretha nodded. “Of course. I’ll make sure your request is noted. And I’ll be sure that nothing goes beyond these walls unless you or Ms Calloway take it there.” She smiled and released the shield to let Zef into the cell, closing it once more behind her as she settled back on her stool. She could see them on the monitor because of the video outside the room, but the sound had been cut. And the only reason the remaining cameras were on were for the recorded safety of Faye, and Rollo, if something occurred. But the camera was at an awkward angle and would only view the few feet across the front of the security field. Once beyond that, the occasional feet of someone pacing may be seen, but that was all.


OOC: I apologize. I’ve been dealing with my mom in the ICU this week, undergoing several procedures.

Zef stepped into the cell, not sure what she would see. Cmdr Calloway had made it sound like Faye was extremely fragile right now. The woman who sat on the cot looked a lot different than the one who’d sat across from her in her office not too long ago.

“Hi, Faye. Your mom asked me to see you, but honestly I’ve been wondering why you didn’t call for me, yourself, when all this started. I’ve had the Lt turn off all cameras and recording devices in the cell. If we keep our voices on the softer side…the other instruments out there…” She nodded a head to the rest of the security bay. “They won’t pick up anything.”

Coming closer, the counselor took stock of her patient. The woman needed sleep and some nourishment. (OOC: I am assuming one of us pulled the chair into the cell.) She pulled the chair over to within 18 inches of Faye’s knees and sat down. “I’m here to help in any way I can. I told you I would have your back if you gave me the opportunity, and everything is confidential between us. So, don’t worry about sharing because its covered under doctor/patient privilege.”

Words flowed and it was talking Faye an extra amount of time to parse them. But they made sense, so she gave a small nod.

She wanted to ease into talking, so she started with physical needs. “You need to eat something and you need sleep. I can ask the doctor to administer something for both if you’d like. Also, what about a shower?”

—Rollo, CNS

Her eyes drifted to the half a piece of toast on the floor. It had been more than she thought she’d manage. “I had some toast,” she said quietly. “And coffee.” Her lungs expanded, filling fully with air before she allowed a careful exhale. Faye turned her head to gaze at Zef. “No time for sleep. The captain said to get squared away before…” She blinked slowly. Breathe Faye, she reminded herself. “He’ll be here soon and then one way or another it will all be over. But… a shower would be nice,” she added with a small nod. Having been denied the dignity of her uniform, it would be nice to appear a bit more put together than the woman who hadn’t slept and had been crawling through jefferies tubes at sometimes a breakneck speed. Her right knee still hurt, but the bruise was just that and could largely be ignored.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

“I’m sure I can arrange a shower for you. There’s a bathroom here in security that’s equipped. You know, if you eat something with protein, or perhaps have a protein drink, you’ll feel better and it will give your brain and body some fuel to face whatever’s coming. I’m not sure what’s going on, Faye, but it sounds like you need to have your wits about you. If there isn’t time for a few hours of sleep before before what the Captain alluded to, it might be the best option?”

Faye nodded slowly again. “Sure. If I can keep it down.” Food was a tricky thing, especially right now.

The woman before her looked lost, dejected. “Is there anything you want to talk over with me? I told you I would be there for you and I meant it. I’ve heard some rumors, but I don’t believe them. I’m usually pretty good about trusting the right people and nothing you’ve said or done makes me think you aren’t one of them.”

—Zef, CNS

For several seemingly long moments silence sat between them as Faye gazed at Zef. What to say? What to do? What made any sense under the circumstances? “It was all going so well. I did everything right. I kept doing what everyone was telling me to do. I was starting to feel happy here!” she exclaimed in a hushed voice. “I even did what I was terrified to do and I asked him out. And he didn’t say yes but he didn’t say no. And now… it’s all… it won’t matter. Game over. And you want to know the worst part? I did it to myself.” Yes, the Tal Shair had certainly done a number on her, and she was suddenly highly aware of how deep that all went. But nothing could be worse than the way she had just tossed her whole life out the airlock. What was the difference between self protection and avoidance, between facing painful things and masochism? Or was it all one big ball of nonsense? She honestly had no idea anymore.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

Zef had to be careful because Faye was in a terribly vulnerable state and facing a possible career changing situation. “I know you’re very tired and stressed, hungry, sad and lonely. Right now you aren’t thinking straight because emotions and lack of physical nourishment are messing up your ability to do so.” She rose and walked over to the active doorway, being careful not to touch the beam. She called Pretha over and requested a shower and liquid protein shake for Faye, instructing her that she was not to be interviewed by anyone until those things had been done. “I’m ordering these things as the Counselor for her physical and mental well being. If she’s interviewed now in her present condition, I doubt it would be admissible in any kind of court.”

Faye just sat there as Rollo moved away, her mind drifting slightly as she tried to process the counsellor’s words. She couldn’t exactly disagree with the not thinking clearly statement.

Pretha made the appropriate notes in her log really quickly before coming to the force field wall. “Yes, Ma’am. You can wait in one of the more comfortable chairs over there,” she pointed to a couple ‘waiting’ chairs on the wall between the next two cells.

Walking back over to Faye, Fin spoke. “I’ve told the Lt what you need. She’s taking care of it right now. You go ahead and clean up and I’ll be right here when you come back. Alright?”

—Zef, CNS

Meeting Zef’s gaze, Faye nodded and rose to her feet. A part of her knew that she should do some more yoga, just to keep moving, but she was so tired at this point.

Pretha dialed in the protein drink and glanced at Faye. “Let’s get you a shower first, then the drink. How’s that? I think the shower will help you feel better and make stomaching the drink easier.” She held her left hand towards Faye if she wanted the support. Despite having a good idea the woman wasn’t going to rush her and bolt, she was still security minded about her phaser on her right hip. “And I’ll make sure no one bothers you till you are completely done with both.” She grinned, “Even the Captain.” There were some places the Captain and even the Security Chief could override her. But Zef’s orders, being medical, overrode even them when it came to the safety and sanity of the crew.

Sec/CRIT Ldr

For a moment Faye stood at the divider between the brig cell and the space beyond. Yes, the field was down. Yes she had permission. But it felt like a trick. That’s because it had been one many times before, she reminded herself. Gazing intently at Pretha, Faye warred with herself for another moment before she stepped over the divider. “Okay,” she said quietly. A shower would feel good. Sonic or otherwise. Just that peaceful feeling of the pulses over her body.

As her feet rested on the other side, Faye did lift a hand and rest it on the proffered arm of Pretha’s. For a moment after her hand connected with Oberon’s arm, Faye just gazed at the security officer. Even Faye wasn’t sure what this was. Maybe trying to remind herself what was real? She found herself nodding. “Yeah, shower.”

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

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