CO's Office: K'sang Check-in

Posted Nov. 21, 2020, 11:04 a.m. by Lieutenant K'sang Duras (Scientific Intelligence Officer) (Dustin Smith)

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in CO’s Office: K’sang Check-in

Posted by Lieutenant K’sang Duras (Scientific Intelligence Officer) in CO’s Office: K’sang Check-in

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in CO’s Office: K’sang Check-in
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S.I.O.’s Log 74328.7 Supplimental:

“My abrupt departure from the Manhattan came unexpectedly, to be reassigned back to the same command even more so to that nature. With the change in order its most likely Naim would resume her post as the command CSO and Faye would still be defending Lab 2 as though it were the Battle of Klach D’Kel Brakt. I suspect the crew to be content with the change in general…”

=/\=Acknowledged, Proceeding to Shuttlebay Two=/\= The Klingon entered in his flight coordinates and let the navigation system take over. It was unlikely there would be anyone waiting for him, better that way given the last time he had seen Captain Cochrane. The Captain had been dealing with an anomaly that took priority.

Things seemed to blend together as he made his way to the Captain’s Room, glancing at an entrance way his thoughts echoed to events that seemed ages ago.

~If it were about being the smartest, the fastest, and the strongest for example. I’d be a natural candidate based off of anatomy alone. Two hearts, three lungs, stronger bone density… but its not the most important factor. In addition to bringing Starfleet’s best to the table, these candidates need something that can’t be taught.~ The thought lingered, given the position at the time. It had never occurred to K’sang that he would have any further involvement.

Reaching his intended destination he paused to chime his arrival, “Science Officer LTJG K’sang returning for duty.” he said.

~LTJG, K’sang

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The door slid open and Cochrane, as usual, was behind his desk. As he looked up and spied the Klingon scientist, he smiled and said “Welcome back, Lieutenant. What? Just couldn’t stand to be away from us for long?” and he chuckled as he gestured for K’sang to sit.

Cochrane, CO

“It seems Star Fleet hasn’t quite decided what to do with me.” K’sang replied as he approached. Taking a seat, he thought about how to word things. “Have you received an overview of my new orders Sir?”
K’sang, Sio

Cochrane nodded. “I have. Interesting scope of duties. How do you feel about the new role?”

Cochrane, CO

“It’s a double edged blade.” K’sang said as he sat back in his chair. “Performing all the duties required by Intelligence without actually being in it, it also leaves room for disavowment when convenient, and limits information. Given I’ll be working at a limited capacity, I can understand subletting information through the CRIT program, but it comes with risk. If something were to go wrong such as careless use of data, it could ruin CRIT even from its infantile stages. It sounds more like Intelligence wasn’t invited to the party and wants to keep tabs.”

He paused to consider his own point of view. “As for me, I’ve always put duty before my own personal desires. At what function I do that makes little difference.”

K’sang, Sio

Cochrane chuckled. “Intel is pissd at us more often than not, and usually because we thought of something they hadn’t. So I’m not worried about them, nor should you be. If it comes down to it, I’ll run interference for you. Its not often Science gets to tell the cloak-and-dagger folks to take a hike, so I’m sure that you’ll get more than enough support. And if it doesn’t come from Fleet, it will come from me.” and he leaned back in his chair.

“Now then… are you going to be ok with no longer being CSO? And reporting to a former subordinate?”

Cochrane, CO

” I don’t have any objections, Naim’s record proves her more than capable of the position, and she has the respect of the crew. Besides that’ll allow me time to better understand personality traits of the crew members. All and all its a practical decision that doesn’t require much thought, I’ll have my time soon enough” he said with a nod.
K’sang, Sio

Cochrane nodded and said “Very well, then. Get with Mr. Darach on your quarters, and let’s come back to discuss the particulars of your role once you get settled in. Make sure you report in to the CSO and let her know you are back, as well. Any questions?”

Cochrane, CO

“No Sir” K’sang replied as he stood up, “I’m sure those will come later after i’ve started into my new role.” Turning the Kling departed to find Darach before checking in with the Science Departement.
K’sang, Sio

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