Brig, Day 2- Disentanglement

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Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Brig, Day 2- Disentanglement
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Meeting Zef’s gaze, Faye nodded and rose to her feet. A part of her knew that she should do some more yoga, just to keep moving, but she was so tired at this point.

Pretha dialed in the protein drink and glanced at Faye. “Let’s get you a shower first, then the drink. How’s that? I think the shower will help you feel better and make stomaching the drink easier.” She held her left hand towards Faye if she wanted the support. Despite having a good idea the woman wasn’t going to rush her and bolt, she was still security minded about her phaser on her right hip. “And I’ll make sure no one bothers you till you are completely done with both.” She grinned, “Even the Captain.” There were some places the Captain and even the Security Chief could override her. But Zef’s orders, being medical, overrode even them when it came to the safety and sanity of the crew.

Sec/CRIT Ldr

For a moment Faye stood at the divider between the brig cell and the space beyond. Yes, the field was down. Yes she had permission. But it felt like a trick. That’s because it had been one many times before, she reminded herself. Gazing intently at Pretha, Faye warred with herself for another moment before she stepped over the divider. “Okay,” she said quietly. A shower would feel good. Sonic or otherwise. Just that peaceful feeling of the pulses over her body.

As her feet rested on the other side, Faye did lift a hand and rest it on the proffered arm of Pretha’s. For a moment after her hand connected with Oberon’s arm, Faye just gazed at the security officer. Even Faye wasn’t sure what this was. Maybe trying to remind herself what was real? She found herself nodding. “Yeah, shower.”

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

Pretha let Faye lean on her as much as she needed, or wanted. She was ignorant enough of the woman to be able to give her the benefit of the doubt with a clear conscious. And right now, she had the feeling it was what Faye needed. “I’m right out here. Just let me know if you need anything.” She smiled and let Faye hae as much privacy as the half closed door would allow.

Glad the security officer hadn’t given her any problems, Zef took a seat outside the cell to wait for Faye. She felt a slight tugging at her heartstrings as she watched her, looking dazed and exhausted, take Oberon’s arm to be led to a shower. Faye truly wasn’t in any condition to be interrogated or read the riot act. Although Zef understood the psychological tactics of keeping the prisoner off balance, hungry, tired and unsure of themselves, her oath to do no harm wouldn’t allow her to go along with it. Ethically, she had to take care of Calloway—even if the Captain didn’t like it.

—Zef, CNS

The shower itself was a quick thing, a small indulgence almost. As the pulses caressed her body Faye let her mind sink into the sensations, grounding her body once again in reality even as her mind drifted. She was trying very hard not to actively think about what her mother had told her, and yet that beautiful piece of the puzzle she hadn’t been able to figure out was so terrible at the same time. To sit there and watch that woman express something she was clearly loathe to, to see her in a way she never could have as a child, it was humbling. And frustrating. So many of the other questions had evaporated and as she wrapped up her shower and combed through her dark brown hair with her fingers, Faye understood just how much her and her family had been the product of unspeakable tragedy. The question that came to her mind now was very likely the same one on her mother’s mind: what the hell do we with this all now?

With a sigh, Calloway stepped out of the shower in her nondescript grey clothing, resenting her lack of uniform even more now that she knew Blue was coming. If it even was Blue. Would she be able to tell? She hadn’t picked up anything so far through their calls. But then again it was amazing how much you could hide over subspace.

She didn’t smile at Pretha as she stepped out, but Faye did give her a grateful nod.

~Faye Calloway, Priosner

As the woman stepped out, Pretha stepped up once more. This time her elbow lifted in offering of her arm once more. “Feel better? I replicated these for you, in case you wanted them.” The security officer handed her a small hand towel. Wrapped inside were a brush comb and a couple hair ties in case she wanted her hair up and out of the way. “Sorry I can’t offer much more. What do you want to eat? Or do you just want the drink? Your choice.” She smiled at Calloway and let her set the pace back to the cell.

Faye took the brush and hair ties with a nod. “I feel less gross, which is nice,” she replied as she quickly brushed out her hair by feel and did a very quick french braid (her usual hair style). It was tidy and familiar and that was a strangely comforting thing. “Just the protein drink. Still not hungry but I can chug liquids.” Words seemed to flow more easily and that was a good thing, right?

Once there, she helped her to sit down and whispered, “I’m sorry I have to reset the forcefield. Do you want the Counselor back in here or just standing by?” She wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize her position as keeper, but she wasn’t going to let others run over Faye either. She still had rights, even as a prisoner.


As she once again was inside the cell, everything in her body tightened and Faye had to force herself to breath. “She should be in here,” she said, her breaths suddenly shaky.

Standing up, Faye realized the bench was a part of the problem. Moving to the other side of the brig away from where Rollo was sitting before, she stood up tall and with fingertips pressed together she lifted her arms straight above her head into tree pose. But she could feel the tremble in her body still and had to force herself to attempt even breaths. “I feel like I’m crawling out of my skin just being in here. And if I don’t feel that way it’s like I can’t feel anything at all. One or the other, there’s nothing in between right now,” she told Zef, not looking at the counsellor but with her gaze fixed on the wall on a spot she had predetermined the last time.

~Faye Calloway, Prisoner

Pretha nodded to Zef that she could come back. Once inside, she activated the force field once more and went to get the drink for Faye. Coming back a moment later, she handed it to Zef and once more solidified the energy wall and went back to her desk to make notes of the shower and the drink in the logs.


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